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FEB 23, 2012 updated Aug 20, 2018


Vote for your favorite bicycle fabrics

Moving from the ocean to land (in a string of contest themes that is starting to look suspiciously like a fabric triathlon), this week's contest theme is bicycles. Father's Day is still a ways off, I know, but I can tell you right now that a tie made from an appropriately small bicycle print would be an outstanding present!

Vote For Bicycle Fabrics

The participants this week are:

1. "B is for…Bicycles" (Pink Version) by jubilli
  2. 2_wheelers by circlealine
4. A Bike with a Heart of Gold by thatrossiart
5. A Blooming Twirly Ride by vo_aka_virginiao
6. a perfect day by scrummy
7. A Spring Ride by kdl
8. Alice_Nicol-_Spoonflower by alice_nicol_designs
9. All You Need For Speed by tscho
10. An Ode to My Bike by my_zoetrope

11. Animals on Bikes by rheablah
12. ANTIQUE BICYCLE by bluevelvet
13. Apple Of My Eye Bicycle print by scoutmom131
14. aquabicycle by rachaelanndesign
15. As I Ride by jeannemcgee
16. Baby Bicycle Rose by spellstone
17. Bears_on_Bicycles by angela_e
18. bicisybigotes by latere
19. Bicycle by blue_jacaranda
20. bicycle by moobug
21. bicycle by tamnoona
22. Bicycle Bell Flowers by inscribed_here
23. Bicycle Built For Two (Small) by pohutukawa
24. Bicycle garden art by cjldesigns
25. bicycle green by 2reneevk
26. Bicycle Love by aep209
27. bicycle love by lauralazin
28. Bicycle Love – sunshine by kayajoy
29. bicycle mess by pernille_voss
30. bicycle on the way by raasma
31. bicycle or grapefruit ? vélo ou pamplemousse ? by cassiopee
32. Bicycle parts – 3 color – 42 inch repeat (click on "yard" then on "fat quarter" if screen comes up white by victorialasher
33. bicycle race by avelis
34. bicycle silhouettes by spiringsdesigns
35. bicycle toff by onegreyelephant
36. Bicycle Under The Tree by melisza
37. bicycle wheels by jenr8
38. Bicycle Wheels Floral by meg56003
39. Bicycle2_gif_2_5_2012 by compugraphd
40. bicyclerain by lerhyan
41. bicycles by carcamella
42. Bicycles by amyfishoz
43. Bicycles by alexsan
44. Bicycles and Wheels by rcmdesigns
45. Bicycles in the Park by lauriebaars
46. Bicycles of yesteryear by salzanos
47. bicycles on chevrons by fantazya
48. BIcycles, Ball Bearings, Gears, Fringe and Horn by lizarti
49. bicycle_built_for_two by nncw12
50. Bicycle_fabric_design by urbandesigns13
51. bicycle_flowers_1 by erika_ees
52. Bicycle_Polka by mrshervi
53. bicylces by courtney_morgenstern
54. Bicylcles by saenzdesign
55. Big Wheel, Scooter and Lil’ Champ by deeniespoonflower
56. bike by wiccked
57. Bike by ljlh-designs
58. Bike and wheel pattern. by graphicdoodles
59. Bike Boy by tomatojam
60. Bike cats by krikany
61. bike every mountain by emuattacks
62. bike lane – yellow by cholton
63. Bike Parking by dancingwithfabric
64. bike scape by sheli
65. Bike Tread Nearly Chevron! by shelleymade
66. Bikeadelic Blues by ourdailythread
67. Bikers_for_Scarf by margotten
68. bikes and love by policunha
69. Bikes everywhere! by samdelafuente
70. bikes up & down_yellow&grey by jumping_birds
71. Bikes, bikes, and more bikes! by leora_the_sane
72. bikes-02 by ee_designs
73. bike_03 by kmaggiolino
74. bike_love by p_kok
75. bike_swap by betsybeans
76. Biking_at_Night2 by lina_lissner
77. Birdie Bike Race by taragreen
78. blue bicycles by annaboo
79. blue thread bikes by wednesday'sgirl
80. Boy on Tricycle (3 color version) by edsel2084
81. Breakfast Bikes by mayene
82. bunnybicyclebaby_YEAH by leolietje
83. cargo bike with coffee on chai by georgeandgracie
84. Carrot Errand by susanpolston
85. Chain Reaction by donna_kallner
86. ChainWildElectrix by ghennah
87. Chick_s_Bike_ by catail_designs
88. Circus Bicycles by pennycandy
89. Circus Cycle by raebekah
90. City Bikes by gracedesign
91. City Bikes by jenimp
92. Classic Bike by malien00
93. Crocodiles on Vintage Bicycles – Limited palette (3 colours) by madex
94. cycled by scharliem
95. cycle_love by theboutiquestudio
96. despite the rain by johanna_design
97. Dia de los Bicicletas by leighr
