Taking Fabric to the Streets

JAN 26, 2012 updated May 30, 2016


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We asked designers in this week's contest to create fabrics inspired by graffiti (or street art, if you prefer). The results are enough to make you to want to reupholster an entire subway car.


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This week's participating designs and designers:

1. 544_-_Copy by jgmfaux
2. A GRAFFITI LOVE LETTER by karenharveycox
3. A Tribute by vo_aka_virginiao
4. ABC…street by cassiopee
5. Animal graffiti by alexsan
6. arabor by joancaronil
7. Arrow Graffiti by franny711
8. Art Thou Mine? By Rhonda W. © 2012 by rhondadesigns
9. a_round__the__corner_color by leolietje
10. Bad Wolf Street Art – fabric images show closeups by laurels

11. Barcelona Graffiti by twoboos
12. Beautiful Graffiti by joannaolson
13. Biohazard by discodog01
14. bluestreet by lilliblomma
15. Breathe by bluehighways
16. Brick Lane Collage by teja_jamilla
17. brick-itti by koko_chica
18. button graffiti by scrummy
19. Circle of A's by lauriebaars
20. City Block by spellstone
21. cityscape9 by lerhyan
22. Commie Bunny Graffiti by ninjaauntsdesigns
23. ConcreteArt by mrshervi
24. Coney_Island_Boardwalk_Graffiti by tiwafll
25. Craft Tags by leighr
26. Doodle Spiral Swirlygigs in Dark Blue by fentonslee
27. Doodle_on_wall by rosalie409
28. Dragon Graffiti, L by animotaxis
29. Drawings on the Wall by illustrative_images
30. Dream Big by jabiroo
31. dude42 by glimmericks
32. Each_End_of_Ceredigion by moobug
33. exotic by kushma
34. eye detail 1 by powerwolf
35. Fairies Rule by upcyclepatch
36. Faux is Me by susaninparis
37. Friendly Neighborhood: After by sammyk
38. Galata Graffiti medium by miss_blümchen
39. Gary's Marbles by Gary by gjcvero
40. Girlie Graffiti Gone Wild – Dianne Annelli © by dianne_annelli
41. Girly Graffiti by jubilli
42. Gleeful_Heart-pink by manara_boutique
43. Gra-feety by katepm
44. Grafart_Nita by nita_h
45. Graffiti by jadegordon
46. Graffiti by eerie_doll
47. graffiti by jess_freidt
48. graffiti by kristinailiev
49. Graffiti 80s inspiration by fantazya
50. graffiti arrows by jenr8
51. Graffiti Bonez by mystikel
52. Graffiti Door Hinge by christyp
53. Graffiti from Paris by mariao
54. graffiti in blue canvas by raasma
55. Graffiti Mushrooms by kdl
56. Graffiti Op Art by emily_meyer
57. graffiti peace by paragonstudios
58. graffiti spots by needlebook
59. Graffiti Ti amo by mammajamma
60. graffiti time girl by spiringsdesigns
61. Graffiti Walls by mojcilajn
62. Graffiti-fiti by catail_designs
63. GraffitiLove by tinag
64. graffitis_banania by nephilim
65. Graffiti_Design_MADART by madart
66. Graffiti_spoonflower3_1_2012 by compugraphd
67. grafitti by cmanningdesigns
68. grafSpoon by positivenegative
69. graft_2 by 1980aidan
70. Granny Graffiti by thesandowl
71. Halle_1 by frau-h
72. Happy Halloween (Graffiti Style) by quiltsmith
73. Help Me If You Can by whimzwhirled
74. hieroglyphics graffiti by krena
75. HIPPY GRAFFITTI by bluevelvet
76. Homage to Haring (ikat) by jennartdesigns
77. HOME STUFF: BROOKLYN_copyrighted_4 by lime_soda
78. i create – time for fun – graffiti by andibird
79. I Heart Robots by bzbdesigner
80. I Love You by sewsewbecky
81. IntracateWildflower-Grafitti-WallArt1 by grannynan
82. Keep on Walking Graffiti by madex
83. kiersten by vanessahand
84. kilroy by jubileel
85. kmaggiolino_streetart_002 by kmaggiolino
86. knit graffiti by carcamella
87. Krog Street by thirdhalfstudios
88. Laughing Bad Cat Graffiti by podaiboo
89. Little Dove's Piece for Peace by inscribed_here
90. Live what you Love by made_in_shina
91. Love by blboutique
92. Love Bot Graffiti Love by crissyrose
93. Love Eternal by planetpatricia
94. love graffiti by pernille_voss
95. Love Graffiti by pink-lo

96. Love Hurts by allylynn
97. love is the answer graffitifabric2 by saintmaker
98. love is……………???????????? by risha
99. Love Tag by pinkhippoquilts
100. lovefabric by kociara
101. Mish Mash Graffiti by ravenous
102. nag nag graffiti by babysisterrae
103. New Orleans Graffiti by ingred
104. Octoburgh by kchergosky
105. Oh Marilyn 1 by artquills
106. Owl & Chickadee Moss Graffiti + Stencil / Tag by owlandchickadee
107. pastel_sunflower by hansensangel
108. peace on handle bars by garveyann
109. peaceful_terrian by funky-fabrics
110. People In Crowd by oksancia
111. Petroglyphs__3 by robbrez
112. Phat Quarta by dollyw
113. pink rhino by 2reneevk
114. pink_camo_motif by librtysarah
115. planetary graffiti by seamingly_simple
116. protest arm bands: peace and occupy graffiti by georgeandgracie
117. Read Books by mikep
118. Say "Ah" / Loop-de-loop by mbsmith
119. scratched papers by grafite
120. scribbles by baileyboo
121. Shakespeare Tagger by mag-o
122. skull by cocoanouk
123. SPLASH graffiti by avelis
124. splat_finished by j_l_whitham_illustrations
125. square by jnifr
126. squiggle by jaxco_by_jacki
127. star by katarina
128. Street Art by rennata
129. street art-ch-ed by hollyabee
130. Street Deer by nerida_jeannie
131. Street sign art by mongiesama
132. Street Squares by robyriker
133. Street Trees by jenimp
134. streetart-01 by tammiebennett
135. STREET_ART by kirpa
136. street_tiger_23 by suzanne_
137. sun by shovelchop
138. Sweet Graffiti Cupcakes Yum! by scoutmom131
139. That'll need painting over by a_most_peculiar
140. The people's story by demouse
141. The Walls of Florence by poetryqn
142. Toronto Subway Cars by theboerwar
143. TSB_s-in-the-Redlands by wiccked
144. Tunnel_of_Love_(what tunnel?) A3 short by khowardquilts
145. Typo_R_NEW by monique_caffet
146. Urban Art by annelize
147. UrbanBouquet by ghennah
148. Valentine Graffiti, red by tiina_laas
149. vernp1cmyk_copy by arashiaka
150. vivid_funky_pink_red_black_purple_yellow_graffiti_elephant by vinkeli
151. wall art, graffiti art by nadinesalama
152. wall scrawl by sef
153. Walls are dreaming… by demigoutte
154. We came, we saw, we squatted. by theposhvagabond
155. welcome to babel by donna_kallner
156. yellow wall marks by knorberg 
157. Newfoundland Dog Graffiti by dogdaze_ 

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