Meet Spoonflower: Introducing Jaysen, Fabric Printer and Would-Be Beach Bum

DEC 21, 2011 updated Apr 26, 2021

In the latest installment of our Meet Spoonflower series,
we'd like to introduce Jaysen Wilson in his own words:

Right now, as I listen to the harmonious drone of the Spoonflower printers here in Durham, I am reminded that a year ago I was managing an automotive repair shop in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Three years ago I was assistant manager and lead technician in a shop in Orlando, Florida that worked on high end cars like Aston Martins and Mercedes-Benz. When I was a kid I wanted to be a police officer. I looked up to them and admired their dedication.

I heard about Spoonflower from my wife, Melodie. She makes and sells handmade bow ties on Etsy.  One day she was looking on the Regretsy blog and came across some custom fabric that Spoonflower had printed for a Regretsy contest. For the next six months, I heard nothing but how cool Spoonflower was and how she would love to work there.  

My favorite days at Spoonflower are the staff meeting days with lunch. The meeting is a time when all or most of the employees get to just relax for an hour, eat, and cut up a little before going back to work. It's a spirit-lifter. 

I have not always been a fabric person, but I feel that I understood Spoonflower from the beginning. After being in retail sales for five years, I sense that everyone at Spoonflower takes pride in what we deliver to our customers. I think our customers have a more personal connection to our product that is unlike other fabric or clothing retailers. Would you rather buy a shirt just because it's kind of nice? Or would you rather make a shirt with our fabric with your kids' faces on it?

If I could retire and live anywhere, it would be someplace like the Outer Banks because I'm a total beach bum. I imagine running a three-story bed and breakfast with large sea-facing windows and a huge wrap-around porch. And watching reruns of Flight of the Conchords, which is one of my favorite shows.


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  • “the harmonious drone of the Spoonflower printers”
    Is there a recording?
    Many years ago, I used to jam along with the old photocopiers, printers, fax machines etc in offices where I worked, using them as a ground bass or ostinato part on which to build a melody and variations (this was before modern pop idioms of riffs and sampling). Even my current printer often seems to be repeating some phrase or other though.