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AUG 1, 2012 updated Apr 26, 2021


We often give away sewing related items for the Spoonflower weekly giveaway, and we sometimes give away design related items. Then occasionally, we give away stuff that is tangential to both sewing and fabric design but, we hope, still of interest to you all. This week's book jumped out at me as something that the Spoonflower community would probably find pretty interesting. Blogging for Creatives, written this year by Robin Houghton, is a book crammed full of tips for the creative person on getting started blogging, or on improving your blog if you already have one. Her tips start at the super-basic for the complete newbie. "In a nutshell…this is essentially what you do: 1. Login to the admin pages of your blog, 2. Write your post and upload whatever content you like, 3. Press the publish button." She goes on to describe various blogging platforms and their pros and cons, gives pointers on posts that work well, explains how to connect effectively with others, how to analyze your traffic, promote, advertise, and more, all with liberal examples of bloggers that are doing it well.  

In short, this book is a great and up-to-date blogging resource, and it could be yours in this week's giveaway! Just leave your comment here or on the corresponding Facebook post, and do include your Spoonflower screen name or other means of tracking you down in case you're our winner. If you've already got a blog, please leave us a link in your comment and tell us what you're blogging about!  And if you don't yet have one but are thinking about it, we'd love to hear about that, too.  Entries close next Tuesday, 8/7 and we'll announce a winner on 8/8.  Good luck to you all!

Last week we offered a sewing related giveaway, a copy of the gorgeously photographed Sewing Made Simple from Chronicle Books.  The winner was Caitlin Rose of Minneapolis. Congratulations Caitlin, and I hope you think the books is as lovely as we do!

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