Foxy trend: Are foxes the next owls or birds of the fabric world?

SEP 30, 2011 updated Apr 28, 2021

Fox fabrics collage 2 Designs from top left:  "Little Red Fox" by Bora; "Red Fox Stripes" by Pond Ripple; "Renaldo" by Momnmia;
"Foxen" by Holli Zollinger; "Good Night" by Antoniamanda; "Fall is for Foxes" by Jgreenwalt;
"Foxes Large" by Em Wie Maike; "Forest Friends" by Pattysloniger; "Squirrel Sanctuary" by Petunias

Is it my imagination, or are foxes showing up more on fabrics lately?  I heard that Lizzie House's next collection, Outfoxed, will be released soon and this made me realize I'd been seeing foxes show up quite a bit on Spoonflower, too.

What do you all think?  Are foxes the next owls or birds of the fabric world? How can you tell when a motif is becoming trendy anyway?

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