Fabric Of the Nation: Vote In Our Military Fabric Contest

NOV 3, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

With Veterans Day arriving next week here in the US, we challenged designers to create fabrics inspired by respect for, and celebration of, our respective countries' armed services. The resulting designs — around 85 or so — make for interesting browsing. Vote for your favorites and we'll show you the winners next week!

Vote For Military Fabrics

The participants this week are:

1. military medals by mariao 
2. '41 for Sgt J by cksstudio80 
3. 176a by leesa111 
4. a poppy to remember by paragon_studios_one 
5. A Soldier and His Girl by owlandchickadee 
6. Air Land & Sea by annalisa222 
7. All Our Eagles by eclectic_house 
8. American Glory by jbhorsewriter7 
9. American Stars by nekanen 
10.    AMERICA_8_up-8 by pad_design 

11.  army ants by sef 
12.  Bastille Day Bon Bon by susaninparis 
13.  Bring Them Home by whimzwhirled 
14.  Brit by sarahbriggs 
15.  Bronze Stars by fabricfarmer 
16.  Buffalo Soldier-117 by kkitwana 
17.  Bugleboy by glimmericks 
18.  Camo Circuit 010 by lowa84 
19.    camoflogue_4_spoonflower-ed by blueberry19 
20.  Camouflage Peace by mikka 
21.  Celabration Day by demigoutte 
22.  CF-18 Jet pink with pink by nb_design 
23.  CH-47 Chinook Helicopter Line-up in Blue by joybucket 
24.  Coastie Lovie by yourfriendamy 
25.    coloured_union_jack by london 
26.  Dog tags by vo_aka_virginiao 
27.  fall by sithlord 
28.  For the Sacrifices You Have Made – We Salute You by victorialasher 
29.  Friend In Deed by ravenous 
30.  General McMacaw by heartfullofbirds 
31.  girly medals by cassiopee 
32.  guns- cream by snuffbox 
33.  Hector of Troy USA – A soldier's life by mimg 
34.  Hero's Welcome by joonmoon 
35.    high_end_vet by thankful_creations 
36.  HOOAH! by thetwistedcow 
37.  Howie's In the Navy by edsel2084 
38.  Lest we forget poppies by fantazya 
39.    LestWeForget2011 by nikky 
40.    lest_we_forget by annanini 
41.  lovebombs by pedrapapeltesoura 
42.  Marine Pride by demouse 
43.  military by johanna_design 
44.  Military by dianef 
45.  military aircraft by yellow_parade 
46.  Military Button by olivemlou 
47.  Military Flags Warp #1 by artist4god 
48.    millitarypatternblue by azaliamusa 
49.  My Hero Pillow for Military Children and Families by natitys 
50.  My Master Sergeant in USAF by tracydw70 
51.  Old soldiers never die by chameleonfire 
52.  Olives & Arrows by jumping_birds 
53.  peace keeping mission by fable_fabric 
54.  Plastic Army Men Damask by melissa_haviland 
55.  Pop's Navy Wings by 3hourspast 
56.  POPPIES by lusyspoon 
57.  Poppies unite the flags by a_most_peculiar 
58.  Poppy Field in Fuzzy Felts by forest&sea 
59.    Proud_and_Thankful by lingonberries 
60.  remember by youngcaptive 
61.    Remembering Iraq by schnujo 
62.    Remembrance Day Canada by crystalwoods 
63.    Remembrance Grey by wednesday'sgirl 
64.    Remembrance Through Recognition by sammyk 
65.  Rising by ninjaauntsdesigns 
66.  Semper paratus – always ready – USCGC Taney by georgeandgracie 
67.  Soldier Pillow or Quilt design by suzyhager 
68.  STARS AND STRIPES by mag-o 
69.  Stealth Sunset by robyriker 
70.  Sword Repeat by pond_ripple 
71.  Thanks to Those Who Serve by jabiroo 
72.  The Greatest Generation by veritybrown 
73.  The paratroopers by theboerwar 
74.  Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree by sarahwalden~peacoquettedesigns 
75.  toy soldier by scrummy 
76.  toy soldiers 1 by uk_lass_in_us 
77.  treads by aperiodic 
78.  union_jack by kitten_von_mew 
79.  United States of Camouflage by krydell 
80.  Untitled-3 by mishameesh 
81.  US Military Service Uniforms by mongiesama 
  US Mitchell Camo Korea / Vietnam Era by ricraynor 
83.  Women Marines by janlascko 

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