Jellyfish Fabrics As Far As the Eye Can See

FEB 16, 2012 updated May 30, 2016
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Despite the risk of wearing you out with ocean motifs, our contest theme this week is a tribute to the sea creature most of us love to look at but hate to bump into: the jellyfish. Can’t you see these prints going over well on a pair of boxer shorts? 

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The participants this week are:

1. 120209_06 by lovelyrinah
2. Agua Viva by kirpa
3. alphabet jellies in red by thatrossiart
4. amazing jellies by paragonstudios
5. Angelly Delight by appletree
6. anumanuva_curious_light_483 by anumanuva
7. Arnold in Love – Rasperries & Buttercream by giddystuff
8. Aztec Jellyfish by forest&sea
9. Azure Jellyfish Seas by tmthompson
10. backfloat by jellybeanquilter

11. Bath, England 1894 by emamont
12. Batik Jellies by violet’s_pet_spider
13. Beached Cotton by dianne_annelli
14. Black Jack by spellstone
15. blooming jellies by scrummy
16. Blue Jellies by upcyclepatch
17. blue jelly by mideva
18. bluejelly by cozybarn
19. blue_sea-lights by suziwollman
20. Boston Aquarium Jellyfish by s3psych
21. Box Jellyfish by ravenous
22. chipmanc_jellyfish_pattern by chance_815
23. cia by shhkiara
24. clash_of_the_jellyfish by ohner
25. Cloudy jellyfishes by petitspixels
26. curried jellyfish by georgeandgracie
27. Cute Critters by willow_and_elm
28. dance_of_the_sugar_plum_jellies by topfrog56
29. dancing jellyfish by spiringsdesigns
30. Dangerous Beauty by modgeek
31. dark_grey_jelly_design by energypattern
32. Deceptive Beauty by kayajoy
33. Diamond Jelly by 2reneevk
34. Disco Jellyfish by eclectic_house
35. Doodled Jellyfish by golders
36. do_u_think_u_r_ready_for_that_jelly by tscho
37. Electric Friends by leighr
38. Embroidered Jellyfish by owlandchickadee
39. eulen&lerchen_jellyfish#2 by eulen&lerchen
40. fabric_sample_2 by dlo43
41. FAIRY JELLY by kociara
42. fat_jellyfish_of_the_deep_blue by ruthless_art
43. floating jellyfish by jeannemcgee
44. for_spoonflower by j_l_whitham_illustrations
45. Freestyle Floaters: Purple by sammyk
46. gd_kennedym_jellyfishrepeat by masonkennedy
47. GeoJelly4 by ghennah
48. Ghostly Jellyfish by quiltsmith
49. Glow Jellies Glow! by vo_aka_virginiao
50. Gooey the XVI and Marie Antoinettle by ceanirminger
51. Green Seaweed by oksancia
52. happy little jellies by fox&lark
53. Hay guys, what’s up? by visionarysky
54. Hot Jellies by melissamarie
55. Jellicle Jellies by mongiesama
56. Jellie Bloom by illustrative_images
57. Jellies by kdl
58. Jellies by thirdhalfstudios
59. Jellies by jadegordon
60. jellies from above by doodleandhoob
61. jellies ikat by janelle_wooten
62. jellies_5 by samisen
63. jelly by stella12
64. jelly by lkglioness
65. jelly & pink by studiojelien
66. jelly blup blup by mariao
67. jelly circle by atomic_bloom
68. Jelly fish doodle by alexsan
69. Jelly Fish in a Soda Sea by shelleymade
70. Jelly Fish on Blue by retrofiedshop
71. Jelly Fish Party by missasher
72. Jelly Fish Splatters by juniper464
73. jelly fish with bubbles by raasma
74. Jelly Jubilee by wddesign
75. Jelly Much? by labrattish
76. Jelly Nouveau by alan_defibaugh
77. Jelly Party by blboutique
78. Jelly Pirates Pale Blue by teja_jamilla
79. Jelly rally by demouse
80. jelly(fish) labyrinth by annosch
81. jelly2 by jmc
82. jellybelly (corncob) by mysweetopaldee
83. Jellybelly fish by amel24
84. jellyblue by lilliblomma
85. Jellyfish by sclues
86. Jellyfish by amyfishoz
87. jellyfish by joybea
88. Jellyfish by mammajamma
89. Jellyfish by adrianne1
90. jellyfish by samantha_weyant
91. Jellyfish by snigne
92. jellyfish by charlotteandstewart
93. jellyfish by annanini
94. jellyfish by lerhyan
95. jellyfish by vivpickles23
96. JellyFish by positiv

