2-for-1 Fat Quarter Sale

NOV 17, 2011 updated Apr 26, 2021

Once again this year we’re planning a two-for-one sale on fat quarters, which includes the many lovely tea towel designs available on Spoonflower. Tea towels are easy to sew, fit on a fat quarter of fabric, and make wonderful handmade gifts. For five days next week, you’ll be able to buy two tea towels for the price of one. Here are the details:

What: Buy two fat quarters of fabric on Spoonflower for the price of one. [Most tea towel designs fit on a fat quarter.] A fat-quarter of Linen Cotton Canvas (which works well for tea-towels) is normally $14, so it will cost $7 during the period of the promotion.

When: Monday, November 28 (8am EST) through Friday, December 2 (6pm EST.)

How: Add two fat quarters (or any other number of fat quarters) to your shopping cart and you will get half-off the regular price. The discount will be calculated automatically and the promotional price will appear in your shopping cart.


1) Are your tea towels finished products?
No, they are not. Spoonflower just sells fabric, so the tea-towel calendars and other kits (stockings, kits, etc.) arrive to you as fabric and in order to use them as gifts you’ll need to hem, cut & sew as needed. Unless you’re giving them as kits to someone else who sews, which is also a fun idea.

2) If I’m a designer, will my commission on sales be half of what it normally is?
Nope. You’ll still earn up to 15% in Spoondollars of the un-discounted price.

3) Do I have to buy two fat quarters of the same design to get the promotional price?
No, the promotion will apply to all fat quarters, so you can use it for as many different designs as you like.

4) If I buy one fat quarter, will I automatically receive a second, identical fat quarter?
No, if you want two pieces of fabric, you will have to add two to your shopping cart (or adjust the quantity in the cart to be two rather than one).

5) Do I receive a discount if I buy two fat quarters on two different fabrics?
Yes, each fat quarter you purchase will be half of its regular price.

6) Does this promotion apply to all fabric, or just tea towel kits?
The buy-one-fat-quarter, get-one-free promotion applies to all fabric for the duration of the special. But it applies ONLY to the fat-quarter size, not to yards or swatches.

7) Can’t I just add a yard of fabric to my cart and get four tea towels?
The special offer applies only to fat quarters. In many cases, it is possible to get four tea-towels by buying a yard of fabric… but some  designers set up their tea towels to be centered. If the design is centered then you have to order it as a single piece, which should be apparent from the preview. For tea towels this is usually a quarter yard (if you set the preview for a yard and see only one tea-towel, then don’t order it on a size larger than a fat quarter). This special is a discount for fat quarters only.

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  • Oh I missed the sale. Next time, can you have a sale that ends at midnight rather than at 6 in the afternoon? Makes more sense for those who can’t shop until the evening…

  • Emily, we're fixing it now so that you should be able to use the promotion for all six of your fat quarters. Thanks for letting us know!

  • I’ve got 6 fat quarters in my cart but I’ve only got the cost of one discounted… do I have to do all these separately and pay postage three times? 🙁

  • oh I love it when spoonflower make my wishes come true 🙂 ….and I need some new tea towels. I’m still using last years ~ the linen cotton canvas is brilliant! xxx