Announcing the top 10 fabrics from the Urban Sightings Contest

MAR 29, 2012 updated May 30, 2016
The top ten fabrics from this week's contest are headed for an exhibit at the Textile Center in Minneapolis, where jurors will select their favorite for a grand prize. The people's choice in our voting was Canadian designer Cynthia Frenette's "Take the Detour Route," but all of the top ten offer terrific spins on the contest theme, which centered on the transformation of an urban neighborhood using selected photos as inspiration. 

Check Out the Top 10 Urban Sightings Fabrics

Keeping in mind that this contest consisted of a juried group of designs to begin with and that the top prize is actually going to be selected by judges from the Textile Center, the top ten designers are:

  1. Take the detour route by cynthiafrenette
  2. Arc by spellstone
  3. Texas Modern Crop Squares Coral by jacinda
  4. Follow the Urban Brick Road by sarahwalden~peacoquettedesigns
  5. St_Augustine_Urban_Sightings_ by catail_designs
  6. King o' Pork by boris_thumbkin
  7. No barking by lien_geeroms
  8. City Sightings by gracedesign
  9. Brick by Brick by katieschrader
  10. Urban Meanderings by glimmericks

The remaining entrants are also to be congratulated:

11.  Urban stripes by demigoutte 
12. Abandoned Tangle Town (We all take the light rail now!) by sew-me-a-garden 
13. DELINEATION by scrummy 
14.  cones descending a staircase by ottomanbrim 
15. Spoonflower_contest_urbansightings_AnneLouiseLaugesen by annelouise 
16. Another brick in the pavement by cassiopee 
17. park the bike and go for a walk by katarina 
18. Submission for Urban Sightings by lijlijlijntje 
19.  NO PARKING by robyriker 
20. Traffic and Triangles by gsonge 
21. Imagine Beauty All Around by gg33 
22. Urban Scallop by labrattish 
23.  urban-girl by tessiegirldesigns 
24. Cones on Drying Concrete by margotten 
25. road_curves by wiccked 
26.  neon city by sarah_joseph 
27.  Urban Sightings Stripes by mongiesama 
28.  Mon_night by mniigeat 
29.  Under construction by gergana_mollova 
30. Urban Euphoria by natbrynkids 
31. Traffic Patterns by susanpolston 
32.  Knitcycle Hits the Bricks by mammajamma 
33.  Under Construction by animotaxis 
34.  Urban Daffodils by a_most_peculiar 
35.  bike_yarn by rokinronda 
36. follow_the_yellow_brick_road by topfrog56 
37.  Beauty in Everything by lina_lissner 
38.  Urban Impressions by audettesa 
39.  Under construction urban spot by fantazya 
41. snakeroad by karmacranes 
42.  textilecentrebiketile_edited-1 by frances"fancy_felter" 
43.  5-TxtCtr_Urban_Stgs_1_IMG_3113T20120314103115-001 by manywoman 
44.  1057410_rrrrrrrrrrrrrsp-tex2 by dragonfly2356 
45.  Caution_No_Parking by betsypreston 

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