A fabric contest with bells on… are you ready to vote for your favorites?

DEC 15, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

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Our fabric design contest theme this week is bells, which turns out to have produced a somewhat wider variety of interpretations than we expected. Please note that none of the included designs actually jingle. Now dash on through the votes… and we'll announce the winner next week!

Vote For Bell Fabrics
The participants this week are:

1.  Xmas Bells* by katarina 
2.  1libertybell by terry_handel 
3.  A BELL FOR GIVING TWO by karenharveycox 
4.  A Bush Chime – on rich cream.  By Rhonda W.  © 2011 by rhondadesigns 
5.  A Pair of Small Silver Bells by quiltsmith 
6.  Aesop– "Belling the Cat" Gold Bells on Blue by pond_ripple 
7.  All the Bells and Whistles by sammyk 
8.  Amoebells by ravenous 
9.  bell by onegreyelephant 
10.  Belle Ringers – Pastels by beesocks 

11.  bellisimo by wednesday'sgirl 
12.  bells by lerhyan 
13.  bells by mimg 
14.  bells by moobug 
15.  Bells by mandakay 
16.  bells by handmade3d 
17.  bells by theboerwar 
18.  bells by yourfriendamy 
19.  Bells by landonsheely 
20.  bells by oohoo 
21.  Bells by smokey_longlong 
22.  bells by raasma 
23.  bells by annanini 
24.  bells by antjee 
25.  Bells – Orange – by ebygomm by upcyclepatch 
26.  Bells and Arches by inscribed_here 
27.  Bells and Butterflies by oksancia 
28.  Bells Buttons & Bows! by threeyellowplums 
29.  Bells colorfull by alexsan 
30.  Bells contest by chrisdbrown1989 
31.  bells for christmas by made_in_shina 
32.  bells in rows by fantazya 
33.  bells&whistles by annaboo 
34.  Bells, Birds & Beads (Navy) by gracedesign 
35.  bells1 by laurawilson 
36.  bells3 by iyomie 
37.  bellsbellsbells2 by pénélopette 
38.  BellsRepeat by neurotickle 
39.  bellsupload by abbington 
40.  bells_redrose by lilliblomma 
41.  bells_small_contest by collage 
42.  bells__leaves_and_birds by the_collectionist 
43.  Bell_small_design_12_10_2011 by compugraphd 
44.  BITTY BELLS by jumping_birds 
45.  Blue bell by vib 
46.  Blue Bells by countrygarden 
47.  Bluebell Field by needlebook 
48.  bluebells by kiwicuties 
49.  brick_mardi_gras_bells_seven by pd_frasure 
50.  Candy Bells by shornickel 
51.  Card Shark Santa by muddyfoot 
52.  Ceramic Bell Windchime by not-so-baby 
53.  chain of bells and stars by ma'vi 
54.  Chapeau Cloche ! by demigoutte 
55.  chevron bells by lauraelysha 
56.  Chime of the Herald Angels by kayajoy 
57.  christmas bell flower by michelew53 
58.  Christmas Bells by jenniferfranklin 
59.  Christmas bells by la_nonna_aida 
60.  Christmas Blue Bells by glimmericks 
61.  Christmas Puppy with Bells by prairiegal 
62.  christmas_bells by mailyn 
63.  Christmas_Bells by p_meddings 
64.  Church Bells by artist4god 
65.  Coral Bells by tweedlebee 
66.  Couture blue lace bells by paragonstudios 
67.  Cow Bell Ditsy by kdl 
68.  Cozy Jingle Bells by mongiesama 
69.  Delicious_Damask_Pinks by mayabella 
70.  Ding Dong and over the rainbow we go by a_most_peculiar 
71.  Ding dong! verily this path is a hoot. . . . . .  by scrummy 
72.  ding-a-ling by bussybuffu 
73.  edel-yodel-cowbell-musik by wren_leyland 
74.  eulen&lerchen_bells by eulen&lerchen 
75.  Festive Bells Galore by gsonge 
76.  Festive confetti&bells by nekanen 
77.  Festive Folk Bells by spellstone 
78.  florals bell's by suma 
79.  freeborn-bells-smallprint by jfx1026 
80.  FRERE JACQUES by creale 
81.  Golden bell boys by elizabethjones 
82.  Golden Bells by teelee 
83.  Golden Bells of Joy by catru 
84.  gradient bells by sef 
85.  Handbells and handbe
ll gloves by victorialasher
86.  Happy Bells by raebekah 
87.  Happy Lil' Bells by dianef 
88.  HARKhowthebells2 by scifiwritir 
89.  Holiday Bells by mag-o 
90.  Holiday Bells by ebroskie1234 
91.  holiday bells by naz 
92.  I Heard the Bells by audzipan 
93.  it rains rainbow bells by pabi 
94.  JamJax Blue Bells by jamjax 
95.  Jingle all the way by cjldesigns 
96.  Jingle all the Way by stephanie_ellis 
97.  Jingle Bell Damask – Red/White by owlandchickadee 
98.  Jingle Bell Garland by nicole_tamarin 
99.  Jingle Bell Rock Blue by jenimp 
100.  Jingle Bells by lianericci 
101.  Jingle bells by martinaness 
102.  Jingle Bells by jamielee 
103.  Jingle Bells by danielle_b 
104.  Jingle Bells (green and white) by ophedia 
105.  Jingle Jingle (pink) by seedlingspatterns 
106.  Jingle Polka by eclectic_house 
107.  Jingle, Jingle, Jingle by laurels 
108.  jingledecorations by sonny&bee 
109.  Jingly Polka Dot by annosch 
110.  LaraGeorgine_Bells by larageorgine 
111.  Liberty Bells by thatrossiart 
112.  lucky bells, lucky elephants, lucky you! by vo_aka_virginiao 
113.  Merry & Bright by fable_design 
114.  Michelle My Bell by nerida_jeannie 
115.  Midnight Church Bells by hitz 
116.  Mini Bells by ninjaauntsdesigns 
117.  my goofy loves bells by risha 
118.  Oranges and lemons by coralyn 
119.  Patchwork Bells by leslipepper 
120.  Pink Christmas by thepinkhome 
121.  pinkbells by tammiebennett 
122.  Reindeer Jingle by zoebrench 
123.  Retro Bells by amel24 
124.  ribbons and bells by berkumpje 
125.  RIINNGG! by capucine333 
126.  Ring my Bell Pastel by kikibaai 
127.  ringing bell's by kushma 
128.  School Bell by meredithjean 
129.  Seven Christmas Bells by veritybrown 
130.  Silver (and blue) bells by zitacita 
131.  SilverBellsInTheCity by mrshervi 
132.  Snowy Bells by fattcheese 
133.  South Christmas little print by mariao 
134.  Sprinkle Bells by demouse 
135.  striped_bells by lauriebaars 
136.  sweet_bells by cassiopee 
137.  Telephone by littlebeardog 
138.  Tiny bells are ringing. . .  by meduzy 
139.  tn-8 by adrapka 
140.  Tree Bells by jeanne_mcgee 
141.  Un-Pastel Bells by jennartdesigns 
142.  vector bells by anastasiia-ku 
143.  vintage jingle bell by georgeandgracie 
144.  Vintage Sleigh Bells – green (4 colors available) by dianne_annelli 
145.  wrapped with love by kato_kato 
146.  X´mas bell by rosapomposa 
147.  you've got some bells by babysisterrae 
148. Small colourful bells 🙂 by samvanvoorst 



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