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OCT 27, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

Hanging ornament collage

Happy Halloween! It's funny to find myself posting photos of Christmas ornaments with hands still moist from scooping pumpkin guts into a bowl, but here we are. The winner of our contest to fit a pattern for a hanging ornament onto a single swatch-sized piece of fabric is Australian artist Julie Lynch, who won our Roller Derby-themed competition just a few weeks ago. Julie's Festive Birds Hanging Ornament actually includes a quarter-yard's worth of patterns in addition to the swatch-sized bird pictured on the upper left above. When we first launched Spoonflower, we really saw swatches as just a way for buyers to test a fabric before buying more. We didn't foresee the idea that a whole sewing kit could be included on an 8 inch square piece of fabric! Because our system as it stands at the moment doesn't pay designers a commission on a swatch (and please watch this space for news), you'll be relieved to know that this week we've awarded the other nine designers in the top ten with Spoondollar credits along with the winner. These ornament patterns, by the way, also make terrific projects for novice sewists!

See the Top Ten Hanging Ornament Patterns

The final voting went as follows:

1. 627 votes for Festive Birds Hanging Ornament. (3 birds and 2 owls on a FQ) by cjldesigns
2. 598 votes for Cardinal Hanging Ornament by dianne_annelli
3. 519 votes for Reindeer Ornament by ttoz
4. 493 votes for Cookie Cute Christmas Ornament by marcelinesmith
5. 489 votes for Señor Party Lights (Click to see sewn sample) by happysewlucky
6. 468 votes for peacock ornament by amel24
7. 462 votes for 7 Miniature Teapots. Please zoom to see all 7 of them. by niceandfancy
8. 427 votes for Baby Owl Ornament by natitys
9. 414 votes for Swedish Dala Horse by supercoop
10. 354 votes for hanging ornament elf by irrimiri

