Craftsy class giveaway and WhimseyBox winner

FEB 22, 2012 updated May 30, 2016

CraftsyLogoDoes the least little hint of spring weather make you start daydreaming about sewing pretty cotton dresses?  It sure turns my mind that way.  I think I’ve spent all my spare seconds for the past week mentally matching up pretty fabrics with dress patterns I’ve spotted.  Like MelissaMelissa’s roses with this Vintage Vogue dress.  Or StephanieA’s Prairie Flowers as this classic shirtwaist dress.  I spent the weekend carefully picking apart and tracing a 1940’s era rayon dress that had seen much better days so that I could recreate it in a Spoonflower fabric. Maybe in DanielleB’s white Summer Floral, or Demigoutte’s Ditsy Kites, or Monda’s Itsy Bitsy Ditsy (4).  Did I say daydreaming?  Perhaps it’s a bit of an obsession.

Sadly, this obsession of mine has not so far translated into awesome garment fitting skills.  Yet.  But I’m working on it!  In fact, I just found out that one of my very favorite retro dress sewists, Gretchen Hirsch from Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing, is offering a class on Craftsy on sewing the perfect bombshell dress.  Woo-hoo! 

Care to join me in a little dress obsessing?  This week, we’re giving away a chance to win admission into this online class or, if dress-making is not your thing, into any other quilting or sewing class on Craftsy.  Craftsy classes are taught by people who really know their stuff and best of all, the class never expires.  You can take it whenever you want and as often as you want!

To enter this drawing, just leave your comment on this blog post or the corresponding Facebook post. Include your Spoonflower screen name so we can track you down easily, and let us know which class you’re interested in.  Good luck and happy pre-spring sewing, y’all!

Last week’s winner of the 6-month subscription to WhimseyBox was Berene Campbell of HappySewLucky, and I know she’ll make good use of it. Congratulations, Berene!

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