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DEC 22, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

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We only allowed the entrants in this week's evergreen-themed design contest to use four colors, a restriction that somehow always manages to bring out the best in our talented community of fabric designers. I just wish there was time to print and use some of these fabrics for gift wrapping!

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Our contest entrants this week:

1.       A Bonsai Evergreen, Sunset Shadows by quiltsmith 
2.       A Forever Evergreen by thatrossiart 
3.       A patterned forest by neurotickle 
4.       A Stitch of Evergreen by kdl 
5.       Abies concolor (western white fir) on its natural color by georgeandgracie 
6.       Abstract Evergreens by eclectic_house 
7.       Aligators Are Evergreen in the Everglades by vo_aka_virginiao 
8.       An Evergreen is Crafty by cynthiafrenette 
9.       An Olympian Evergreen by robyriker 
10.       Ants collecting pine needles by mongiesama 

11.       Bamboo is Winter's Friend by demouse 
12.       Birdwatching by jennartdesigns 
13.       Black Bear Forest by karenharveycox 
14.       blue,green and evergreen by ambies 
15.       Bringing Home the Tree by yourfriendamy 
16.       britty chrissy by amel24 
17.       Cedars on a snowy hill by beesocks 
18.       ChevronPartyTree by mrshervi 
19.       Choosing a Tree by owlandchickadee 
20.       Christmas Sweater Trees 3 by pond_ripple 
21.       Christmas Trees by jenniferfranklin 
22.       Cones & Seeds by thirdhalfstudios 
23.       Coriandoli by creale 
24.       Curly Evergreens by havemorecake 
25.       Einstein's trees at midnight – green on dark blue by victorialasher 
26.       Enchanted Forest – mauve & turquoise by kayajoy 
27.       Enchanted Forest 1, L by animotaxis 
28.       ever green by raasma 
29.       evergeen1 by mailyn 
30.       evergreen by houseofquality 
31.       Evergreen by brandymiller 
32.       Evergreen by southernbowtie 
33.       evergreen by melissatiska 
34.       Evergreen by jenniferdenty 
35.       evergreen 200 by crystalwoods 
36.       Evergreen Abstract by mona_jo 
37.       Evergreen and Birch Trees by rachelfitzgerald 
38.       Evergreen Camo – very large repeat by laurels 
39.       Evergreen christmas party by cjldesigns 
40.       Evergreen Christmas Tree Sweater Print by wendyg 
41.       evergreen dream by bussybuffu 
42.       Evergreen Forest by elvishthistle 
43.       Evergreen Herbs – lavender, rosemary, sage, savory, thyme by rengal 
44.       evergreen landscape by the_collectionist 
45.       evergreen love by risha 
46.       evergreen matryoshka cameo by scrummy 
47.       Evergreen Sprigs by countrygarden 
48.       Evergreen Stripe by mag-o 
49.       evergreen stripe by monda 
50.       EVERGREEN WONDERLAND by gsonge 
51.       Evergreen, everblue, everpurple… by cassiopee 
52.       Evergreen03_effect01_spoonflower_12_5_2011 by compugraphd 
53.       evergreen1 by junkqueart 
54.       Evergreen2011 by nikky 
55.       evergreen3 by tammiebennett 
56.       evergreenfabric-01 by chickendream 
57.       Evergreens by laurawilson 
58.       evergreens by katarina 
59.       Evergreens by alexsan 
60.       evergreens – greens by wiccked 
61.       Evergreens and Cardinals by pyralisdesign 
62.       Evergreens in 4 colours (including white) by elizabethjones 
63.       Evergreens on Linen (ZOOM for detail) by pennycandy 
64.       Evergreens toile with animals by fantazya 
65.       Evergreens without the greens by irrimiri 
66.       evergreensgrey by pénélopette 
67.       Evergreens_copy by jeallen 
68.  &#0
160;    Evergreens_In_The_Snow by walkathon 
69.       evergreen_and_green by ee_designs 
70.       evergreen_copy by onegreyelephant 
71.       evergreen_quilt by jeanne_mcgee 
72.       Evergreen_stripe by nicole_tamarin 
73.       Fab Forest by raebekah 
74.       fir_trees-ch by vinkeli 
75.       flowersunfox by sosie&gogo 
76.       Fluffy Evergreens by oksancia 
