Who will win the gold, silver & bronze medals for fabric design?

JUL 27, 2012 updated May 30, 2016


In what we hope is a graceful dodge of all the draconian restrictions on the use of any trademarks, images, logos, puns or cake decorations associated with the actual Olympic Games, we've asked designers this week to celebrate the spirit of the games through fabric designs. Perhaps you can vote as you watch the opening ceremony tomorrow on TV. While we lack a virtual podium for fabric designers, we'll still announce the winners next week.
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Good luck to all the participants this week!

1.  Running around the world by mariao
2.  "Reflective Paddling" by missyorr
3.  0009_caritas_130312 by sandramunoz1
4.  12 olympians by sef
5.  120724-olympic-flame-1 by d'lee-d'laa
6.  271984_1948829834253_1047803621_1699464_2910188_o by gretty_love
7.  A way through sports by bonnie_phantasm
8.  All Fun and Games for Guys and Gals by paragonstudios
9.  Ancient Athletes by jenimp
10.  Ancient Greek Olympics by robyriker

11.  Ancient Greek olympics by kociara
12.  Ancient Greeks by wiccked
13.  Aqua Angels Synchronized Swimming by holly_akkerman
14.  AquaticsFutureChampions by caitlinrose
15.  Backstrokes & Stripes by spoonnan
16.  Big_Ben_red by katiedidit
17.  Birdlympics! by jennartdesigns
18.  Bobbing_along0001 by jewelbark
19.  boys_square by daisydawn
20.  Bronze, Silver, Gold by january_
21.  bunting yellow grey dashed by katarina
22.  Cats at the Olympics by mongiesama
23.  celebration by vedanta
24.  children_of_the_world by sevenoaks
25.  Circle_Painting_006 by edanddoris
26.  Colors of the World by dinorahdesign
27.  Cycle Racers Retro Dot by smuk
28.  En Guard! – Fencing Epee by owlandchickadee
29.  Enjoyable games by creative_cat
30.  Excellence by whimzwhirled
31.  FADED_OLYMPIC_MEMORIES_1 by mama's_hope
32.  Fireworks-ed by hippathanmost
33.  Fists of Pride-ed by pink_koala_design
34.  FLAGS_of_the_Oympic_s_edit by mj_designs
35.  games zig zag by scrummy
36.  Going for the Gold by painter13
37.  going for the Gold by iquiltdesigns
38.  Golden Victory by graceful
39.  Gymnastics Love by bojudesigns
40.  HORSEPLAY OLYMPICS by leslidevito
41.  img116 by purple_robin
42.  Journey of the Torch by visionstudio
43.  Jump Leap Plunge by cjldesigns
44.  Kawai Badminton during ingenuous Olympic Games by happy_to_see
45.  knees-olympic by wren_leyland
46.  let it fly by melissamarie
47.  London Olympic by theboutiquestudio
48.  LONDON WORLD OLYMPICS by bluevelvet
49.  London Landmarks 2012 by beni_w
50.  london-games by tabula_rosi
51.  London_2012 by aimeesthill
52.  Marathon in all the colors by spacefem
53.  medals by gershamabob
54.  Medals! Gold…Silver…Bronze! by shelleymade
55.  Modern Labyrinth by modgeek
56.  motociclista21x18 by sofiacampos
57.  multi_color_fabric_design_1 by robbrez
58.  my favorites olympic sports always and forever by amália_lage
59.  Old School Olympians by ravenous
60.  Olympians by susanpolston
61.  Olympic by joancaronil
62.  olympic celebration by alleb
63.  Olympic champions! by verycherry
64.  Olympic Chequerboard by ebygomm
65.  olympic circles by pencilmein
66.  Olympic Colors by twilfley
67.  Olympic flags by fantazya
68.  Olympic Iconic Stripes by with2fs
69.  Olympic Joy by donnalea
70.  Olympic Mastery by keenandaniels
71.  Olympic Medals, ATD 900 by arttreedesigns
72.  Olympic Poodle Polka Dots by www_nataliestarfish_com
73.  olympic rainbow by neetz
74.  Olympic Retro Ribbons – LET'S GO TEAM USA!!! WOOT! by veritymaddox
75.  Olympic Stars by animotaxis
76.  Olympic Swimmer by demigoutte
77.  Olympic symbol from a parallel universe by petitspixels
78.  Olympic Torch by scoutmom131
79.  olympics by moirarae
80.  Olympics by linsart
81.  olympics by iffy
82.  olympics by nainis
83.  Olympics colorful by padeshahoo
84.  Olympics Gelatine by elijah_in_egypt
85.  Olympics_2012 by mitts
86.  olympicyear15inch-ed by ragan
87.  Olympic_Action by j_a_m_b
88.  < a href="http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/1322729">Olympic_energy by chicca_besso
89.  Olympic_fire by kirpa
90.  Olympic_Gold_Rose by mammajamma
91.  Olympic_London_Calling by podaiboo
92.  Olympic_Spirit by cindersonfiber
93.  olympic_swimmers by kaynoh
94.  Olympix2 by chubichics
95.  Passing the torch – blue by victorialasher
96.  PODIUM-gold,silver,bronze by pavlova_is
97.  prikker32 by missemor
98.  Ring Toss by aftermyart
99.  roxolympics by roxiespeople
100.  runningtrack by moonbeam
101.  SOMETIMES in JULY by viciousbeauty
102.  Sport Girls by tuppencehapenny
103.  Star Gymnasts by michlae
104.  Stripes and Rings by delsie
105.  SUDOKU OLYMPICS by bzbdesigner
106.  SW141-SPORTS-DAY_REPEAT-TILE by suzyspellbound
107.  swimmers1 by bbsforbabies
108.  Swimmers3b_Spoonflower by elizabetholwen
109.  SwimmersBasicRepeat by snowforzo
110.  synchronized swimmers by beary_organics
111.  Tea and Rain by glanoramay
112.  TeacupOlympics2 by kimnb
113.  THE GOOD FIGHTER by maribel
114.  the gymnast, high above the ground by annekecaramin
115.  The_Olympiad_ATJ by ajterrel
116.  The_Race_is_On by glimmericks
117.  torch-spoonflower by jolene4
118.  Track & Field Gold by addilou
119.  UK Olympic Rain by designowl76
120.  Union Jack Ninja by fabricfaeries
121.  UNITING TORCH by kimi-d
122.  USA flag by lindsaysatchelldesigns
123.  Venues of Victory by sammyk
124.  victory dance olympics by karinka
125.  Vintage Olympic Games by legeretdesign
126.  Vitruvian Man as Medalist by vo_aka_virginiao
127.  volleyball_spoonflower_big_rainbow_6_24_2012 by compugraphd
128.  WE'VE the PeOPle by iszart
129.  zoo_19 by imke_meeusen


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