Year In Review: Top 10 Indie Fabric Designers & Top 50 Fabric Designs of 2011

JAN 3, 2012 updated Apr 26, 2021

Top Ten Indie Fabric Designers of 2011

top indie fabric designers of 2011
Continuing with the year-end reflections we began with yesterday's post, today we'd like to present the top ten indie fabric designers in the Spoonflower marketplace for 2011. They are:

1. holli_zollinger - Holli Zollinger is an artist and designer whose deceptively simple designs simply work for all kinds of projects. The Spoonflower office is full of her work!

2. studiofibonacci - Part-time designer and "life-long geek" Studio Fibonacci always seems to have her finger on the pulse of the subcultures that thrive on the Internet.

3. heatherross - Heather Ross is a bit of a celebrity, having written a popular sewing book as well as produced bestselling fabric designs and illustrations for a number of well-known companies. While she doesn't have any fabric available at the moment on Spoonflower, now and then she'll offer limited edition versions of her fabric designs, which are always hot-sellers!

4. heatherdutton - Heather Dutton Hang Tight Studio does amazing, colorful work from a lime green studion in Maine.

5. ceanirminger - Another perennial favorite in our Fabric of the Week contests, Cean Irminger spends her days designing mosaics and her evenings devising lovely, distinctive fabric designs.

6. domesticate - Andrea Whalen of Marysville, Ohio, is an interior design-lover and fan of "natural glam."

7. bora - Dutch illustrator Deborah van de Leijgraaf is one of our favorites, and she's won more Fabric of the Week contests than I can count at this point. Find her on her blog!  

8. pattysloniger - You may remember Patty Sloniger as the winner of the Project Selvage contest we put together with Michael Miller Fabrics. Her new fabric collections for MMF will be available in quilt shops this year!

9. cynthiafrenette - Our favorite designer from British Columbia, Canada, who was also a finalist in the Project Selvage contest last spring.

10. thebline - Amy, of the B-Line, teaches chemistry by day and makes fabulous things by night.

Although all the thumbnails are broken on the post, it's fun to compare this year's list to a similar list we put together a year ago for the top indie designers of 2010.

Top Fifty Indie Fabric Designs

Before you ask, let us follow up the first list with an answer to the natural corollary question: "What were the most popular individual fabric designs on Spoonflower in 2011?" In order to dig a little deeper into all the amazing original designs on the site, on this list we're offering the top 50. (note that the images should all act as links. The top-selling fabrics on Spoonflower in 2011 were:

1. Madman in a Blue Box Madman in a Blue Box fabric by studiofibonacci

2. Spoonflower Color Map Spoonflower Color Map fabric by spoonflower [doesn't really count but we left it in anyway]

3. playhorsespink2 playhorsespink2 fabric by heatherross

4. (Small) Eleven Traveling Doctors and Blue Phone Boxes (Small) Eleven Traveling Doctors and Blue Phone Boxes fabric by greencouchstudio

5. chevrons chevrons fabric by holli_zollinger

6. (Large) Eleven Traveling Doctors and Blue Phone Boxes (Large) Eleven Traveling Doctors and Blue Phone Boxes fabric by greencouchstudio

7. Mock Pacman 2.0 Mock Pacman 2.0 fabric by pixeldust

8. playhorsespink playhorsespink fabric by heatherross [not currently for sale]

9. cricketfabric cricketfabric fabric by heatherross [not currently for sale]

10. Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, Feorlen, and Bacon Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, Feorlen, and Bacon fabric by vo_aka_virginiao

11. equations and equations equations and equations fabric by primenumbergirl

12. T.A.R.D.I.S. T.A.R.D.I.S. fabric by theunicornandthewasp

13. 2012 Tea Towel Calendar Tea Towel Calendar fabric by pennycandy

14. mustache gallery mustache gallery fabric by avelis

15. Political Dalek Political Dalek fabric by studiofibonacci

16. Ro-co-co and a Bottle of Rum Ro-co-co and a Bottle of Rum fabric by ceanirminger

17. Kawaii Kitchen - plushie toy set Kawaii Kitchen – plushie toy set fabric by bora

18. Tetris Border Print Tetris Border Print fabric by chronicallyuncool (also appeared in last year's top 10)

19. Owls, in Blue - In The Land of Boys Owls, in Blue – In The Land of Boys fabric by aimeemarie

20. Owl Be Darned! Apron Pattern Owl Be Darned! Apron Pattern fabric by ceanirminger (also appeared in last year's top 10)

