Spoonflower Staff’s Craft Smackdown: Introducing the 2012 Staff Challenge

MAR 15, 2012 updated May 30, 2016
Picnik collage

Our Staff Challenge turned into nothing short of a DIY-war, with the  Spoonflower office scattered with crazily ambitious, half-finished projects for weeks, and team members bleary-eyed from working on them until the wee hours. So it's a huge relief to have reached the final stage, in which we give all of the regular Spoonflower contest designers a break so that you all have a chance to vote for our work for a change. We hope voting is almost as fun as making these projects has been!  

Vote For Staff Challenge Projects

The fearless teams and projects in the challenge are:

  1. Danielle & Turner's Tattoo Knit Shirt 
  2. Darci & Tim's LED World Map
  3. Caitlin & Thomas's Framed Fabric Photos
  4. Gart & Allie's Streamlined Bicycle
  5. Anna & Jesse's Rocket Play Tent
  6. Chad & Melodie's Sofa-From-Scratch
  7. Kim & Jennifer's Reproduction Vintage Hankies
  8. Holly & Jake's Spoonflower QR Code Quilt
  9. Jaysen & Kelly W.'s Re-upholstered Heirloom Chair
  10. Kelly B. & Mary's Fabric Teepee
  11. Stephen B. & Lindy's Ocean Mobile
  12. Sarah & Adam's Upcycled Fabric Dresser
  13. Stephanie & Deron's Chevron Sofa
  14. Caroline & Janet's Yoga Knitwear
  15. Stephen & Beth's Giant Plush Unicorn

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  • You’ve nailed it Kelly!
    Oh my goodness, so hard to pick just one; they’re all great. I had to decide whether to vote for the one that was the most “Outside the box” or the one that was most useful to the average fabric buyer. And, although that narrowed the choices, it was still a tough decision.

  • Gah! how can you limit us to only one vote? These projects are so amazing and creative and diverse and wonderful, I might need to vote for all fifteen of them!
    oh, wait, I guess that’s why you had to limit us. Sheesh, this is hard. All of you did such amazing cool stuff, I’m totally inspired.
    And I’m baffled on how to vote…. some of them created the most beautiful fabric designs to buy (the yoga designs, the nautical upholstery patterns)… others are such great ideas that I want to try it myself (the fabric photos and hankies and recovered dresser)… and others are so brilliantly executed that there’s no way I could do it even if I had the same materials at hand (the bike-tent, the unicorn, the cardboard-frame sofa, the world map!)…. how to choose? Wonderful. This has been my favorite contest in a long time.
    Oh, and the blog entries were SO funny that I want to move to NC and camp outside your door waiting for the next job opening just so I can hang out with such fascinating, creative people! ;oD
    Good luck to all of you! Here’s hoping for a 15-way tie!