Please don’t throw me in that plushie pumpkin patch! Check out our latest contest winner

SEP 29, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

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The winner of our contest to design patterns for Jack O 'Lantern-themed plushie toys and pillows is longtime Spoonflower member, but first-time winner, Michelle Cavigliano, an illustrator from Brooklyn, New York. Her terrific Cutie-Cat Pumpkin pillow pattern won the most votes this time around — congratulations, Michelle! We actually managed to sew nine of the top ten in time for our weekly missive, so be sure to check the photos on our Facebook page. It's starting to be the time of year when you can't resist the urge to curl up with a nice, soft gourd, so you're fortunate that all of the top ten patterns are now available for sale!

See the Top Ten Jack O'Lantern Plushie Patterns

The voting results were:

1. 739 votes for Cutie-Cat Pumpkin Pillows by my_zoetrope
2. 694 votes for Trick Or Treat Candy Sorter Plushie by sammyk
3. 664 votes for Jack o' lantern and his best friends by bora
4. 637 votes for Dress up your Jack o'lantern by verycherry
5. 601 votes for Pumpkin Skellie (Click to see sewn sample) by happysewlucky
6. 547 votes for Creepy Pillow by purplegoat
7. 481 votes for Happy Plush-o-ween! by jennartdesigns
8. 473 votes for pumpkinbanner by suziwollman
9. 444 votes for Quilter's Jack-O-Lantern by mrshervi
10. 388 votes for Jack'o'Lantern plushie hat-mask kit (with treat bag) by majo_bv

11. 370 votes for Vintage Halloween ~ Waiting for Mamma by a_most_peculiar
12. 353 votes for Skullie jack o' lantern pillow kit by paragon_studios_one
13. 341 votes for witch pumpkin by annaboo
14. 293 votes for STACKOLANTERNS by divabeck
15. 286 votes for PUNKIN LOVE PIILOW in "MULBERRY" by stagemother
16. 286 votes for JackO_lantern by cassiopee
17. 270 votes for Jack of Many Faces Blocks and Storage Bag by fabgirl42
18. 257 votes for The Doll in the Jack o' Lantern Dress! by lulakiti
19. 254 votes for "Box" Pumpkin! – Store your sweets inside it! by shirayukin
20. 248 votes for Jack'o Shrunken Head by ravenous
21. 237 votes for Decorate your pumpkin kit by haleystudio
22. 224 votes for Plush Pumpkin Pillow Pair – Panel with bonus by inscribed_here
23. 215 votes for Jack and Jill o'Lantern by laurijon
24. 190 votes for Jackie Lantern Plush by longoriagirls
25. 189 votes for Jacques O. Lantern and Owl pillow by meg56003
26. 188 votes for Jack O'lantern cut and sew with Hankerchief by nikky
27. 181 votes for Jack Owl Lanterns Plushie Pair by kdl
28. 181 votes for Ferocious Man-Eating Pumpkin by yourfriendamy
29. 175 votes for Jack & Friends (4 Halloween Plushies & Accessories). Please click to see details close-up! by delsie
30. 164 votes for Pumpkin People Pillows by eislinn
31. 161 votes for black_cat_pattern by dalec
32. 157 votes for Jack O Lantern Pillow or Treat Bags by eclectic_house
33. 157 votes for Haloween Grab Ball Pillow by topfrog56
34. 155 votes for Halloween dice by chameleonfire
35. 145 votes for PumpkinBlackCatPillow by grannynan
36. 145 votes for Jack o'lantern plushie bag "choose your moon" by mariao
37. 140 votes for Five Little Pumpkins by leighr
38. 139 votes for jack_o_lantern_box_light by glimmericks
39. 136 votes for Pumpkin Girl Doll by mayabella
40. 133 votes for Pirate Pumpkin Pillow Plushie Pattern by pantsmonkey
41. 114 votes for Cinderella Leaving the Pumpkin Patch: Pillowcase by pond_ripple
42. 113 votes for Pumpkin-Puss Pillow by dianne_annelli
43. 110 votes for Stars and Moon Jack o Lantern Plushie by fentonslee
44. 109 votes for pumpkin girl plushie by signora_aurora
45. 109 votes for Jack O Lantern Family Plushies by verdigrisdye
46. 108 votes for Sans_titre-2 by elfyne
47. 107 votes for Pumpkin_pillow by worldwidedeb
48. 106 votes for pumpkinhead cushion by sef
49. 105 votes for Halloween Jack Plushie Wreath by giddystuff
50. 96 votes for Happy_Hallobeanies by mejo
51. 92 votes for Mr. Pumpkin Noggin by robyriker
52. 87 votes for Four Pumpkin Pals by drizzlydaydesignco
53. 86 votes for Mr Jack Pumpkin and Ghostie by nezumiworld
54. 83 votes for Jack O'Lantern Plushie by brandymiller
55. 80 votes for Punkinhead Jones Night & Day Pillow Plushie by sarahwalden~peacoquettedesigns
56. 66 votes for Blocky Pumpkin by terridee
57. 66 votes for Cinderella's Carriage Pumpkin Plushie by bargello_stripes
58. 66 votes for Gourd-geous George by qdpatooties
59. 64 votes for PumpkinFamilysHalloween by silverslippers4
60. 59 votes for Jack o'lantern miam miam plushie by fantazya
61. 50 votes for Mr Jack O'Lantern Head by theboerwar
62. 46 votes for Posh Pumpkin Pillow and Cube Kit by modgeek
63. 46 votes for Silly Monster-y Jack o'lantern Plushie Pillows by scrummy
64. 45 votes for Pumpkin Stacker Jack O Lantern and Kitty Pattern by prettyroses
65. 18 votes for Trick or Treat by robinrice

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  • OMG!!! I can’t believe this!!! I just got back from a week of holidays with my family and total disconnection. I finally decide to vote for the weekly contest, and see the AWESOME news that I’m on the top 10 of the week!!! THIS IS FABULOUUUUUUUUUS!!! I’M SOOOOO OVER THE TOP HAPPY!!! Thank you ALL for the votes and for taking me here!!!