Raking Through A Pile Of Autumn Fabrics: Vote for all your favorites!

SEP 15, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

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We asked participating designers this week to create autumn-themed designs limited to three colors, with white as an optional fourth color. Not too suprisingly, we got quite a few entries. Looked at in bunches, it's hard not to imagine what a beatiful fall quilt they would make. Please head over and vote for your favorites! We'll report back as usual next week.


The participants this week are:

1. 02BIRDS by artitbymandra
2. 100_2621-ch by myartself
3. 4th Doctor's Fall Scarf Stripe by fentonslee
4. A Change of Season by saenzdesign
5. A Creamy Pumpkin Pie Border by inscribed_here
6. A Day in the Forest by my_zoetrope
7. A Fall of Fun by eclectic_house
8. A is for Acorn! by minniemeatdaydreamstudio
9. a sting in the stripe by wednesday'sgirl
10. A sure sign of Autumn (in Texas) is the Homecoming Mum by beesocks

11.   Abby's autumn tapestry by paragon_studios_one
12. About to Fall by shirayukin
13. acorn by melissamelissa
14. Acorn Love by verdigrisdye
15.   AcornPattern by danielapuliti
16. Aki (Big) by hakuai
17. An Autumn Dahlia For Dad. By Rhonda W. © 2011 by rhondadesigns
18.   AntlerFabricOne by lpulverworks
19. Apple by rowsew
20.   Apple-Autumn by european-skies
21. As the Crow Flies by ceanirminger
22.   AUSTRALIAN_AUTUMN_ by paloma_le_sage_fabrics
23.   automne_chêne_ by paky
24.   autum flowers by cousapequenas
25.   autumn by cutekotori
26.   autumn by littleturtle
27.   autumn by tante_lein
28.   AUTUMN by stagemother
29.   Autumn by nikishor
30.   Autumn by livie
31.   autumn by smokey_longlong
32.   Autumn by laughincolor
33.   Autumn (Brown) by pennycandy
34.   Autumn – bird's remember by happy_to_see
35.   Autumn 2011 by j_whitham_illustrations
36.   Autumn 3 color by sawabona
37.   Autumn Acorns by audzipan
38.   Autumn Animal Hide Flora by mag-o
39.   Autumn Apples by jpdesigns
40.   Autumn Apples 4 color by joybucket
41.   Autumn Approaching by annelize
42.   autumn box plaid by knorberg
43.   Autumn Branches by kamilindoto
44.   Autumn Butterfly by quiltsmith
45.   Autumn Coziness – Chocolate Background by owlandchickadee
46.   Autumn Damask by cynthiafrenette
47.   Autumn Dandelions by simplysweet
48.   Autumn dusk by marimia
49.   autumn evening by camillacarraher
50.   Autumn Fabric 2011 by jazilla
51.   Autumn Fairy by irrimiri
52.   Autumn Fairy (pillow/cushion front) by scrummy
53.   Autumn Flowers Garden by kdl
54.   Autumn Foliage by simboko
55.   Autumn Folk by valentinaramos
56.   autumn forest by babysisterrae
57.   autumn forest by dennisthebadger
58.   Autumn Forest by monda
59.   Autumn forest restricted palette by celebrindal
60.   autumn garden by susieswe
61.   Autumn Girl by kiwicuties
62.   Autumn Greyhounds in 3 colors ©2011 by Jane Walker by artbyjanewalker
63.   Autumn Harvest Pink by acbeilke
64.   Autumn Hearts © 2010 Gingezel™ Inc. by gingezel
65.   Autumn Home by painter13
66.   Autumn Ikat – Blue by pattysloniger
67.   Autumn in Australia by crinkled
68.   Autumn in the city by chulabird
69.   Autumn in the forest by cjldesigns
70.   Autumn In the Woods by natitys
71.   Autumn Joy by andibird
72.   Autumn Kite by martinaness
73.   Autumn Lace by jillian_morris
74.   Autumn Lanterns by siya
75.   Autumn leaf abstract stripe by bargello_stripes
76.   Autumn Leaves by misssmanda
77.   Autumn Leaves by katieschrader
78.   Autumn Leaves by hanie
79.   Autumn Leaves by forgotten_fortune
80.   Autumn Leaves by oksancia
81.   Autumn leaves by bmarb
82.   Autumn Leaves by jiah
83.   Autumn Leaves Are Falling by jabiroo
84.   Autumn leaves blowing in the wind by madex
85.   Autumn Leaves must Fall by artist4god
86.   Autumn Leaves Swirl by cil
87.   Autumn Leaves Will Fall by robyriker
88.   autumn love in the forest ♥ by signora_aurora
89.   Autumn Migr
ation by sherryann

