Announcing the Top Ten Soft Baby Book Patterns (with Bora as the winner!)

DEC 15, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

The winner of our contest to create a cut & sew kit for a cloth baby book is none other than Bora, clocking in with her 8th Fabric of the Week contest win. Wow! Although the baby book pattern fits onto a fat quarter, as a bonus Bora's entry actually includes three other quarter-yard designs for a bib and a fun set of plush toys. It's a whole yard's worth of great baby presents! The other nine entries in this week's top ten are also adorable. Just remember, if you had it in mind to get any of these patterns before Christmas, you'll have to use the rush shipping option.

See the Top Ten Cloth Baby Book Patterns

The tally from this week's voting:

1. 695 votes for To the Circus!!! by bora 
2. 619 votes for Hey Diddle Diddle by jennartdesigns 
3. 559 votes for Things to Count at the Circus: A Cloth Book by pennycandy 
4. 547 votes for peek a boo! book by niseemade 
5. 475 votes for Zooby_Book-Wendy_Bentley by wendybentley 
6. 456 votes for Animal Alphabet Cloth Book by suryasajnani 
7. 448 votes for Dream Baby Book by melisza 
8. 422 votes for Animal Friends – baby book by needlebook 
9. 410 votes for Baby's Day On The Farm by jenniferfranklin 
10. 397 votes for Critter Jamboree Book by mytinystar 

11. 387 votes for A day with Tigris by kikibaai 
12. 356 votes for Oodles of Poodles by antoniamanda 
13. 325 votes for One Orange Moon Looking For Some Friends baby book by kayajoy 
14. 293 votes for Friends of Forest and Field by jmckinniss 
15. 268 votes for The Alphabetical Animal Antics of Elsie ( Zoom for whole book) by ceanirminger 
16. 257 votes for "Repeat": Interactive Cloth Baby Book by ttoz 
17. 256 votes for Lewellyn the counting snake. by scotty_c 
18. 240 votes for GINGERBOY by radiostar 
19. 219 votes for Petting Zoo Baby Book by thirdhalfstudios 
20. 211 votes for Bird Colors Cloth Baby Book by jenimp 
21. 210 votes for Baby's Book of Computer Science by mongiesama 
22. 204 votes for book by deepcoveflowers 
23. 184 votes for Rainbow Rag – A babies first book by woo 
24. 181 votes for baby_book_of_opposites_11_27_2011 by compugraphd 
25. 176 votes for Spot the Book! by spellstone 
26. 175 votes for Tag Soft Book for Baby 2011 by nikky 
27. 175 votes for Dim Chong Chong by elizabethw 
28. 166 votes for Livvieland Cloth Book by zoebrench 
29. 162 votes for Simple Comparisons B&W Book by ravenous 
30. 156 votes for Ladybug's Adventure by pyralisdesign 
31. 155 votes for Flutter, Hatch, Eat, Sleep, SOAR! An interactive cloth book. Zoom to see full yardage. by wendyg 
32. 154 votes for "Happy Home" doll book (clic to see details and doll) by mariao 
33. 146 votes for cloth_baby_book_rosapomposa by rosapomposa 
34. 131 votes for my very first time traveller book by scrummy 
35. 121 votes for wild babies by johanna_design 
36. 121 votes for Find the little white cat quilted baby book by fantazya 
37. 117 votes for cosmic solids by theboerwar 
38. 105 votes for Baby-buu Mini Book by pedrapapeltesoura 
39. 105 votes for The ABC of Symmetry by sef 
40. 104 votes for Woodland Animals by somethingluscious 
41. 102 votes for Night & Day Reversible Accordian-fold cloth baby-book-qtr-yd by mina 
42. 100 votes for Rainbow Art Book by sew-me-a-garden 
43. 92 votes for Santa Clothes Baby Cloth Book by pabi 
44. 88 votes for Cloth Baby Book – Alphabet Careers by emily_caraballo 
45. 88 votes for Noah's Ark Baby Book by evenspor 
46. 87 votes for Fabric Baby Book – Shapes and Colors – Educational Toy by not-so-baby 
47. 86 votes for monsterbook by lerhyan 
48. 80 votes for Chinese Zodiac BABY Book (zoom in for detail) by creativebrenda 
49. 79 votes for Kaczbo's first book of seasons "Bonus" with 1 yd. Super kit by paragonstudios 
50. 77 votes for Quiet Book Kit by haleystudio 
51. 76 votes for ToyBox by Craftbelle by craftbelle 
52. 72 votes for Hands and Feet cloth book by a_most_peculiar 
53. 71 votes for Alphabet_book by anr 
54. 69 votes for Snowfall: A cloth book for Baby by the_cornish_crone 
55. 67 votes for A Color Zoo by eclectic_house 
56. 66 votes for Dream a little Dream Cloth Baby Book by tracydw70 
57. 57 votes for Educational Baby Book: clothes international by creale 
58. 57 votes for rick rack and gingham—a new story every time. by sol 
59. 53 votes for book2011 by glimmericks 
60. 50 votes for A to Z Cloth Baby Book: Cute Critters With Heart by artist4god 
61. 49 votes for DollyElfDesigns_ColoringBook by grannynan 
62. 47 votes for What Not ABC Book by mimg 
63. 44 votes for bookprint-fabric by sofs 
64. 39 votes for Purple Summer by xkateburnsx 
65. 39 votes for A Book for Baby, a fabric storybook by karenharveycox 
66. 38 votes for Numbers at the Farm by pond_ripple 
67. 36 votes for babybook-ed by annanini 
68. 9 votes for Me and my family by nekanen

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