Fabric8 Collection Giveaway winner and a giveaway of things you shouldn’t run with

JUN 20, 2012 updated Apr 26, 2021

We're big fans of quality sewing tools around here. There's nothing more ruinous to the happy experience of creating something you're excited about than working with shoddy tools — pins with heads that fall off, scissors and cutting blades that dull quickly, tracing pencils with leads that break off everytime they're sharpened. Good quality tools won't turn you into an expert seamstress immediately, but they sure do help!

To facilitate a summer of smooth sewing (or a winter if you're a Southern Hemisphere sewer), we're giving away a set of Gingher sewing tools this week, a pair each of 8-inch dressmaking shears, 7-1/2 inch pinking shears, and 4-inch featherweight thread clippers. Manufactured just down the road from us in Greensboro, NC, Gingher's high-quality tools should last you a loooooong time. 

To enter this giveaway drawing, just leave your comment below or on the corresponding Facebook post telling us how much you need these new tools, and do include your Spoonflower screen name or other means of tracking you down easily in case you're our winner. Entries close next Tuesday, 6/26 and we'll announce a winner on 6/27. Good luck to you all!

To wrap up our Fabric8 contest last week in which Andie Hannah's Painted Petals was chosen as the winner, we offered the chance to win a fat quarter bundle of your choice of Fabric8 finalist collections. The winner of this giveaway was Spokane, Washington designer Nicole Dobbins, who chose Kayajoy's Flight Patterns collection as her favorite. We'll be shipping this pretty bundle to her soon. Congratulations, Nicole!

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  • Yea! My daughter and her family (including 2 granddaughters I haven’t seen for over a year) will be moving closer to us at the New Year. By then the girls will be 8 and 3. She’d bought a new sewing machine in hopes I could teach her to sew two years ago…but, Alas! They moved 10 hours north of us. Now that my oldest granddaughter will be 8 when they move back I’m planning on teaching her…and hopefully her mom…how to sew as part of her homeschooling. Fun times for the 3 of us. A new (really good) scissor set would be totally amazing for us as we embark on a new adventure. I’m hoping to use some of my granddaughter’s beautiful artwork to create her own fabric to make purses and totes for her first projects! So look forward to greeting Little Miss Thea Drury into the world of fabric in 2013. Suzhar

  • OOOOw, I always look for this gorgeous scissors in my sewing shop and always want to try them to fell the difference with my cheap scissors! ^^Thank you for this giveaway! (spoonflower username : kallou)

  • Oh, I’ve always wanted some of these, but there’s nothing technically wrong with the scissors I have, so I’ve put off purchasing any. I didn’t realize they were made in the US, though. Maybe I’ll start saving my pennies.

  • I really need these sewing tools! I sew every day and I noticed my fabric shears are getting tired. Also I could sure use the pinking shears! Wow that would be easier than a Hong Kong finish on my woven seams! And they would have their own storage box in my own little room ……….jrozens

  • I would love to have these scissors, my daughter and I have a lot of crafting and sewing projects going on and I could see both pairs of scissors and the thread clippers getting a lot of use. (spoonflower username nicolars)

  • Q: What do scissors do at a dance party? A: They cut a rug.
    I’m putting my name in the hat–I can be contacted at alyssa.c.skiba AT gmail.com

  • I really need new pinking shears, mine are so dull the fabric folds in the teeth in the back half. Of course they are over 50 years old so it’s not surprising. And it would be so nice to have a convenient little pair of thread clippers, not to mention new fabric shears, since mine have been borrowed a few times for paper (I finally hid them to protect them).
    My Spoonflower screen name is “victorialasher”

  • Oh this is so exciting. I’m not even sure which I would use first but I won’t run and I’ll hide them so only I know where they are!

  • I could definitely use new shears; the one’s I have now are nicked to shreds. No matter how much I protest, my (otherwise awesome) family uses them as kitchen/household scissors. My college student budget balks at the thought of buying a good quality pair >.< (username: nina_chan)

  • I’ve been desperately wanting some pinking shears and yet I keep spending my mad money on Spoonflower proofs! I have had some interest from big name fashion houses and need to put together a portfolio to send out. These would make me look so professional! These tools could really take my burgeoning home business to the next level!

  • I love Spoonflower, I haven’t sewn for ages and my sewing items are a bit old and bland. However you have given me motivation and excitement to design and sew I can’t wait to get started. New scissors would be a godsend.

  • Pinking shears, oh my! I’m a full time artist and to me that counts as a luxury tool – my whole studio is outfitted with garage sale finds and hand me downs, from sewing machine to tables. (I also use a lot of upcycled and post industry fabrics.) I invested years ago in scissors, and pinking shears have been on a list waiting for a windfall in the budget for a long time! They would be SO useful. 🙂