Classic and Modern Fabrics book giveaway and Victory patterns winner

MAR 7, 2012 updated Apr 26, 2021

ClassicAndModernFabricsBookDo you know what cranky check fabric is?  Ever heard of either monk's cloth or nun's veiling?  Would you like to read more about these and 600 other fabric types?  (Do you need proof that there really are 600+ fabric types?  Apparently there are!)  If you want to completely geek out on fabrics with a brand-new (and very heavy) copy of the just released Classic and Modern Fabrics, just comment on this post or on the corresponding Facebook post between now and next Tuesday, 3/13, and be sure to include your Spoonflower name so we can track you down easily.  Entries close at 7 pm EST on 3/13.  Good luck, fabric hounds!

Last week's winner of a Victory pattern and three yards of Spoonflower fabric to make it up in was Kathy McKim.  Congrats, Kathy!


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