Fanciful Flying Fabrics: Our Aviation Contest

AUG 3, 2012

This week we decided to explore the art of aviation by asking fabric designers to have a go at the subject of aircraft. The result? Over 200 fanciful flying fabrics. Choose your favorites and we'll post the winners next week.
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Our intrepid designers this week are:

1. I love flying by juliagrifol
2. 1 Aircraft Design for 2 Cushions by de-ann_black_author
3. 120730_aviation-balloon1 by d'lee-d'laa
4. 8helis by blumenlimonade
5. A Nostalgic Voyage by licoricelove
6. Adventure Par Avion by spellstone
7. Aero by glimmericks
8. Aero Teddy Bear 1 by jenithea
9. Aeronautical dreams by cjldesigns
10. Aeroplanes pink by sydama

11. Air by seattlerain
12. Air Show Acrobats by paragonstudios
13. Airborne animals by studioformo
14. Airheart by graceful
15. airplane by ottomanbrim
16. airplane plans by minimiel
17. Airplane3_spoonflower_7_9_2012 by compugraphd
18. Airplanes by oksancia
19. airplane_01 by pacamo
20. AIRPLANE_CONTEST_copy by erckle
21. Airplane_II by pink_finch
22. amelia by roxiespeople
23. Arthur's Airplanes by ravenous
24. At the airport by ebygomm
25. aviation by elyce
26. Aviation by theboutiquestudio
27. Aviation by millyish
28. Aviation by hanshpjhutting
29. aviation by akwaflorell
30. Aviation by larageorgine
31. aviation by gabriellekingsley
32. aviation by studiobytheforest
33. Aviation by awooda21
34. Aviation by alexsan
35. aviation celebration by melachmulik
36. Aviation Contest Entry by seworegon
37. Aviation for fashion by fantazya
38. Aviation Fotation by bzbdesigner
39. Aviation History by image_crafts
40. Aviation1 by janeffer
41. aviationofdreams by beary_organics
42. Aviation_1 by isabella_asratyan
43. aviation_big by rbnm
44. Aviation_Fabric by trishadstudio
45. aviation_pattern_spoonflower by abzhadz
46. Aviation_Tribute by pd_frasure
47. Aviator Stripes by annalisa222
48. aviões3 by sofiacampos
49. Avion by padeshahoo
50. avioncitos by cousaspequenas
51. avions de papier by nkitkat
52. Away We Go by kfay
53. Balloon Cats by edlasher
54. Balloons and Birdies – yard wide. by wiccked
55. balloons_map_pattern by lusyspoon
56. Barque ailée by petitspixels
57. Bella Aviation No. 9 by bella_inka
58. birdcopter by jazzberi
59. birdplane by lemaga
60. blackhawks by ee_designs
61. Blast Off – Rocket Ships by madex
62. blue planes by karinka
63. Blue Planes and Grey by toothpanda
64. Blue Skies by dianef
65. Blue Sky Blimps by the_fretful_porpentine
66. candy sky by scrummy
67. Celebrating the Pilot! by shelleymade
68. Child's Play by holly_helgeson
69. Clear Flying by rurk
70. colorful_Aviation by cutie_cat
71. Crash of the ages by mruna
72. crop duster ditsy oversized for the contest by georgeandgracie
73. darling dirigible by annaboo
74. Dirigible by pond_ripple
75. Dumont´s_Dreams by isbelo
76. Evolution of Flight1 by bbsforbabies
77. fasten your seat belt! by rubydoor
78. Flight Deck by robyriker
79. Flight of the Lady Bug by kimi-d
80. Flight Plan by thirdhalfstudios
81. Flightpath – Muted by tuppencehapenny
82. fly by lebemish
83. fly! by bippidiiboppidii
84. Flying Academy by neatdesigns
85. flying ace by cheyanne_sammons
86. flying colors by zootyburger
87. flying friends-ch-ch by tante_lein
88. Flying Lessons by louiseerskinedesigns
89. flying squirrels by bubbledog
90. Flying Tins Cans brought to you by Can-Do Airlines! by sassyone
91. flying_solo by stafford
92. flyin_around_fabric by maliuana
93. Fly_Away_Home by carrotpoptarts825
95. formation by theboerwar
96. Free Flying by vo_aka_virginiao
97. friendly skies by laughingowldesign
98. Gemini 4 – First Spacewalk by mongiesama
99. glider 2 in 4 – see the other plane tessellations too! by sef
100. Hand-powered flight by victorialasher
101. Head in the Clouds by leighr
