Ammonites, Dinos & Dodos: A Contest For Extinct Animal Fabrics

JUN 21, 2012 updated May 30, 2016

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The challenge to competitors this week to come up with fabric designs featuring extinct animals. While we expected quite a few dinosaur fabrics, of course, the big surprise — to my mind at least — is the profusion of terrific dodo fabrics. Move over owls, there's a new (old) bird in town. You've got 226 fabrics this week to choose from, so have fun!

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The participants are:

1. Denim Dinos by forest&sea 
2. "Oso" sad: Extinct Mexican Grizzly Bear Cheater Quilt by aldea 
3. A day at the museum by cjldesigns 
4. A Sabretooth Parade by thatrossiart 
5. A VERY SAD TAIL by pavlova_is 
6. acid pterodactyl weave by scrummy 
7. Aloha! Lounge Lizard by brandymiller 
8. Ammonite by queeninmyownmind 
9. Ammonites by jabiroo 
10. ammonites by feathers_of_a_lark 

11. Ammonites by theposhvagabond 
12. Ancient Cave Drawings by aftermyart 
13. ANCIENTSEA-ed by chicca_besso 
14. And Then There Were None ( the sad tale of the Passenger Pigeon) by ceanirminger 
15. animais-extintos by hofacker 
16. animal_extinct by maribel 
17. Argon by joancaronil 
18. Army Frog by blondfish 
19. Baby dinos by wowoh 
20. Bishop_s_O_o by pintuckprovisions 
21. Black Mamo by kbexquisites 
22. Black Mamo by ravenous 
23. blue antelope by olena 
24. Bow Bow Dodo by stitching_dvm 
25. Bufo periglenes by amandajoandme 
26. Burgess Shale by boris_thumbkin 
27. Carboniferous Rainforest with Meganeura by kociara 
28. Carolina Parakeet (Louisiana subspecies) by heartfullofbirds 
29. Carolina Parakeet – Extinct Animal Contest by seworegon 
30. cestlaviv_extinct creatures by c'est_la_viv 
31. chriseretops by moonbeam 
32. Cirque_de_Dodo by roxiespeople 
33. color_portraits by sassafrasgirl 
34. Crazy Dino by dani_design 
35. Crinoids – Contest Scale by glimmericks 
36. Cute Mod Dinos by heathermann 
37. dancing dodos by maggiedee 
38. Dancing T-Rexes by mongiesama 
39. Dandy_Dodo by art_on_fabric 
40. Day of the Dead Dodo by julia_canright 
41. Delicate Dinosaur by flinchumfabriccreations 
42. Delightful Dinos by dianef 
43. Dickinsonia Rex by spellstone 
44. dino by asheville_design_house 
45. dino by danijov 
46. Dino (Green) by monda 
47. dino lace by wednesdaysgirl 
48. dino-1 by sclues 
49. Dino-Might by leighr 
50. DinoQuilt2012 by nikky 
51. Dinos by captainteapot 
52. dinos by katarina 
53. Dinosaur Grafitti by candyjoyce 
54. dinosaur ROAR by j_l_whitham_ 
55. dinosaur sampler by studiocharm 
56. Dinosaur Tracks by bojudesigns 
57. Dinosauria White (large scale) by leanne 
58. Dinosaurs by bunnyjump 
59. Dinosaurs by nekanen 
60. Dinosaurs cheater quilt by petitspixels 
61. dino_patch by kirpa 
62. Disco_Dino by viewfromtheskye 
63. Ditsy Morrocan Ammonites by sassafras_rag 
64. Dizzy Dodo by mgterry 
65. Do dodos do pink? by ebygomm 
66. dodo by thebon 
67. dodo by studiojelien 
68. DoDo by mj_designs 
69. dodo by greenrosestormcloud 
70. DODO by padeshahoo 
71. dodo by christiem 
72. dodo by hugo_lamarox 
