2012 Spoonflower Staff Challenge Pt 14: Tattoo Knit Shirt On the High Seas

MAR 14, 2012

This is the fourteenth in a series of fifteen posts describing the projects that are part of our 2012 Spoonflower Staff Challenge. Voting begins tomorrow!

Turner’s Tattooed Tee

It’s hard to live up to what happened last year.  Seeing as how the strategy was successful then, Turner and I (Danielle) decided stick to what we know we are good at and what we love.  For Turner, it was his wicked modeling and idea-generation, and for me, hand-drawn images.

We opted to keep our project simple and shareable! Turner is modeling our raglan-style tee with thumb holes printed on Spoonflower’s organic cotton interlock knit. The shirt is an approximate men’s size medium, and can fit up to a 38-inch chest.  We have plans in the near future to offer more sizes down to the wee-est of folk.  The tattoo pattern wraps the body in a seamless set of great tattoos. 

While Turner and I are both tattoo-less, we have always secretly coveted some awesome skin art.  I have a serious love for sailor style tattoos, and Turner had some great ideas for what he’d like to see and where they should go.  The squid across the back?  All Turner’s idea.

All the artwork, just like a real tattoo, is drawn by hand with love and care.  Just in case you were wondering, you can spot other tattoo ideas from Turner as well.  Turner is a music major at one of the local universities and his music themed tattoos are integrated throughout. We’ll have sewing instructions added to our tee soon, followed by some additional sizes.

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