21. Clockwork Collage Clockwork Collage fabric by ophelia

22. multi_owls_-_white_background multi_owls_-_white_background fabric by petunias

23. birdhouse birdhouse fabric by troismiettes

24. Vines Vines fabric by lydia_meiying

25. Summer Rose Garden Summer Rose Garden fabric by pattysloniger

26. Doctors, Monsters, and Friends Doctors, Monsters, and Friends fabric by studiofibonacci

27. 42" Practical Full-Range Color Chart ©2011 by Jane Walker Practical Full-Range Color Chart ©2011 by Jane Walker fabric by artbyjanewalker

28. birds & berries tea towel calendar 2012 birds & berries tea towel calendar 2012 fabric by lisaekström

29. Moon Rabbit (see yard view for full image) Moon Rabbit (see yard view for full image) fabric by ceanirminger

30. Blue Nebula #1 Blue Nebula #1 fabric by corseceng

31. Wild Flowers Pink Wild Flowers Pink fabric by heatherross

32. seakelptrim seakelptrim fabric by alison_and_bear

33. mad science mad science fabric by avelis

34. Night Owl Night Owl fabric by leanne

35. Power Paisley Power Paisley fabric by heatherdutton

36. tree_hearts tree_hearts fabric by holli_zollinger

37. kelpdrapery kelpdrapery fabric by alison_and_bear

38. Woodland Woodland fabric by lydia_meiying

39. FOX TAILS FOX TAILS fabric by petunias

40. Shining, burning, bursting through - the stars! Shining, burning, bursting through – the stars! fabric by studiofibonacci

41. Navy Chevron Navy Chevron fabric by mgterry


43. plus_one_linen_yellow plus_one_linen_yellow fabric by holli_zollinger

44. Rockets 'n Robots Rockets 'n Robots fabric by leanne

45. Owl Tree Tea Towel 2012 Calendar - Extra Coasters for Linen-Cotton Canvas width (hit zoom) Owl Tree Tea Towel 2012 Calendar – Extra Coasters for Linen-Cotton Canvas width (hit zoom) fabric by ttoz

46. Busses Pink  Busses Pink fabric by heatherross

47. nuns on grey nuns on grey fabric by heidikenney

48. Obscure Animals Alphabet Obscure Animals Alphabet fabric by maile

49. cherry cherry fabric by troismiettes

50. Stained Glass Rose Windows Stained Glass Rose Windows fabric by sammyk

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  • I know this is an old discussion sorry– but D’s question brings me to ask the ‘somewhat different question.’ Dr. Who is a copyrighted franchise and the TARDIS is BBCs copyrighted intellectual property and Tetris and Pacman are copyrighted as well. Usually you need an art license or copyright permission to sell images of someone else’s concept even if you created the images yourself. How does that work? Are we allowed to do that?

  • Holy cow! I hardly know what to say – thank you Spoonflower and everybody here whose talents are so outstanding. We are really honored to be on this list. As a side note I have hesitated putting a Dr. Who fabric out there because I thought it would be way too nerdy of me… apparently I can feel free to let that flag fly!

  • Yippee! I’m so excited I can’t sleep! Thank you so much SF for posting this list, for the super nice write up and for the opportunity to make it onto a list like this at all! Congrats to all of the stellar designers mentioned and I can’t wait to get the 2012 fabric fun started!

  • Woohoo! Thank you so much- I am so honoured and humbled to be in such a talented bunch of designers! here’s to a great 2012!

  • D, if you have questions about the originality of a designer's artwork, the most civilized approach is probably to email her directly to ask about it before making any assumptions. But since you're posting here, I will note that as far as we know all of StudioFibonacci's artwork is completely original. She is in many cases creating artwork inspired by fictional characters created by others, which is a somewhat different question.

  • Sorry to be a jerk. But isn’t the number 2 fabric designer putting famous artists works onto fabric?!? How is that allowed.