Viva Lucha Libre! Vote in the world’s first Mexican-wrestling-themed fabric design contest

OCT 13, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

Lucha collage-500
While it may be true that the average quilter/sewist is not a huge fan of Mexican wrestling, let it be noted that we here at Spoonflower have never been timid bartenders when it comes to serving up new textile design cocktails. In that spirit — and in anticipation of the upcoming Halloween holiday — we are proud to present this week's contest to design a cut & sew pattern for a Lucha Libre mask. Some of us are quite looking forward to trying these on! [For the curious, the Wikipedia article on Lucha Libre has a good, short section on the significance of the masks, which actually date back to the Aztecs.]

Vote for Lucha Libre Mask Patterns

The luchadores themselves are:

1.  ¡El Fenix! Lucha Libre Mask by mariao
2 'flying face' luche libre mask with bonus sign by babysisterrae
3 catrina by maitejf
4 Corazon del Fuego by jenr8
5 Cthulhuchador by verity_brown
6.  Da Mask Del Libre by mandeedriggz
7 DiaDeLuchaLibre by beary_organics
8.  El Capta'n Labotomy by whimzwhirled
9.  El Fuego Furioso! by fabgirl42
10. Flores Lucha Libre Mask by kdl

11. Four Elements Mask by elaur
12. Lucha Libre El Periquito by owlandchickadee
13. Lucha Libre kids mask by verycherry
14. Lucha Libre Mask by leighr
15. Lucha libre mask of all time by fantazya
16. Lucha Libre Masks by eislinn
17 Luche_Libre_Mask_by_Deborah_Abbott by worldwidedeb
18 Mariposa Magnifico by sammyk
19 Meowing Owl by purplegoat
20 Poison Dart Frog Lucha Libre Mask by mongiesama
21 Poocha Libre by jennartdesigns
22 rocker-lucha-mask by longoriagirls
23. senor vacation USA! by theboerwar
24. Sexy lucha libre by wantit
25. The Prettiest Little Girly Wrestling Mask by kayajoy
26 TIGERLunchLibre2011 by nikky
27 Warrior Wrestling Mask by annalisa222

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