Make your own bag with one yard of fabric. Our latest contest winners…

APR 5, 2012 updated May 30, 2016


We asked voters this week to choose their favorite one-yard cut & sew patterns for bags. The winner is a terrific, reversible bag by Lucy Baribeau (Fantazya), a designer from Quebec. The rest of the top ten are fun as well, and all are now available for sale. If you decide to make one, keep in mind that the linen-cotton canvas or heavy cotton twill are probably your best bets for sturdy bag fabric.

See the Top 10 Bag Patterns

The participating designs and designers this week are:

1. 893 votes for fresh and reversible summer bag by fantazya 
2. 691 votes for Mimmi and Minni by lien_geeroms 
3. 660 votes for Little Birdhouse Bag by bora 
4. 570 votes for The Sewer Protector II (Ready-to-Sew kit) by majo_bv 
5. 552 votes for Bag on Sabrina by verycherry 
6. 541 votes for 1 Dozen Party Loot Bags – Pheasant Garden by kayajoy 
7. 537 votes for – toadbag has the munchies! – by megamoniek 
8. 519 votes for GEEKY OWL BAG (click to see sewn sample) by happysewlucky 
9. 431 votes for Goldfish Goodie Bags by jenimp 
10. 430 votes for sac poupée russe v rose by nadja_petremand 

11. 403 votes for A Blooming Boat-Bottom Bag by dianne_annelli 
12. 400 votes for the Knot bag by kfay 
13. 397 votes for -Sakura_bag_pattern- by melimiliá 
14. 331 votes for Turtle bag by bippidiiboppidii 
15. 328 votes for Purses: Two From One by droyal 
16. 327 votes for poppy messenger bag by fabgirl42 
17. 325 votes for Grandma's shopping bags by mariao 
18. 316 votes for Beachy Bucket Tote – A Cut & Sew Pattern by coggon 
19. 310 votes for Asian Fairy Bags by jbhorsewriter7 
20. 290 votes for Inter-Community Reusable Gift Bag by dana_a8KtMDi9 
21. 280 votes for Chevron Tote – Blues/Brown by marcojanedesigns 
22. 273 votes for owl and pussycat at sea – small tote by victorialasher 
23. 272 votes for Peak-a-boo Pleated Statement Clutch by ttoz 
24. 253 votes for The Traveler Bag by natitys 
25. 239 votes for Cut and Sew Grocery Bag; Peeling Chevrons with PDF by muddyfoot 
26. 227 votes for blue willow kanzashi tote by fox&lark 
27. 223 votes for DIY Rainbow Tote Bag (click to see sewn version) by bubbledog 
28. 223 votes for Damask Roses Bag by kdl 
29. 217 votes for Make your own tree branches TOTE BAG by steffiebrocoli 
30. 213 votes for Belt Bag – Cut and Sew Pattern by katieschrader 
31. 209 votes for woodland handle cut and sew bag by katarina 
32. 183 votes for OkieDokie Fresh and Breezy – Grocery Bag and Tomato Purse by jaana 
33. 183 votes for CompactShoppingBag2012 by nikky 
34. 180 votes for cute puppy tote by p_kok 
35. 178 votes for Laptop Sleeve by lina_lissner 
36. 171 votes for "Hidden Friend" Bag by jumping_birds 
37. 166 votes for Black and White Flowered Double-face Shoulder Bag by creale 
38. 160 votes for Year of the Dragon notebook Tote Bag by paragonstudios 
39. 158 votes for IPAD Book Bag by juliette289 
40. 155 votes for tyvekpattern-sf by unflavoredtrash 
41. 153 votes for A Blooming Handy Bag By Rhonda W. © 2012 by rhondadesigns 
42. 152 votes for Reversible Halloween Troll & Easter Bunny Bag by mongiesama 
43. 149 votes for ©2012 Coming and Going Pems Cut & Sew Simple Tote by rusticcorgi 
44. 146 votes for Creativity Tote Kit by modgeek 
45. 144 votes for RAGBAG_ by lfntextiles 
46. 136 votes for Funky_elephant_bag__the_trunk_is_the_handle by vinkeli 
47. 133 votes for Animals of the Rainforest: Bag by brandymiller 
48. 122 votes for PIANO PURSE by bluevelvet 
49. 120 votes for packpack by melissamelissa 
50. 119 votes for Where the Wild Things Are by wiccked 
51. 117 votes for reversible_bag by claudiavv 
52. 113 votes for Penguins_on_Ice_Purse by glimmericks 
53. 109 votes for Audrey Hepburn Bag by chickoteria 
54. 98 votes for Kiwi•FRUIT Shopping Bag by pohutukawa 
55. 96 votes for coin purse by karmacranes 
56. 94 votes for Reverible Horse Tote by khowardquilts 
57. 92 votes for Japanese Knot Bag – Love Cats by pininkie 
58. 84 votes for A Tisket, A Tasket, An Easter Basset Basket! by robyriker 
59. 83 votes for flower/zigzag reversible bag by babysisterrae 
60. 82 votes for Checkerboard Tote – Victorian Green and Violet (click to see project photographs) by inscribed_here 
61. 77 votes for Studs And Stripes Reversible XL Clutch by tscho 
62. 72 votes for 8 egg-hunt bags by sef 
63. 72 votes for Reusable Shopping Bag by cricketswool 
64. 71 votes for Painted Clutch (cut & sew pattern) by leighr 
65. 68 votes for Designs_by_Anna_spoonflower_bag_contest by designsbyanna 
66. 68 votes for A bag with a face by chameleonfire 
67. 67 votes for Blackwork Tote by spoonflowercherie 
68. 65 votes for 'At Sea' Bag Pattern by jenniferdenty 
69. 65 votes for pinkribbonbag by jackdon 
70. 63 votes for messenger_bag by freedom_fernandez 
71. 63 votes for Skull'n Bow Trick-or-Treat Traditional Pillowcase Bag by quiltsm
72. 62 votes for Egg Drop Wine Tote by susanpolston 
73. 61 votes for basket_tote_bag_pattern by jenny_wilkinson 
74. 56 votes for Frozen Delights Tote by hfts 
75. 50 votes for Green and Yellow Bag by pd_frasure 
76. 27 votes for Sunflower Friends Fabric bag design. by whimzwhirled

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