10 Easy Cut & Sew Projects From Our Craft Party Contest

AUG 16, 2012 updated May 30, 2016

Craft-party Collage
If you followed the contest this past week, you know that we challenged designers to come up with cut & sew patterns for quarter-yard pieces of fabric. The goal was to create a set of fun projects for the folks planning to attend a local event as part of Etsy's 2012 Craft Party. The winner this week is a first-timer who created a charming set of stuffed fabric finches: Shel of PotBellyBears. Way to go, Shel!

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The final voting results:

1. 524 votes for Fun Finches by potbellybears 
2. 490 votes for Amelia and her kittens by stacyiesthsu 
3. 438 votes for Fat Quarter Globe by evenspor 
4. 424 votes for "Wish You Were Here" hand-made Michigan mitt/potholder by saltlabs 
5. 409 votes for envelope purse by melimiliá 
6. 376 votes for iPad/journal bag for mushroom lovers by bippidiiboppidii 
7. 331 votes for Skelley Baby Doll by shelleyfaye 
8. 304 votes for Pillows of Lavender by bzbdesigner 
9. 268 votes for The birdie bag by addilou 
10. 251 votes for Roxie_Puppet by roxiespeople 

11. 239 votes for Mr.Froggy Backpack by padeshahoo 
12. 237 votes for Mr. Hooti Patooti and Mini Hooti Pillow by amel24 
13. 235 votes for owls family cut and sew template by katarina 
14. 233 votes for Crafty Coffee Cosies – Live, Laugh, Love, Craft by ttoz 
15. 227 votes for Grandma & Grandpa zip-pouches by verycherry 
16. 217 votes for Cut, Sew & Stuff – Baby Mobile by catru 
17. 216 votes for Eye-Eye Pillows by shiro 
18. 216 votes for Beehive Tea Cozy by pattyryboltdesigns 
19. 213 votes for Pride and Prejudice cut and sew softie dolls plushies cozies by magneticcatholic 
20. 212 votes for Mr. Voodoo & Fido de los Muertos by candyjoyce 
21. 202 votes for Deco reversible fold-over clutch purse by coggon 
22. 201 votes for DIY Sewing Friends Accessory Kit by fantastictoys 
23. 200 votes for pyramid jugglers or lavenders (craft party FQ) by scrummy 
24. 200 votes for Mix-and-Match Pincushion Duo by graycatbird 
25. 190 votes for Just Crate! – Fat Quarter box cushion or bag by bonnie_phantasm 
26. 187 votes for Crafty Coffee or Tea Sleeves! by vo_aka_virginiao 
27. 184 votes for Playful Pengiuns Plushies by robyriker 
28. 182 votes for Door_hanger__dried_flower_sachet by kirpa 
29. 182 votes for TreasureOwlBunting2012 by nikky 
30. 176 votes for Marshmallow Ipad Case by bbsforbabies 
31. 174 votes for Sofie, Science Girl by jennartdesigns 
32. 173 votes for Bowtie DIY: Destiny Collection by avelis 
33. 171 votes for Brunette Sewn by Me Dolly by natitys 
34. 168 votes for Birdies and Bag Tags by wiccked 
35. 165 votes for vintage_alphabet_bunting_écru by thedrawingroom 
36. 161 votes for 4 Baby Sandals by dinorahdesign 
37. 160 votes for Muñeca Flamenca by mariao 
38. 156 votes for The Weekender – Jewellery Roll Bag by madex 
39. 150 votes for BagIt_AtTheParty by mrshervi 
40. 144 votes for diy happy ice pops plush doll set – click to see sewn by bubbledog 
41. 143 votes for Skyfriends Mini Plush by hugandkiss 
42. 138 votes for Amish_cut_and_sew by peppermintpatty 
43. 135 votes for sick day pillow or hot/cold pack by doodleandhoob 
44. 127 votes for Hair scrunchies crafting by fantazya 
45. 124 votes for elephant_dolls by holly_akkerman 
46. 124 votes for princess and the pea, easy cut and sew cushion by branchaplumes 
47. 122 votes for BABY_DOLL_CARRIER by jumping_birds 
48. 120 votes for Fabric Flower Cut-and-Sew Project by jenimp 
49. 118 votes for Craft Party Fabric Kit: Global Community Garden Gift Boxes and Brooch Blossoms by kdl 
50. 115 votes for Zebra Mooglee Cut & Sew Soft Toy by smuk 
51. 112 votes for Knitting Needle Tidy by moirarae 
52. 108 votes for "Arwen" travel doll pattern by minimiel 
53. 108 votes for Batu Seremban or FiveStones by ravenous 
54. 107 votes for my first try 🙂 cut and sewing dachshund pillow by akwaflorell 