73. Dodo Bird by holladay 
74. Dodo Bird Pattern by kelly_leigh 
75. DoDo Dont! by nerida_jeannie 
76. dodo-a-go-go by studiobytheforest 
77. dodo-love by tabula_rosi 
78. dodoandmammothcameo by emi-chan 
79. Dodos by stepanic 
80. Dodos by serenity_ii 
81. Dodo_Birds by walkathon 
82. Dodo_spoonflower_contest_6_19_2012 by compugraphd 
83. Don't forget the Dodo by mel_w 
84. Doodles of Dodos by the_fretful_porpentine 
85. Drontpattern by creative_cat 
86. Dynobydave by davy_passchyn 
87. Eastern Cougar by toujoursenvogue 
88. Ed the Dragon by borealiscolor 
89. Eddie_sExtinctCreature by positivenegative 
90. Endothyra by jennartdesigns 
91. Everybody Do The Dinosaur by robyriker 
92. Exstinct Aussie Animals by jazart_design_studio 
93. EXTINCT by dan_h 
94. Extinct and Endangered Bats by katieschrader 
95. Extinct Animal Crackers Scatter Large by modgeek 
96. Extinct animals by alexsan 
97. Extinct animals tea towel by smokey_longlong 
98. Extinct Australian Megafauna by upcyclepatch 
99. Extinct birds – Passenger pigeons by dinorahdesign 
100. extinct butterflies by j-andrew 
101. EXTINCT grand by marie-emilienne 
102. Extinct Threesome by gfa 
103. extinct tiger by susanquekett 
104. Extinct: Madeiran Large White by verystarry 
105. extinctanimalcontest_copy by grandma58 
106. Extincted Birds / Legeret Design by legeretdesign 
107. Extinction in Linen by glanoramay 
108. Fairisle Woolly Mammoth – Neanderthal Sweater Pattern by lovekittypink 
109. Falkland Island Wolf by janelle_wooten 
110. Fancy Dinos by alissecatherine 
111. Five_Children_full_scale by paul-ny 
112. floral_patch by vedanta 
113. Fosils by ivanna_k 
114. Fossil Fuel by bzbdesigner 
115. Fractyl Pterodactyl by blc 
116. Friendly Dinos! – Primary Colors with stripe by studiofibonacci 
117. Furby Friends by alysnpunderland 
118. ghosts from the past by mandaboo 
119. Golden Toad by countrygarden 
120. goldentoad by johanna_design 
121. goldentoad by mitts 
122. Gone but not forgotten by chovy 
123. Gone_The_Way_of_the_Dodo by amy_lou_who 
124. Ha_Ha__Ho_Ho__He_He__Laughing_Owls by niceandfancy 
125. Heliocoprion! by thirdhalfstudios 
126. Herd of Wooly Mammoth Cave ? by sarahwalden~peacoquettedesigns 
127. Huia Song by spoonnan 
128. In the Steps of the Dodo by gershamabob 
129. Irish_Elk by spacecowgirl 
130. Jurassic Jumble by evenspor 
131. large sloth lemur by nainis 
132. LizaLewisdinopattern by lizalew 
133. Long-tailed Hopping Mouse in Cream by meduzy 
134. Mammoth by jessiekosak 
135. MamMoth Butterfly Blue by lesser_george 
136. Mammoths_yellow and brown by celebrindal 
137. MAMMOTH_GREY_YELLOW by glorydaze 
138. MarthaThePassengerPigeon by hollyko 
139. marzlene_Extinct animals by marzlene,colourlovers_com_ 
140. Mātuhi – the New Zealand Bush Wren by vo_aka_virginiao 
141. mixed up mammoth yellow by fabricfaeries 
142. moa3 by the_bearded_lady 
143. Mr. & Mrs. Rex by j___ 
144. Mr. Dino and Dina Saurus by deeniespoonflower 
145. Mr. Gentleman {a strange species extinct since the early 1900s} by muymajobv 
146. MY MOA by kimi-d 
147. New Zealand Moa by madex 
148. No Mo' Ammo' nites (extinct Ammonites) by dovetail_designs 