90.   Autumn Owl Tree Stripe by ttoz
91.   Autumn pattern by yaskii
92.   autumn retro leaves by cherthebear
93.   Autumn Roses by twobloom
94.   autumn shrooms by anaki
95.   Autumn Silhouettes (please zoom for details) by annosch
96.   Autumn Song by rhubarbinthegarden
97.   Autumn Tree by brandymiller
98.   Autumn Trees by kezia
99.   Autumn Trees are Trembling by sarahwalden~peacoquettedesigns
100.   Autumn Twilight Walk by verity_brown
101.   Autumn Umbrellas by zoebrench
102.   Autumn White Pumpkins by countrygarden
103.   Autumn Without Snow by scifiwritir
104.   Autumn Wreath by joonmoon
105.   Autumnal by bellenoel
106.   AutumnBerries by mrshervi
107.   Autumnish Mamushkas by catru
108.   AutumnMaples by grannynan
109.   Autumn_2011 by rosalie409
110.   Autumn_Circles by niceandfancy
111.   autumn_dahlias_2 by serah
112.   Autumn_Damask_Brown___Purple_by_Teja_Williams by teja_jamilla
113.   Autumn_Dayzee by sillyheart
114.   autumn_design_spoonflower_9_8_2011 by compugraphd
115.   Autumn_fabric by optic_design
116.   Autumn_Falls_Too_Soon by jdiva
117.   Autumn_Floor by summerycreations
118.   Autumn_jewels by adranre
119.   Autumn_Picnic by krystal_hunt
120.   Autumn_s_bounty by alfabesi
121.   ©2011 Autumn Glory Red by glimmericks
122.   Big Autumn Blossoms by ravenous
123.   Bigger autumn decor by fantazya
124.   bittersweetoaks by zoliepress
125.   Blowin' in the wind by collectivesurfacellc
126.   Bold Season by the_lovely
127.   Bountiful harvest by theboerwar
128.   breezy by chelsgus
129.   breezy autumn by fabgirl42
130.   bright_autumn by rabble
131.   build_up_stocks by johanna_design
132.   Candy Cornflower Fabric Basket by kwootten2
133.   Catch A Falling Leaf – Autumn – © PinkSodaPop 4ComputerHeaven.com by pinksodapop
134.   Celtic Bats on Black by ingridthecrafty
135.   Changing of the Guard by sammyk
136.   Chrysantemum – flower of the autumn by andrea11
137.   Clouds or leaves by chameleonfire
138.   Dancing in Air by robinrice
139.   Dogs Of Autumn by rusticcorgi
140.   fall by dannyellamichiella
141.   Fall by jadegordon
142.   Fall by fibrefreak
143.   Fall by belindabilly
144.   fall acorn fashions by annaboo
145.   Fall Acorn Twist by cindy_lindgren
146.   fall aspens by creativebrenda
147.   Fall Flowers by modgeek
148.   Fall is for Foxes by jgreenwalt
149.   Fall Leaf Mashup by susaninparis
150.   fall line-up by juliannlaw
151.   Fall Squash Stripe by mayabella
152.   Fall sweet fall! by fable_fabric
153.   Falling by ninjaauntsdesigns
154.   Falling Leaves by lulakiti
155.   falling leaves by nickels
156.   Falling Lightning Leaves by pond_ripple
157.   FallingLeavesinaStorm by ineedewe
158.   falling_feathers by bouclésf
159.   falling_leaves by rockpaperfabric_design
160.   falling_leaves by jefflint2002
161.   fallstripes2 by vena903
162.   FallSwirls by ghennah
163.   fallwinds2 by beary_organics
164.   fall_leaves by lynnerd
165.   fall_leaves by jeanne_mcgee
166.   First frost on the Japanese Maple – pillow to
p, back with your choice of coordinating fabric by victorialasher

