Coats Of Arms Of Many Colors

MAY 31, 2012 updated May 30, 2016
For this week's challenge we asked designers to create an original family crest, or coat of arms, for their own family and to turn that into a fabric design. As is the case with many of our more outlandish challenges, this one drew somewhat fewer entries than usual, which means that voting should be pretty quick. Perhaps everyone is still recovering from the mob of entries in hand-drawn contest a couple of weeks ago!
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This week's participants are:

1) "R is for Rudolph"… by retrorudolph's 
2) 8 bit Family Crest by leighr 
3) a crest pro victoriam by paragonstudios 
4) A Rossi Family Crest by thatrossiart 
5) Air, Earth, Water, Fire: Growth and Perserverance by vo_aka_virginiao 
6) amazing orchid by arnie 
7) AmericanWoman by american_women 
8) Armorial Ant by spellstone 
9) atelier des cinq chats by cinqchats 
10) bear crest by annaboo 

11) book club family crest by agnesbartonsabo 
12) BZB crest by bzbdesigner 
13) c-magdalena_d by christagordon 
14) Cami by kckgallery 
15) Cartouche by kingcarl 
16) Coat of Arms (Large) by jenithea 
17) coatofarm-01 by azaliamusa 
18) coatofarmscw by ninjaauntsdesigns 
19) CoatOfMyArms by catail_designs 
20) coat_of_arms by cmoonak 
21) Coat_of_Arms by sigche 
22) crest by moon_&_magic 
23) Crest for a sweet family by fantazya 
24) Crest of House Weaseltoast by ormolu 
25) Crest of Rabbits by golders 
26) CrestAdèleDeLaCigogne by adèle_de_la_cigogne 
27) crest_pattern by ginaglynn 
28) Deckemoles by kimi-d 
29) Donaldson_Family_Crest_revised_001 by nancy_jean_bryant 
30) Ebisu's Trellis Crest by lulabelle 
31) Elarnia's Achievement – We are known by the dogs who have loved us. by elarnia 
32) Family Crest by missjessm 
33) Family Crest by mama_teapot 
34) Family Crest by ebygomm 
35) family crest by mnsdesigns 
36) Family Crest – Kraus by alainarachelle 
37) FAMILY TREES by kalla 
38) family-crest by studiojelien 
39) family_crest by cveta 
40) family_crest_1 by the_bearded_lady 
41) Fiat Justitia, Pereat Mundus by verystarry 
42) Flower Power Family Crest by dovetail_designs 
43) Fodio. Delineo. Ludo. Amo. by leeleeandthebee 
44) greenhaven_crest by roxiespeople 
45) Halo-Halo from Ilo-Ilo by boris_thumbkin 
46) Hamilton crest by heather's_imagination 
47) Heart of Oak by papersparrow 
48) Heraldry Jam by siya 
49) Home Sweet Home by sammyk 
50) hominidae family by sef 
51) House of Kitties in the Sunshine by lovekittypink 
52) hugo's family crest by hugo_lamarox 
53) If_the_cat_is_not_happy_no_one_is_happy by glimmericks 
54) Live Free by ©_lana_gordon_rast_ 
55) Love and Family by demigoutte 
56) Love Crest by lesliebedell 
57) love_family_crest by ottomanbrim 
58) Married Couple Crest by joofalltrades 
59) marzlene_Family Crest_coat of arms by marzlene 
60) Miller Family Crest by brandymiller 
61) minimiel crest by minimiel 
62) Mongiesama's Transistor Kamon – Japanese-style family crest by mongiesama 
63) My American Family Crest! by pattyryboltdesigns 
64) My Crest – For Love and My Cats by susaninparis 
65) My Family – My Crest by shelleymade 
66) My family Crest by ianiya 
67) My Family Crest by edsel2084 
68) My Family Tree Flowers by flinchumfabriccreations 
69) Noor-Berg_Crest3 by kimnb 
70) Our Dear Crest by meredithjean 
71) passiones ad foveat aeternum by scrummy 
72) PersonalArms1a by muhlenkott 
73) Pink Cute Crest by nemethwild 
74) Puffin MeGa98-ed by puffin98 
75) Real Eyes Realize Real Lies by whimzwhirled 
76) Royal Treatment by rebeccaurbanek 
77) Smart Cookie by wiccked 
78) Spor Family Crest by evenspor 
79) Take Me Out to the Ballgame by studiofibonacci 
80) The Clan by susanpolston 
81) This too shall pass – family crest by victorialasher 
83) warbrockoriginal by scafleet 
84) watercolor wonderland girls cameo chevron by katarina 
85) WhereTheHeartsTiedFamilyCrest-4 by grannynan 
86) W
isdomCourageKindness by artgarage

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