97. Jellyfish by mag-o
98. jellyfish by lique
99. jellyfish by lina_lissner
100. jellyfish by annabe11e
101. jellyfish by pénélopette
102. Jellyfish by sorensen
103. Jellyfish by countrygarden
104. jellyfish by pernille_voss
105. jellyfish by theposhvagabond
106. Jellyfish by siya
107. Jellyfish by emilykathleen
108. jellyfish by qweenbeee
109. Jellyfish by scoutmom131
110. Jellyfish (sm_stripe_kal_blue-green_1) by elarnia
111. Jellyfish 2, L by animotaxis
112. jellyfish 4g by sef
113. Jellyfish Balloon Parade | Rainbow by irrimiri
114. Jellyfish Bloom by creative_octopus
115. jellyfish buddies by planetpatricia
116. Jellyfish Circus by gracedesign
117. jellyfish dance by fabgirl42
118. Jellyfish drift by needlebook
119. jellyfish fairies by klarabelle
120. Jellyfish Fanatic by gsonge
121. Jellyfish Fantasy by lauriebaars
122. Jellyfish Floral by brandymiller
123. jellyfish garden by carcamella
124. Jellyfish Geometry by kirstyn_cogan
125. Jellyfish in Bubbles by donnamarie
126. Jellyfish in the Coral Sea by oddlyolive
127. Jellyfish Invasion by ninjaauntsdesigns
128. Jellyfish Jiggle by meredithjean
129. Jellyfish Kids by dianef
130. jellyfish kite by meaganmeow
131. Jellyfish Lake, Palau (The only place in the world you can swim with jellyfish) by lusyspoon
132. jellyfish light by feathertree
133. jellyfish lightscape by rubydoor
134. Jellyfish love paisley by coggon
135. Jellyfish of the Deep Deep Blue by rokinronda
136. Jellyfish Purple Days by imhere
137. Jellyfish Row by whimzwhirled
138. jellyfish stripes color by susan_swedien
139. Jellyfish Swarm by jabiroo
140. Jellyfish Valentines (border) by majo_bv
141. jellyfish-bubbles by wren_leyland
142. jellyfish-dark grey and yellows by madamsalami
143. Jellyfish-Méduses by cassiopee
144. Jellyfish.  by yaskii
145. jellyfish2 by whimsy_design21
146. jellyfish2 by jullietm
147. jellyfishes by katarina
148. JellyFishInvasion by grannynan
149. jellyfishmen by ayeone
150. JellyFish_ by walkathon
151. jellyfish_and_friends by nncw12
152. Jellyfish_and_Plankton by roarin’_betty
153. Jellyfish_Fabric_tri_colour_copy by jacqueline_wilson
154. Jellyfish_Forest by treesnflowers
155. jellyfish_fun by maziza
156. jellyfish_III by golden_xylem
157. Jellyfish_jpg_effect_1_29_2012 by compugraphd
158. Jellyfish_Jungle by jackiehaltom
159. Jellyfish_Pattern by jesstyrrell
160. Jellys by ferntreestudio
161. JellyTron by sandmstudio_com
162. jelly_01 by kmaggiolino
163. jelly_dance_dark by frelard_wye
164. jelly_fish by alfabesi
165. Jelly_Fish-ed by crabby
166. jelly_fish_final_1 by pic
167. Jelly_love_fabric by daniellela_valle
168. jelly_party by betsybeans
169. jelly_stripe_small by nimiane
170. jelly_sub_marine by mrshervi
171. Jennie’s Jellyfish by sue-land
172. jetset jellyfish by fantazya
173. Jiving Jellies by robyriker
174. Jolly Jelly by villa_figura
175. jskirving_NEWpattern by jakeskirving
176. Jumpin’ Jellyfish by cjldesigns
177. jumping jelly fish by bratenellamail
178. LaraGeorgine_Jellyfish by larageorgine
179. Lime_Flavour_Fins by moobug
Little Jellyfish by melisza

181. Lluvia de Medusas – Jellyfish Rain by dna2011
182. Lost Jellyfish by jenniferdenty
183. Love & Jellyfish by farrellart
184. Lovely Jellies by kourtney_sapp
185. Martsjellyfish by doreen_marts
186. Mathematical Jellyfish by misssmanda
187. meanwhile_in_the_deep_blue_sea by alexandra_pillaert-fabric_fairy
188. Medúzy by meduzy
189. Medusa Jellies on cream by wiccked
190. medusillas by latere
191. Moon_Jellyfish by niceandfancy
192. my hands at the bottom of the sea by baileyboo
193. Neon Jellyfish Nights by vloomthong
194. palomas_jelly_fish_garden by paloma_le_sage_fabrics
195. pastel_hav-ed by eemanuelsson
196. Pattern_jellyfish_final by bforme11
197. Peace_Love_Jellyfish by pink-lollipops
198. Peanut Butter & Jellyfish Sandwiches! by mayene
199. Peanut butter and jelly fish by theboerwar
200. peanut butter and jellyfish by surlybirdstudio
201. Peanut Butter and Jellyfish by retro_rudolph’s
202. Rainbow Jellfishies by erinibbertson
203. Refuge {sea of jellyfish tentacles} by ttoz
204. regina_milicia_jellyfish_craze by rmm920
205. Rising Up by glimmericks
206. RMT-Jellyfish by rennata
207. Roaring Jellyfish by tinag
208. royal_jelly2 by paintingbliss
209. Rush Hour by jennartdesigns
210. rutherfordk_jellyfish by rustyford
211. SEA JELLY by bluevelvet
212. Sea_Flowers by kimnb
213. Sparkling Jellies by demigoutte
214. Sparkling jellyfish by silviana
215. Squids by loki_and_lamb
216. Sunny Day Jellyfish by susanpolston
217. swirly_green by laurenbakke
218. Synchronized Swimming by oneeyedmarta
219. tangled tentacles by walsh|studio
220. TossedJellies by g_s_
221. traveling jellyfish by emilykguise
222. Underwater by the_collectionist
223. Underwater Adventure by beebumble
224. Underwater Magic – Aqua by beth_snow
225. Underwater Menagerie Jellyfish by jubilli
226. Untitled by podaiboo
227. Waltzing Jellyfish by robin_rice
228. Where’s Jelldo ? by wantit
229. wirthj_jellyfishes by jesdenice

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