11. 353 votes for Little Hanging Birds – Cut and Sew Pattern by monda
12. 339 votes for Twelve-sided Dice of Christmas Ornament by veritybrown
13. 330 votes for polar_bear_ornament_sewing_pattern_copy by dalec
14. 321 votes for 8×8 Ornament by cynthiafrenette
15. 316 votes for raindrops by signora_aurora
16. 316 votes for Hanging Babushka dolls by danielle_b
17. 307 votes for Christmas Stick Pony by nicole_tamarin
18. 298 votes for Santa is giving money this year 🙂 by bora
19. 297 votes for Retro Winter Ornament by theboerwar
20. 284 votes for The Happy Gnome Ornament by mayabella
21. 276 votes for Home For the Holidays (set of 8) Christmas Decorations by kayajoy
22. 273 votes for PeacockOrnament by mrshervi
23. 254 votes for Simple Country Tree Ornament by fabgirl42
24. 252 votes for ChristmasRobinOrnament by madex
25. 249 votes for Rainbow Polka Cat Swatch Decoration (christmas friends on fq) by scrummy
26. 237 votes for gingerbread_house by aliceapple
27. 233 votes for Lace Crochet Ornaments by kdl
28. 226 votes for MATILDA_BIRD by jumping_birds
29. 224 votes for Hanging Flowerbird – RED by nezumiworld
30. 222 votes for Partridge In A Pear Tree Ornament by dianef
31. 213 votes for Winter_Gnome_Ornament by pinkmacaroon
32. 207 votes for Christmans Creacker Jack by verycherry
33. 203 votes for Memories of Home ornament (1950s ranch) by jennartdesigns
34. 203 votes for Faux Embroidery Mitten Ornaments (FQ full set) by babysisterrae
35. 201 votes for Bluebirds of Happiness Plus 9 – buy a FQ for 6 designs; a yard for 10! by glimmericks
36. 198 votes for Happy Feet! by minniemeatdaydreamstudio
37. 196 votes for Rudolph's Candy Cane Snowmobile by sammyk
38. 195 votes for 12 Days of Christmas Plushie Set by marleyungaro
39. 191 votes for hanging-ornaments snow animals by kikibaai
40. 184 votes for Animal hanging ornament pattern by katarina
41. 177 votes for Christmas_Ornament by suziwollman
42. 176 votes for Two circles ornaments by colorwayart
43. 175 votes for Retro Globe by giddystuff
44. 173 votes for Fox and Deer Snow ornaments by shala
45. 173 votes for Cardinal Celebration – Ornament by owlandchickadee
46. 165 votes for Hearty Flowers – Personalised Hanging Ornaments by zoebrench
47. 164 votes for Angel – 1 on swatch, 7 on fat quarter by laurels
48. 162 votes for Mix n Match Mini Hawaiian Quilt Ornament or Mini-quilt by mina
49. 162 votes for nutcracker_ornament by peppermintpatty
50. 160 votes for global warming ornament set by doodleandhoob
51. 158 votes for SNOWFLAKE_ornament by worldwidedeb
52. 156 votes for Parol Hanging Ornament (Please zoom in for details) by gracedesign
53. 154 votes for Guardian angel by paulette_
54. 154 votes for ©2011 Customizable Cut & Sew Corgi Ornament by rusticcorgi
55. 149 votes for Cardinal Holiday Gift Card Ornament by vo_aka_virginiao
56. 145 votes for Ornaments 1, Plushie by animotaxis
57. 142 votes for Color Me Steampunk Ornament by fentonslee
58. 137 votes for Hanging ornament – Plane by marimia
59. 137 votes for Christmas Tram Ornament – Choose your Driver by upcyclepatch
60. 129 votes for pop bot ornament set by modgeek
61. 127 votes for Wonderful Boy Hanging Ornament by blackwood
62. 125 votes for Snow Stuffed Snowflake Ornament by tracydw70
63. 125 votes for two robin plushies by handmadebyclairebear
64. 125 votes for Fabric Queen ornament by melissamelissa
65. 122 votes for Rainbow Orioles by chickie
66. 117 votes for Simon the Seahorse Canes by paragon_studios_one
67. 115 votes for Festive Ornaments – © Lucinda Wei by simboko
68. 113 votes for bats and a skull by sewlolita
69. 112 votes for Mini Stuffed Wreath Christmas Ornament by mongiesama
70. 110 votes for Vlad von Pudding by anaki
71. 110 votes for Aarf – Puppies and Treats by ravenous
72. 110 votes for Kiss Me, You Fool Ornament by my_zoetrope
73. 109 votes for Kawaii Christmas by itybitybags
74. 109 votes for Merry Merry Aviary! ( ornament collection with bonus for larger bolts!) by ceanirminger
75. 108 votes for hanging hen by kato_kato
76. 107 votes for Winter in the mountain hanging by rosapomposa
77. 1
07 votes for Gingerbread Christmas Tree Ornament by waxypin
78. 102 votes for Winter Hanging Ornament, Cut and Sew by yourfriendamy
79. 95 votes for Love, Joy, Peace Ornaments by angelaanderson
80. 94 votes for Holiday Ornaments by marlene_pixley
81. 94 votes for NewStars by seattlerain
82. 92 votes for Sweet Xmas – Ornaments and Plushie by catru
83. 90 votes for PointsettiasInBloom by thrifty_finn
84. 89 votes for purse pot pourri by claudiavv
85. 88 votes for Shaman's Spirit by demigoutte
86. 88 votes for Bassets in Hats (See FQ View for More Bassets!) by robyriker
87. 87 votes for Ornamental Widgets by greenmyeyes
88. 86 votes for perdy birdy winter colours by wednesday'sgirl
89. 85 votes for Mandalabird hanging ornament by fantazya
90. 83 votes for Painted_Star_Ornament by karenmayo
91. 79 votes for Hanging Ornament by candyjoyce
92. 76 votes for hanging ornament by sef
93. 75 votes for 12 Days of Christmas1-4 by leslipepper
94. 73 votes for Tooth Fairy ornament by mikka
95. 73 votes for A Babushka Hanging Ornament in French Script by karenharveycox
96. 73 votes for Leaping Lamb Fan/Light Cord Pull by robin_rice
97. 70 votes for raindeers by wantit
98. 68 votes for Doorhangers: Instructions in Description by pond_ripple
99. 67 votes for Wish upon a star hanging ornament by shirayukin
100. 66 votes for The Nutcracker ornament by majo_bv
101. 65 votes for Duck Ornament Green with Blue Stars by coveredbydesign
102. 64 votes for Holidays Ahoy! A FQ Of Nautical Holidays by drizzlydaydesignco
103. 60 votes for Noël à Paris (clic for more Parisian Hanging ornaments) by mariao
104. 60 votes for Angel hanging ornament by elizabethjones
105. 58 votes for Choose Joy by planetpatricia
106. 56 votes for little blue by fable_fabric
107. 53 votes for Sugarplum Fairy Christmas Ornament by beesocks
108. 51 votes for Bejeweled Ornament plus 1 by khowardquilts
109. 49 votes for ornament6 by bacon_lover
110. 46 votes for Lovely Winged-Egg Mobile by pedrapapeltesoura
111. 45 votes for Follow the Star Ornament by mhagle
112. 44 votes for The Snows by coralyn
113. 29 votes for santa_DOLL by lfntextiles
114. 28 votes for Visually stimulating ornaments for infant's mobile by bargello_stripes
115. 28 votes for Two Turtle Doves, and the Twelve Days of Christmas by wiccked
116. 27 votes for When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney by a_most_peculiar
117. 25 votes for Brick_Santa's_Toy_Bag_Ornament_Brick by pd_frasure
118. 23 votes for Santa_Sleigh_Ornament by artisticendeavors
119. 21 votes for Christmas Tree Ornament by nahuatlv
120. 20 votes for happy holidays mug ornaments by katherinecodega
121. 14 votes for SiggyBearOrnamentFrame6set-Jpg by grannynan
122. 13 votes for Boxed Flower Ornament by annalisa222
123. 12 votes for divya-ed by risha
124. 6 votes for Christmas Star fabric ornaments by curlysusieq

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