77.       Forest in her world by verycherry 
78.       forest_fabric_mixed_sized_trees by pininkie 
79.       Forever Green by edsel2084 
80.       fresh green by suma 
81.       Frosted Evergreen by namouri 
82.       green by everything_calico 
83.       green lovelips by arteija 
84.       Happy Evergreens by samvanvoorst 
85.       hawaiian_evergreens by mountainsandclouds 
86.       Holiday Forest by newmom 
87.       Hollier than thou by a_most_peculiar 
88.       holly leaf, flower and berry 7x vein by sef 
89.       How Evergreen Your Branches by fabricfarmer_by_jill_bull 
90.       Icy Pine Needle Lace by robin_rice 
91.       Illustrated Evergreens by teja_jamilla 
92.       JamJax Lizella Snow Storm-ch by jamjax 
93.       Juniper Berries in Blue by anntuck 
94.       LaraGeorgine_Ferns_Drop_Brick_repeat by larageorgine 
95.       Laurels by giddystuff 
96.       little tree farm by annosch 
97.       Live Oak by paragonstudios 
98.       Matryoshka of the Eucalypt by inscribed_here 
99.       Monstera Leaves by fattcheese 
100.       Moonlit Forest by ophedia 
101.       My Lady Evergreen by myartself 
102.       Paintin' the Town Green by sammyk 
103.       Paper Christmas tree by nekanen 
104.       Perennial Needles by ravenous 
105.       pine by claudiavv 
106.       pine boughs by suziwollman 
107.       Pine Cones by ninjaauntsdesigns 
108.       pine needles by podaiboo 
109.       pine trees by mimg 
110.       Pinecones_and_Hedgehogs by golders 
111.       Pines & Cranes by forest&sea 
112.       PineyWoods4Color by grannynan 
113.       pine_cones-4 color by keweenawchris 
114.       Pohutukawa on black by pohutukawaphotographic 
115.       Quilt Stitch Pines by scifiwritir 
116.       Red Bird Winter by melisza 
117.       Renewal by donna_kallner 
118.       Retro Evergreens by modgeek 
119.       Sea of pine 3e by khowardquilts 
120.       search_party by maryellenmouse 
121.       seedlings by juliette289 
122.       sierpinski's forest by aperiodic 
123.       sitting by the evergreens by kikibaai 
124.       snow branches-ed by melissamarie 
125.       The Mighty Pines of Maine by chris_jorge 
126.   &#0160
;   The Pine Needles fall and the Snow Goose Flies, Winging Her Way in the Lavender skies by glimmericks 
127.       Topiary Featherston Chair by meredithjean 
128.       Toy Village by needlebook 
129.       tree farm by katyg 
130.       Tree for the forest by budrfli 
131.       TREES UP & DOWN by jumping_birds 
132.       treesandelf by chickoteria 
133.       Tulip-Pomegranate Green-Green by miss_blümchen 
134.       Vintage Christmas Tree by icarpediem_ 
135.       Vintage Evergreens by stephanie_ellis 
136.       Winter Birds in Night-time Forest (Green) by dianef 
137.       Winter Evergreen Forest by ttoz 
138.       Winter Forest by kezia 
139.       winter gnomes on a mission by babysisterrae 
140.       Winter in the Forest – 4 Colors by blossomaz 
141.       winter in the mountain by Rosapomposa by rosapomposa 
142.       Winter Trees by maplewooddesignstudio 
143.       Winter walk by fable_design 
144.       winter woods by theboerwar 
145.       Winter's trees by demigoutte 
146.       Wispy Pines by dianne_annelli 
147.       woodland doodle blue by coggon 
148.       Woodland Woodcut by spellstone 
149.       X-mas trees by anastasiia-ku 
150. evergreen_songs_Leonie_Hulsman by leolietje 

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  • Bonnie, click on the link above the image you voted for. It will take you to the design and you can make comments there. 🙂 Or if you’ve already cast your vote, click on the image of the design and you’ll go to that design page.

  • I really wish there were more non-holiday images in this contest. There are so many it looks like a Christmas tree theme instead of a non-holiday theme. That said, there are some gorgeous designs here.

  • It would be nice to be able to add comments about the ones we choose. I look at the design and try to imagine it in a scarf or a skirt or as upholstery fabric; I look for something that will be pleasing to look at for awhile and timeless.