A garden of fabrics

JAN 17, 2012

At Spoonflower, we have the fabric equivalent of all the gardening catalogs I've been receiving in the mail lately.

Roses. From top left corner, Retro Roses by Cynthia Frenette, Roses Beige Background by Art Is Us, BlackFlowersPanel by Danielle Hanson, Joan's Dusty Roses and Snow Roses by TwoBloom, English Roses Pink by Julia Monroe, In Like the Rose by LeighR, Coming Up Roses-Leafy by Tammikins, Roses Schmoses by Sarah Walden (Peacoquette Designs).

Daffodils. From top left corner: Jonquilles by The Lazy Giraffe, Daffodils in Yellow by April Marie Mai, My Three Daffodils by KDL, Running Daffodils by Cestlaviv, Polka Daffodils by Nonnie, Butterflies and Flowers by BeeBumble, Daffydowndilly by Wiccked, Blue Daffodil by Slkanitz, and Daffodillies by Anahata.

 And berries. From top left corner:  Summer Fruit by Patty Sloniger, Strawberries by Anda, Strawberries by Oksancia, Strawberry Sundae by Woodle Doo, Country Gathering Strawberries by ChristieM, Blueberry Sprig by Cindy Lindgren, PointallismTwig1 by HeatherRothStyle, StrawberryField1 by Tamptation, and Pears Strawberries Lemons and Limes by Gomakeme.

It's definitely still winter here in NC, but I can't stop thinking about sewing pretty dresses for warmer weather.  Must be all those gardening catalogs!

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