98. dictionary bicycle by katarina
99. Dreaming of an old bike… by bluesound
100. dutch bicycles by studiojelien
101. Elebike by niseemade
102. Fahrrad_001 by rosemarie
103. Filling my Flower Basket with Roses by rubydoor
104. Flashy Chain Guards by kriskross
105. Flight_of_the_Bicycles_ by paloma_le_sage_fabrics
106. Flower Basket Bike by countrygarden
107. for_spoonflower3 by j_l_whitham_illustrations
108. French bicycles by janelle_wooten
109. French Retro Bike by pic
110. Gotcha Coming and Going by whimzwhirled
111. Green bicycles by nekanen
112. Green Flower Power by twobloom
113. Heavenly Cruisers (Bike Heaven) by deesignor
114. Here and There, Near and Far, This Way or That by gsonge
115. I Know You Are But What Am I? by alan_defibaugh
116. I Want To Ride (3 color) by kiwicuties
117. I Want To Ride My Bicycle – Stripe by woodle_doo
118. I want to ride my bicycle… by glimmericks
119. It's Wheel Love by owlandchickadee
120. Joy Ride by oddlyolive
121. Joyride by stomper
122. Kids_race_-_orange by alexandra_pillaert-fabric_fairy
123. kokopelli_bike by nickmcmom
124. LaraGeorgine_Bicycles_3_color by larageorgine
125. Les Bicyclettes by mammajamma
126. les bicyclettes partout by art_deco
127. les oiseaux et une bicyclette by fox&lark
128. Light Cycles by mongiesama
129. Little Blue Bicycle by auki
130. Look Ma, no hands by karenharveycox
131. Look Ma, No Hands by coloroncloth
132. lovebike by lilliblomma
133. mangled bicycles by walsh|studio
134. Me and Minnie May by addilou
135. Meow-Purr-LetRide by paintingbliss
136. mint bicycles by biancat
137. multi bikes – turquoise by littlemissquarter
138. my_heart_spins_round_and_ting_tings by podaiboo
139. NeonBike by grannynan
140. new_bike by ottomanbrim
141. Olde Timey Cycles by robyriker
142. On Two Wheels by illustrative_images
143. Ouch! Outbreak of Bike Accidents by susaninparis
144. Pan-Tandem Bike Ride by ceanirminger
145. paraiso bike by blueclouds
146. Paris poodle by needlebook
147. Pedal Pooches by sammyk
148. Pedal-Driven Play by dianef
149. Penny Farthing & Vintage Transport by torimclean
150. penny farthing 2 by sclues
151. Penny Farthing red by melissamelissa
152. Penny-Farthing Up & Down by dna2011
153. pin-up with balloons by kociara
154. pinkbikes by hannafate
155. Pink_Bike_Design by ninjaauntsdesigns
156. playful bike by silviana
157. Pretty Pink Cruiser by jumping_monkeys
158. Prisoner by thirdhalfstudios
159. Pyjama Blue Bicycles by meredithjean
160. Race by suma
161. Red Panda's Day Out! by jenniferdenty
162. red racers by chelsgus
163. Retro Bicycle Love (Green) – by ebygomm by upcyclepatch
164. Retro Bicycles by willow_and_elm
165. Retro Bike Lovin' by etvisloc
166. Ride by planetpatricia
167. Ride a Bike by andibird
168. Ride a bike V2 in mint by me-udesign
169. Ride Dan, Ride by bulldogsandbabies
170. Ride On! by leanne
171. Riding Through the Watermelon Patch by mag-o
172. Saturday by fable_design
173. Simple Bicycles Green by modgeek
174. Sir Owlfred by laughingowldesign
175. slightly shifted by annosch
176. Spring cycles by demigoutte
177. SPROCKETS4 by sophie_buttons
178. Steampunk Pets in Taupe and Blue Gray by muddyfoot
179. The Epic Race: Turtle vs Hare by crissyrose
180. the wheels on the bike … by sef
181. Then and Now by fabricflavours
182. thePack by moon_child
183. ThisBikeIsJustRight_Aqua by violet's_pet_spider
184. Timeline of the Bicycle by mattmanson
185. To Market by jennartdesigns
186. Tour_de_France by adèle_de_la_cigogne
187. To_the_other_Sun by kirpa
188. UMBELAS TRACK 4 by umbelas
189. unabici-ch by saintmaker
190. Updated Flight (Bicycles and Bones) by quiltsmith
191. Velodromatique by zoebrench
192. Vintage bicycles by martinaness
193. Vintage Bicycles by pachichan
194. vintage bikes by babysisterrae
195. Vive Le Tour de France! by zesti
196. We Bought Some Flowers by villa_figura
197. Wheely sweet by a_most_peculiar
198. White Bike 1 L by animotaxis
199. Wonky Wheels by ravenous
200. Yellow Brick Bike by shornickel
201. Kitties on Bicycles * by tuppencehapenny

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