2011 In Review: Top Ten Fabric Design Contests of the Year

JAN 2, 2012 updated Apr 26, 2021

As we here at Spoonflower head into the new year with a spring in our steps, we've decided to spend a little bit of time gazing into the rearview mirror at some of the memorable fabric-related statistics from 2011. It's been a great year for our little startup (which isn't nearly as little as it used to be) and an even better year for fabric design!

Screen Shot 2012-01-02 at 4.46.19 PMCheck out our board on Pinterest for visuals on all the great fabrics listed below

Top 10 Fabric of the Week Contest Winning Designs

As regular readers know, Spoonflower holds a weekly fabric design contest. Below are the top ten winners from the 2011 contests based on the percentages they earned of the overall vote total in each contest.

1. Festive Forest Tree Decorating – Advent Calendar by kayajoy from our Advent Calendar contest at the end of November.

2. Bowling is Fun for Everyone by jennartdesigns from our Bowling contest in early September.

3. Queeny Brass by daniellerenee from our Spoonflower staff contest at the beginning of February.

4. Crayon Garden by beebumble from our June contest to design an 18" cloth napkin pattern using only crayons.

5. Sure and Begorrah, it's leprechaun laundry day by vo_aka_virginiao from our Leprechaun contest in March.

6. To the Circus!!! by bora from our contest to create a cut & sew pattern for a cloth baby book in December.

7. Teach Your Children Well: A Toile for Tots by sammyk from our (memorable) challenge to draw a toile inspired by the Civil Rights movement last January.

8. Little red riding hood by ninacuneo from the Folk tale fabric contest in May.

9. jingledecorations by sonny&bee from the Bell contest we just finished up last week.

10. Mariposa Magnifico by sammyk from the Lucha Libre mask contest in October (note that SammyK is the only designer to end op on this list twice!)

Top 10 Fabric of the Week Contests of 2011

We thought we'd also add the top ten contests based on the total number of people who voted in each one. In some cases the number of voters is an indication of the grooviness of the theme itself, but in some cases it's also a byproduct of our general site popularity on any given week. The top ten fabric contests this year were:

  1. Project Selvage: Final Round, 5/4/11 
  2. Alphabet, 4/20/11
  3. Breakfast, 3/2/11
  4. Kids' Contest, 6/29/11 (open to kids 12 and under only)
  5. Leprechauns, 3/16/11 
  6. Maps, 3/30/11 
  7. Plushie Pattern,  8/31/11 
  8. Folk Tales, 5/25/11 
  9. Rain, 4/13/11 
  10. Ice Cream, 5/18/11 

Happy New Year, everyone! We'll post a few 2011 top ten lists more lists this week, so stay tuned.

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