Fabrics For Book Lovers: Vote In Our Latest Contest

APR 5, 2012 updated Jul 3, 2018

The theme of the fabric design competition this week is books, or, more specifically, a love of books. We've got about 150 entries to choose from, so vote for all your favorites and we'll announce the winner next week.

Vote For Book Fabrics

The participating designs and designers are:

1.            A book gives your mind a place to fly by glimmericks 
2.            A Book Lover's Medley by robyriker 
3.            A maze of books by chameleonfire 
4.            A Neverending Story by annosch 
5.            A Wise Old Bookend by addilou 
6.            An Open Book by kdl 
7.            Ancient text in Dubai by zsmama 
8.            animals reading by babysisterrae 
9.            Antique Library by teja_jamilla 
10.            audubon refrence books by codalion 

11.            basic bookshelf by avelis 
12.            Bees_love_Books by peppermintpatty 
13.            best_seller by ottomanbrim 
14.            BIblioteka by boris_thumbkin 
15.            Birds with Words by jamieson 
16.            bluemantle by bulldogsandbabies 
17.            book by lissame73 
18.            Book Bears by my_zoetrope 
19.            Book Love by lauriebaars 
20.            Book Love: Magickal Books by quiltsmith 
21.            book lovers by steffiebrocoli 
22.            Book Shelf by lauredesigns 
23.            Book Title Puzzles by primenumbergirl 
24.            Book Tree (small scale) Book Contest entry by beccalouise 
25.            bookish by laughingowldesign 
26.            Booklove by nekineko 
27.            Booklover_s_Log_Cabin_allover by fireflower 
28.            Books by owlandchickadee 
29.            Books by jadegordon 
30.            Books by anniedeb 
31.            Books heart by alexsan 
32.            Books in Flight by jenimp 
33.            Books of Birds and Flowers by countrygarden 
34.            Books of the Bible by petals*fair 
35.            books4 by marpez 
36.            bookscape by mama_teapot 
37.            bookshelf by kaynoh 
38.            bookshelflove by jessicabarrah 
39.            bookstackblack by stella12 
40.            bookstore cats border print by georgeandgracie 
41.            Books_3-Simon_Reeves by simon_reeves 
42.            Books_and_Bookworms by walkathon 
43.            book_stacks by nemethwild 
44.            Bunte_Buecher_HG_blau by milimari 
45.            Carried Away by droyal 
46.            Celebrate Books by scifiwritir 
47.            Children Reading by dancingwithfabric 
48.            clothbook by charlottehaas 
49.            Colours library by cassiopee 
50.            Comic Books by thirdhalfstudios 
51.            cookbook collection by jeannemcgee 
52.            dictionary page with birds on wire and bunting by katarina 
53.            endpapers by katherinecodega 
54.            EReader Appreciation by hugandkiss 
55.            eulen&lerchen_books by eulen&lerchen 
      Ever Enchanted by jbhorsewriter7 
57.            evoking emotions by preethiprabhuram 
58.            Feline Fiction by dianef 
59.            final_books by erytheia 
60.            Food for Thought by susanpolston 
61.            For the Love of Books Cushion/Bookbag kit by a_most_peculiar 
62.            Georgette Heyer hated puce (readable text in Fabric image) by su_g 
63.            getting lost in the stacks by sef 
64.            Goodnight Moon by emmacdesigns 
65.            Great Lines of Literature by ceanirminger 
66.            I write, you wrote, we should all have written! by verycherry 
67.            In the Library by kiwicuties 
68.            I_love_books by annelouise 
69.            Jane Austen bookplates Yellow by karenharveycox 
70.            july_0016_y by jodielee 
71.            Kids love books! by irrimiri 
72.            Library Cards of Literary Cities by mongiesama 
73.            Library Genre Stickers by pkfridley 
74.            LibraryDreams by patters 
75.            Lindisfarne Gospels by podaiboo 
76.            Literature by anderssonochbrunk 
77.            Love is an open book (red) by upcyclepatch 
78.            Love is in the air (and between the pages) an ode to Romance Novels by beesocks 
79.            mehndi_poem_fabric_art by slick 
80.            More, more books! by nekanen 
81.            Muses by kirpa 
82.            My Bookshelf by niceandfancy 
83.            My bookshelf by newmom 
84.            My Library by jabiroo 
85.            Natalie's Library by natitys 
86.            Ode to Penguin by kate_legge 
87.            Ode to the Keeper of the Books by modgeek 
88.            On the Shelf by leighr 
89.            Once Upon a Fairy – Around the World by shelleymade 
90.            Once Upon A Time by gg33 
91.            Once Upon a Time by audettesa 
92.            Pearls Of Wisdom by juliette289 
93.            Peter Pan by kociara 
94.            POP UP FairyTales ! by amália_lage 
95.            Press Here by jnifr 
96.            Pride & Prejudice (21 x18) by studiofibonacci 
97.            Pride &Prejudice by beaspoke 
98.            Quiet Time by kayajoy 
99.            Read me a story…. by designtrends 
100.            readers by dc_stomper 
101.            Reading and Writing by gsonge 
102.            Reading is for the Birds by muddyfoot 
103.            Reading on the subway 3 by twoboos 
104.            READING PARTY by bluevelvet 
105.            Reading Together by brandymiller 
106.            Reading Tree by nanetteregan 
107.            red-green book faerie elf in the woods by vinkeli 
108.            Required Reading by emilou 
109.            Restless readers by demouse 
110.            rilke by scharliem 
111.            Salon de Paris by paragonstudios 
112.            School Is In by faythe 
113.            Sci Fi Landscape Crescent Bay Small © Gingezel™ 2012 by gingezel 
114.            See life as books by fantazya 
115.            skew-whiff book stack by scrummy 
116.            Skip_Girly by kerawolf 
117.            Sky Apple by spellstone 
118.            stacks by vivpickles23 
119.            Stacks of Books by cynthiafrenette 
120.            Staxx by pennycandy 
121.            stories of stories by crowlands 
122.            Storybook Dreams by ninjaauntsdesigns 
123.            Tale_tellers by lien_geeroms 
124.            Text Tiles by bartlett&craft 
125.            The Art of Reading by mammajamma 
126.            The Complete Works of Shakespeare by marcojanedesigns 
127.            The Language Color Book mini plushie (Ready-to-Sew kit) – {pls zoom} by majo_bv 
128.            The Longest Story Ever Told by whimzwhirled 
129.            they are so pretty by meredithjean 
130.            Trees&Books by heavenly_lotus 
131.            Tumbling books and shelves by bonnie_phantasm 
132.            Typing3 by feebeedee 
133.            Under the covers by kriskross 
134.            We love reading by liina_koskaru 
135.            Weddings in Literature Fabric by crazyladysmall 
136.            Where's the Librarian When You Need Her? by susaninparis 
137.            Woodlands book labels by cjldesigns 
138.            words and roses by melissamelissa 
139.            WORDS OF INSPIRATION by joybells1953 
140.            Wuthering Heights ~ Emily Bronte In Fog by sarahwalden~peacoquettedesigns 
141.            YA Library Book Slips (please zoom for detail!) by nightgarden 
142.            ____books by sammyk 


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