55. 105 votes for Fun In The Sun Sunglasses Pouch by image_crafts 
56. 98 votes for side-show_girl_colour by eat_my_sweet_dust 
57. 97 votes for Kitschy Kitty Doll and Bunny Costume cut & sew project for the etsy craft party contest by jackiehaltom 
58. 97 votes for Flower power doll. by nekanen_fabrics 
59. 96 votes for "Wishing You Were Here" Owls – Fat Quarter Collection of 5 owls by amy_lou_who 
60. 92 votes for ©2012 Cut & Sew Your Own SheepDog Trial by rusticcorgi 
61. 88 votes for Little Angel Plushie (3 style options) by delsie 
62. 87 votes for School Starter Pack – Cut and Sew FQ Boy by shelleymade 
63. 87 votes for Jumping Jupiter & The Space Explorer by katieschrader 
64. 86 votes for fairy cakes in 3D by sef 
65. 83 votes for For my very best friend! by deeniespoonflower 
66. 82 votes for Pet Frog by blondfish 
67. 77 votes for Lydia by antoniamanda 
68. 73 votes for Coasters Summer by miart 
69. 71 votes for Color Me Star Cushions by petitspixels 
70. 70 votes for Schiphol airplane by zandloopster 
71. 69 votes for arara- the macaw by cushions_&_co 72. 68 votes for Plush fishes – cut & Sew project for the etsy craft party contest by nkitkat 
73. 66 votes for Miss Octopussy hand puppet or toy by kociara 
74. 65 votes for DIY Garden Tree Pillow by anikabee 
75. 64 votes for A Rock Star "wish you were here!" by paragonstudios 
76. 63 votes for Popsicle and Watermelon Bunting by owlandchickadee 
77. 57 votes for Blue Fire — Kindle Fire cover by elarnia 
78. 55 votes for Sunny day pillow by victorialasher 
79. 54 votes for 1 Fairy Doll, a Cat & Fairy Softies by de-ann_black 
80. 52 votes for "Florabutton_Posy" Headband or Sash Kit by fireflower 
81. 51 votes for Craft Party Easy Sew Wrist Band Sets by salzanos 
82. 49 votes for Mermaid Dollie by sassyone 
83. 48 votes for Mix and Match Bag with Text Strap by feebeedee 
84. 48 votes for Portland Wine Bags by jwitting 
85. 47 votes for Moon Goddess Mask by whimzwhirled 
86. 47 votes for cut & sew mini square flat bag by ilo ito by yun 
87. 46 votes for Ornaments 5, Plushie by animotaxis 
88. 41 votes for Cut Out & Sew Memory Game Cards by mongiesama 
89. 40 votes for Egg Cup Cozy by oceanpien 
90. 40 votes for Love Love Love Lumbar Cushion by glanoramay 
91. 39 votes for Rainbow Rings Craft Party Kit by modgeek 
92. 38 votes for Color Me Place Mat Set 1 Kitten Puppy by ambermk 
93. 38 votes for summer_holiday_centerpiece by mbsterling 
94. 38 votes for Cheerful Fractal Cheater Quilt by clotilda_warhammer 
95. 35 votes for Hip Pillow-Doll by annalisa222 
96. 33 votes for 1/2 A Dozen Roses – Spots & Stripes Cut 'n' Sew by nezumiworld 
97. 30 votes for Li'l Star Advent Calendar by designtrends 
98. 28 votes for owls 1 by isabella_asratyan 
99. 27 votes for GRANDMA'S CINNAMON BUNS TEA TOWEL by bluevelvet 
100. 24 votes for Newfoundland dog Christmas Wall Hanging by dogdaze_ 
101. 21 votes for paradise_hand_embroidery_bag by vedanta 
102. 21 votes for Love Nest Pillow or Tote Front by wendyg 
103. 20 votes for Frog Checkers, Cat Toys & Bookmarks by glimmericks 
104. 19 votes for Curvy Plaid Cut And Sew Craft Project Fabric By Kristie Hubler 42 in. x 36 in. by fabricatedframes 
105. 19 votes for Seed the Strawberries by boris_thumbkin 
106. 13 votes for Lily Throw Pillows Panel by oceanpeg 
107. 6 votes for Brick_Lap_Throw_Brick by pd_frasure


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  • Squeeeeee! I won! How lovely and exciting! Can you tell I’m over-the-moon giddy? 🙂 My heartfelt thanks to those who voted for my Fun Finches design. I truly, deeply appreciate your vote and your comments and your support. Thank you Spoonflower for the inspiring contest (and lovely prize). And thank you Etsy for the priceless, coming-soon exposure on your blog.
    Happy, lucky me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 🙂
    Shel, a.k.a. potbellybears