Vote for bowling fabrics (& use the winning design to make a new rug for the Dude)

SEP 1, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

Bowling collage
Our fabric design contest this week centers on the unlikely subject of bowling and, as usual, a slew of talented designers have risen to the challenge. Thanks to SammyK for the suggestion. So put on your battered DVD copy of The Big Lewbowski and take your time as you vote for your favorites this week. Check in again next Thursday and we'll let you know who won!

Vote For Bowling Fabrics

The participants this week are:

  1. 1. Strike stripes! by mariao 
  2. 50's Retro Bowling by jazilla 
  3. Action Bowling by pond_ripple 
  4. All_Laned_Up by jdiva 
  5. Alpha Bowling by annalisa222 
  6. Atomic_Bowl_Ball__Zoom by peppermintpatty 
  7. ©2011 Duckpins – zoom 2 see all by glimmericks 
  8. Big Balls of…! by ravenous 
  9. Bold Bowl by craftbelle 
  10. Bowl-ING by catru

Bowl-O-Rama by collectivesurfacellc 

  • Bowl-o-rama! by cynthiafrenette 
  • Bowling by geocool 
  • Bowling by ghennah 
  • bowling by geragee 
  • bowling by lauredesigns 
  • Bowling by brandymiller 
  • bowling by misssmanda 
  • Bowling by jadegordon 
  • Bowling 50's Style by lulakiti 
  • Bowling Bags by cjldesigns 
  • Bowling Ball Phases by aperiodic 
  • Bowling Balls by fabricbycatherine 
  • Bowling Bonanza by katieschrader 
  • Bowling Divas by jabiroo 
  • Bowling Double Date by artist4god 
  • Bowling Geometric by pantsmonkey 
  • Bowling in Awe by forgotten_fortune 
  • bowling in fashion by tewalt 
  • bowling in red by annaboo 
  • Bowling is Beautiful by jannasalakdesigns 
  • Bowling is Fun for Everyone by jennartdesigns 
  • Bowling Lane by kadenza 
  • Bowling Line Up by saenzdesign 
  • Bowling Medallions by theboerwar 
  • Bowling Owls by fattcheese 
  • Bowling Pin Extravaganza by robyriker 
  • Bowling Pinstripe by acbeilke 
  • Bowling Star by annelize 
  • Bowling Stripes Grey by modgeek 
  • Bowling with words by andibird 
  • Bowling-Comics by cassiopee 
  • bowling04 by jnifr 
  • bowlingBLUE by sinelinea 
  • BowlingPat by danielapuliti 
  • bowling_ball by vinkeli 
  • Bowling_Blooms by walkathon 
  • bowling_pattern1 by borianakostova 
  • Bowling_shoes by chameleonfire 
  • bowling_spoonflower_8_28_2011 by compugraphd 
  • bowling_stripe_yellow by snow&water 
  • bowling__by_marilyn by mailyn 
  • Budgies Bowling by heartfullofbirds 
  • Bumbling Bowling Balls by mayabella 
  • Carrie's Amflite Ball by mbsmith 
  • colorful_bowling by littleturtle 
  • Cosmic Bowling Balls by kdl 
  • Drawing bowling by fantazya 
  • Duckpin Bowling by stephanie_ellis 
  • Fantasy Bowling by verity_brown 
  • Flower Power Bowling! by beebumble 
  • flower w/ bowling ball petals! by minniemeatdaydreamstudio 
  • Focus on the pin by coralyn 
  • Four-bagger by nook_design_studio 
  • Freedom to Strike by ninjaauntsdesigns 
  • Friday_Night_Bowlers by mag-o 
  • Galactic Strike by demigoutte 
  • Girls Like Bowling Too by jpdesigns 
  • Got Balls? color chart by paragon_studios_one 
  • happy bowling! by fable 
  • Headpins bowling party! by bora 
  • I feel like a game of pins, don't you? by virginiao*aka*vo 
  • I Heart Bowling by jgreenwalt 
  • It's a Strike by edsel2084 
  • lane by emeliaeh 
  • Let´s stike! by rosapomposa 
  • Matroesjka Bowling by imhere 
  • ModBowlingPins by kimnb 
  • Monster Bowling (or Bowling Monsters)? by irrimiri 
  • Mouse Bowling (Please note:No mice were injured in the creation of this design) by nezumiworld 
  • my bowling sweater by cleverviolet 
  • My little bunny'll go bowling! by jshin 
  • needlework and sunshine pins by scrummy 
  • new_bowling-ed by penelope 
  • NIGHT FUN BOWLING by angelgreen 
  • OddBalls3Stripe-Bowling by grannynan 
  • Psychapins by meredithjean 
  • Retro Bowling Ball Faces by owlandchickadee 
  • Rolling_balls_and_tumbling_pins by adranre 
  • skittle flower stained glass X by sef 
  • Spare! by annosch 
  • Sport Balls by oksancia 
  • stars_n_strikes by topfrog56 
  • Stop, Drop and Roll by sammyk 
  • Strike by craftonista 
  • strike by farrellart 
  • Strike! by a_most_peculiar 
  • strike-ed by flygirl55 
  • Style Points by drizzlydaydesignco 
  • ten pin tricks by wednesday'sgirl 
  • The Bowling Evolution by margarite 
  • the Dude Abides by leighr 
  • The Set Up by oranshpeel 
  • Theres an OWL in – bOWLing ! by purplegoat 
  • tic_tac_toe_bowl by worldwidedeb 
  • Up My Alley 2 by chovy 
  • vintage bowling by loki_and_lamb 
  • Vintage bowling bags by marleyungaro 
  • Vintage Bowling Shirts by trublufabric 
  • Warp and Weft bowling by lauradejong 
  • When Pins get Tired of Being Knocked Around! by sassyone 
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