149. ORTHOCERAS TIME WARP by bluevelvet 
150. P6040707 Archelon, a giant extinct turtle by margie_ann 
151. Paleolama, keeper of the stars by suzhar 
152. Paper_Aurochs by jumping_birds 
153. passenger pigeon by magneetje 
154. Peaceable Kingdom Toile De Jouy by erinina 
155. Photographic Evidence by sammyk 
156. pigeon5 by expellhun 
157. Prehistoric Pillows – Velociraptor and Rhamphorhynchus by iliketodraw 
158. preppydactyl by annethecatdetective 
159. Princess Dinosaurs by keziaadamo 
160. protea & dodo by jewelbark 
161. Pteradactyl Swirl by blissdesigns 
162. Pyrenean Ibex by annaboo 
163. Quagga by eclectic_house 
164. Quagga Fur by ladycavendish 
165. Rails In A Row by teenya 
166. Rainbow serpent by su_g 
167. Rainforest Colour Extincted by isabelacampagna 
168. Rapturous after the Ice Age by scifiwritir 
169. Red-moustached Fruit Dove by sembrey 
170. Retirement Party by susanpolston 
171. Retro Dino by poetryqn 
172. Rex by zootyburger 
173. rhino by sapnaprasad 
174. Roar! by florrie_grace 
175. Rusty-Grebe by kimsa 
176. Sabre Tooth repeat by lazydee 
177. sabre_sweet_tooth by podaiboo 
178. Singing the Blues by weavingmajor 
179. spoon_flower by chicamancha 
180. Squirrel Mentality by dazzia 
181. Stampede by studio_charlebois 
182. Starfishes' Extinct Cousins by kayajoy 
183. Staurikossaurus_Pricei by blimblimb 
184. stegosaurus by cherrybristow 
185. Steller's Sea Cow by lestey 
186. Steller's Sea Cow by lesliebedell 
187. steller's sea cow by vaslittlecrow 
188. Steller's Sea Cow – © Lucinda Wei by simboko 
189. Swirly Dinosaurs by lilichi 
190. SYH-WoolleyMammoth by sorryyourehappy 
191. t-rex by hotel_radio 
192. T-Rex Tooth by rosie_collins_illustration 
193. T-Rexopus by sassyone 
194. tartarugas_pattern by malalasoifer 
195. Tasmanian Tigers by erinibbertson 
196. Tasmanian Wolf by happy_to_see 
197. tasmanian-tiger-tile by babyfish 
198. TassieTiger by j_a_m_b 
199. The Dodo by addilou 
200. The Extinct Great Auk by creative_merritt 
201. The Extinct Passenger Pigeon by nodice 
202. The Giant Griffinfly – Meganeura Monyi by shelleymade 
203. the Patterned Mammoth by kfay 
204. The Raptors Dance by animotaxis 
205. The_Laughing_Owl by renevere 
206. thylacine by karmacranes 
207. thylacine dreaming by bippidiiboppidii 
208. Thylacine so beautiful by fantazya 
209. trexbonesandfeathers by racheljones 
210. Tribal Mammoth by demigoutte 
211. Triceratops Wall Hanging by owlandchickadee 
212. Trilobite Trot by murex_textile_designs 
213. trilobite vivid by leopardessmoon 
214. Trilobites of the World, Unite! by greenmyeyes 
215. trilokite 4 by sef 
216. Untitled-2 by anna-lee_ramsurrun 
217. Watercolor Dinosaur by beebumble 
218. we'll be back by sevenoaks 
219. We'll call him George by whimzwhirled 
220. We_Were_Here by orangeblossomstudio 
221. When Dinosaurs Invented Flowers-ed by anniedeb 
222. woolley by cinqchats 
223. Woolly by mag-o 
224. Woolly Mammoth – Fade To Extinction by ttoz 
225. Woolly Mammoth on Ice by arttreedesigns 
226. Woolly Mammoth Pixels by jgpatterns 

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