102. Heading for the sun by creative_cat
103. heli by jensmi
104. Helicopter, fly with me! by verycherry
105. High in the sky by berkumpje
106. high-flyers by tabula_rosi
107. High_up_in_the_air by vedanta
108. hot air balloons the magical view by kociara
109. Hot_Planes by prettykitty
110. Hurricane_Argyle by peppermintpatty
111. icarus by jwitting
112. IMG_1054 by january_
113. In The Clouds by holly_akkerman
114. In_Flight by cindersonfiber
115. In_Gauged by mysticalarts
116. jet planes by ellehull
117. JetEngines by catail_designs
118. Jetting by chovy
119. Jump by mag-o
120. LEAD ZEPPELIN AVIATION by bluevelvet
121. Leonardo's Legacy by designtrends
122. les avions de Léon M by nadja_petremand
123. Lets Fly Away by anikabee
124. Little Red and Friends by hootenannit
125. Little Toy Airplanes by arttreedesigns
126. look up, look down by eeniemeenie
127. Look What Fell From the Sky by anniedeb
128. Low-Flying Aircraft Must Avoid by mbsmith
129. marzlene_beauty_2184 by marzlene'z_eye_candy
130. match1_fly by kirpa
131. Model Planes by donna_kallner
132. mysteries of aviation by weavingmajor
133. Navy's Blue Angels — Annapolis, MD by pigsdofly
134. Old Time Airplane by robin_rice
135. Paper Jets by jenimp
136. Paper Vapor Trails by owlandchickadee
137. paper_aeroplanes_flying_red_large scale by owls
138. Par Avion by jennartdesigns
139. Pastel in the air by demigoutte
140. Perils of Early Aviation by kitsapien
141. Pigs love to fly! by cynthiafrenette
142. Pigs, They Fly by sammyk
143. Pilot by ninarees
144. pilot_kr by scrapzville
145. Pink Sky Fly by morrigoon
146. Plane Talk by blondfish
147. plane3 by loneal
148. PlaneA by allisonyoung
149. planes by moonbeam
150. Planes by bojudesigns
151. planes by sonyab
152. Pop Planes by visionstudio
153. Propellerides by chubichics
154. propellored by maggiedee
155. Props2Jets by ghennah
156. puffsnplanes by mrshervi
157. Radio calls by spacefem
158. rainbow world by zandloopster
159. Ranway by kyselinka by kyselinka
160. Red Sky At Night, Sailor's Delight! by gershamabob
161. Retro Aviator Olive Stripe by smuk
162. Retro Toy Planes by retrorudolphs
163. Ride That Bluebird Fella by fabricfaeries
164. Roger_loved_to_Fly by evelynrosedesigns
165. Runway Lights at Night (Click to see detail) by modgeek
166. Sky by painter13
167. Sky balloons large repeat by su_g
168. Sky High! by moirarae
169. Sky Pirates by whimzwhirled
170. Smokejumper by krussimages
171. Soaring – Stripe Formation by ttoz
172. Soaring Seaplanes by uzumakijo
173. Sorbet Skies by alissecatherine
174. space ships by anastasiia-ku
175. Spitfire1jpg-ed by podaiboo
176. Steampunk Zeppelin, L by animotaxis
177. Stew_Cap_Stripe1 (click zoom for detail) by fireflower
178. Sunset Flight by serenity_ii
179. sure_peng
uins_can_fly by johanna_design

180. Sweet Dreams by kimsa
181. Take me Back to Dear old Blighty by glanoramay
182. The Aeroplane Flies High by snailuna
183. The Curious Aviation of Bees by aftermyart
184. The Little Red Plane by woodle_doo
185. they_flew_through_the_night by viprint_vibes
186. Those Magnificent Kids in their Flying Machines!! by deeniespoonflower
187. Thumbs Up for Flying by kissingfrogs
188. To air is human by bosun
189. Transportation Zoo by super_hoot
190. Travel by ©_lana_gordon_rast_
191. tumblr_luazcmRien1r2yfvm by tippstert
192. Turbine Energy_Mulberry by loveroflight
193. two-seater planes over blue. by ukgypsy
194. Up In The Sky by birds_have_flowers
195. up up and away! by littlemissquarter
196. Up, Up and Away by wrapartist
197. Vintage Air by twobloom
198. Vintage Squadron by angelwolf
199. Vintage Toy Hot Air Ballons by hugandkiss
200. Welcome Home Mad Fox Squadron by wendyg
201. wildsky by blueeyedsusan
202. wings by tequila_diamonds
203. WW1 Blue/Cream by savannahlindsay


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