167.   Forest Floor by a_most_peculiar
168.   Forest for the Trees by leighr
169.   Forest1s by kutup
170.   fun-in-the-fall by suziwollman
171.   Geometric Array Leaves Falling_3-color by mina
172.   Ginkgo Leaves by yooliadesign
173.   ginkgo leaves print mustard by frumafar
174.   Golden Autumn by salzanos
175.   Golden Leaves by illusio
176.   goldenginko1 by emi-chan
177.   GoldenLeaf by kasadesigns
178.   Grasses Make Me Sneeze by meduzy
179.   Happy Autumn Leaves by majo_bv
180.   Hexagon Webs in Purple by sophie_benoit_studio
181.   Holding on by meredithjean
182.   If Leaves Fall in the Forest by drizzlydaydesignco
183.   il_430xN_145130409-ed-ch by mothernurturedesigns
184.   Indian Corn by straymittens
185.   Indian Corn by lauradejong
186.   It's Raining Autumn Goodies! by sassyone
187.   jack-o-lantern-ed by readerwoman
188.   Knitted_Chevron_Autumn by elmery
189.   LaraGeorgine_autumn by larageorgine
190.   Le Fall by 3hourspast
191.   Leaf Collection by jennartdesigns
192.   leafsquare3_copy by itsrachel23
193.   Leap to autumn by verycherry
194.   Leather pieces by melissamarie
195.   leaves by rumbles
196.   Leaves by vaslittlecrow
197.   leaves_for_spoonflower_contest by mailyn
198.   Like a Fall by demigoutte
199.   listky by renule
200.   Little brown squirrel's world by lj
201.   Little red riding hood in autumn forest by bora
202.   maple by dssheck
203.   maple leaf 3 autumn by sef
204.   Maple Leaves 1, L by animotaxis
205.   Maybe birds can help! by rosapomposa
206.   migrating_geese by kortnee
207.   modleaves2 by taniashaw
208.   Mr. Fox's Family Tree – orange by annaz
209.   New Falling Leaves by missyjones
210.   newtown pippin by lfntextiles
211.   New_Autumn_Fabric_150 by rubyrice
212.   Northern Autumn, Southern Spring by forest&sea
213.   Nuts about Autumn by lauesen&day
214.   Oak Leaves and Acorn Border by creative8888
215.   Oak leaves and acorns by hannafate
216.   oakleaves_'n_acorns by squirrelgirl
217.   Oh, Magnificent Trees! by fussypants
218.   OldTown, Autumn by evamarion
219.   Paper Kites in Autumn Sky by angelgreen
220.   Patchwork Autumn Leaves by nezumiworld
221.   pears by loki_and_lamb
222.   Pears, Acorns, Leaves and Logs by gsonge
223.   POP leaves tri color by pinedesign
224.   pumpkin apple herringbone by sol
225.   Pumpkin Seeds – Purple by lowa84
226.   Pumpkin Spice by sew*la_grace
227.   Purply Oak Leaf by corinnevail
228.   PUZZLE_LEAVES by tamiwedekindworks
229.   rabbits in mustard by katarina
230.   Rain_over by sinelinea
231.   red autumn by cassiopee
232.   Red Squirrel in Autumn by melisza
233.   Retro Autumn by curlyandbean
234.   Rose Hips And Leaves – Autumn Colourway by giddystuff
235.   Rosehip by l2na
236.   Sage & Pumpkin Oak Leaves by pantsmonkey
237.   Scattered Fall by cpilgrim
238.   Scyamore Seeds by katiebw
239.   September Flowers by merttu
240.   spoonflower—leaf by kncpdesigns
241.   SquirrelsGoingNuts by dianne_annelli
242.   stylized sunflowers in vivid autumn colors
by krasilni_razbor

243.   Sukkot by boris_thumbkin
244.   Sun Flower by annalisa222
245.   Sunflowers in the Fall by kiwiandsteve
246.   The long sobs of the violins of autumn lay waste my heart… by wantit
247. the_teddy_bears_walk by claudiavv
248.   Those Nutty Squirrels by meg56003
249.   Trees by philippa_rice
250.   Treetop Getaway – Night version by kayajoy
251.   tree_of_life_spoonflower by worldwidedeb
252.   Turning Back The Clock by highflyer
253.   tweety chirp chirp hoot 01 by amel24
254.   UMBELAS AUTUMN by umbelas
255.   umbrellas by brokkoletti
256.   undergrowth by saltimbanque
257.   Watercolor Harvest Leaves by marleyungaro
258.   When the Frost is on the Pumpkin by edsel2084
259.   WindyCapers by jtterwelp
260.   You Owe Me A New Acorn (zoom for detail) by noaleco

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