Hana Hou! Vote for your favorite Hawaiian cheater quilt designs in this week’s contest

AUG 18, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

Hawaiian quilt collage
Quilting-booksThis week's contest is for cheater quilts that mimic the traditional style of Hawaiian quilts, which generally consist of a design in a single color appliqued on top of a background with some sort of border. For examples, of course, you can always check Google images. I had never heard of Hawaiian quilts until Spoonflower team member Holiday stopped by my desk a few weeks ago to show me a little book she'd been reading called "Hawaiian Quilting Made Easy." It really seemed like a perfect fit for a cheater quilt contest. A "cheater quilt," as you probably know, is one in which the design is printed onto the fabric rather than pieced. The entries this week look amazing. I can't wait to see some of the contest fabrics from this week quilted and finished. Please, please, please post photos in the Flickr group!

Vote For Hawaiian Cheater Quilts

The participants this week are:

1. Seaweeds and hibiscus flowers cheater quilt by mariao
2. 3 by keskha
3. 8 Bit Crab – Hawaiian Style Cheater Quilt by jesseesuem
4. A Flowery Sugar Skull by my_zoetrope
5. A hawaiian queen's quilt by paragon_studios_one
6. a Hawaiian Quilt by shiny
7. AAaaaaaloha Cheater Quilt by leeleeandthebee
8. After the Rain by kayajoy
9. Akahai Quilt by jennartdesigns
10. Aloha Quilt by resdesigns

11. AlohaHawaiianCheaterQuilt_designmagi by designmagi
12. Alpine Warmer by theboerwar
13. Amahiki Quilt by kdl
14. Appliqué Kamehameha Butterfly Hawaiian Cheater Quilt by scrummy
15. Birds of Hawaii Quilt by owlandchickadee
16. Birds, butterflies and flowers by amypfeiffer
17. Blackberry Bramble by verity_brown
18. Blue Hawaii by pattysloniger
19. Blue Hawaii Quilt by charleneruell
20. Botanical Hawaiian Quilt Cheater by katieschrader
21. Butterleaf Quilt (contest view) by spellstone
22. Candle Spirit by scifiwritir
23. Celtic Hawaiian Quilt – Green Leaves by nezumiworld
24. Christmas Time Hawaiian Quilt by cjldesigns
25. Contest Hawaiian Quilt by pond_ripple
26. Cooktown Orchid 4 colour quilt by Rhonda W. by rhondadesigns
27. Cool Summer by createdgift
28. Daffodil Dreaming by purplegoat
29. Deadly Nightshade Hawaiian Quilt by ceanirminger
30. Feminine Nature by virginiao*aka*vo
31. For the Birds (Hawaiian Quilt) by leighr
32. From Hawaii to Mexico by cassiopee
33. Green Hawaii Fleur De Lis by dogdaze_
34. Green Sprout Burst by cil
35. Hand Shadows Taking Flight by kahoxworth
36. Hawaii-blues by margarite
37. Hawaiian Blue by mag-o
38. Hawaiian Cheater Quilt by brandymiller
39. Hawaiian Cheater Quilt by forgotten_fortune
40. Hawaiian Cheater Quilt – Orange by carollynnborstdesigns
41. Hawaiian Cheater Quilt – Solid by dangersquirrel
42. hawaiian cheater quilt blue by snork
43. Hawaiian Cheater Quilt Contest by corinnevail
44. Hawaiian Cheater Quilt Design – Endangered Flora & Bird . . . (please zoom to see detail) by creative8888
45. Hawaiian Dream by creativebrenda
46. Hawaiian Fire Dance by summerycreations
47. Hawaiian Garden by eclectic_house
48. hawaiian pineapples – cheater quilt in turquoise, rose, and white by bubbledog
49. Hawaiian Quilt by captjaylni
50. Hawaiian Quilt by ta_ta
51. Hawaiian Quilt by salzanos
52. Hawaiian Quilt by ravenparadox
53. hawaiian quilt by cleverviolet
54. Hawaiian Quilt by jadegordon
55. Hawaiian quilt (cheater) by catru
56. hawaiian quilt (cheaters) by susieswe
57. Hawaiian Quilt – Phoenix Diving by thesummercountry
58. hawaiian quilt – teal by endemic
59. Hawaiian Quilt Circle of Flora by jgreenwalt
60. Hawaiian quilt with autumn spirit by irrimiri
61. Hawaiian quilt with orchids by hannak
62. Hawaiian quilt, hibiscus by fantazya
63. Hawaiian Sea Turtles Cheater Quilt, Sea Foam – © Lucinda Wei by simboko
64. Hawaiian squids are the very best squids – Mint on deep blue by thirdhalfstudios
65. Hawaiian style cheater quilt 33bbff by victorialasher
66. Hawaiian Surf – Quilt by nicoledanette
67. hawaiian2 by marcij
68. HawaiianWhimsy_CheaterrQuilt by silverslippers4
69. Hawaiian_Blooms by suziwollman
70. Hawaiian_Flowers_and_Pineapple_cheater_quilt_7 by khowardquilts
71. hawaiian_mandala_quilt by chameleonfire
72. hawaiian_quilt_design by tewalt
73. hawaiian_quilt_design_2 by serah
74. Hawaiian_Spoonflower_big by worldwidedeb
75. Hawaiin_Cheater_Quilt by tessiedesigns
76. Hawaii_pink by sinelinea
77. hawai_quilt2 by renule
78. Hibiscus and Hummingbird Hawaiian Quilt Top by topfrog56
79. hibiscus on water by thelazygiraffe
80. holly leaf, flower and berry quilt/tablecloth by sef
81. Kauai Turtle by coloroncloth
82. Lady Keeper of the Forest by ravenous
83. leilani quilt by fabgirl42
84. Little Gecko In Paradise by annosch
85. Lotus Hawaiian Quilt by jillian_morris
86. Mango Tango Hawaii by ninjaauntsdesigns
87. Matisse&
#39;s Seaweed by jenimp

88. Mermaidens by loveolamb
89. Mock_Hawaiian by mckeearts
90. ModHawaiianQuilt by dianne_annelli
91. my_mood by cveta
92. nene quilt by signora_aurora
93. Okika Paradise by dandelionwinter
94. Orchid Kaleidoscope by artist4god
95. Palm trees Hawaiian Quilt by kiwiandsteve
96. Paper Dolls by pininkie
97. Paradise_Garden by adranre
98. Parisian Lights by glimmericks
99. Peacock Feather & Butterfly Hawaiian Quilt1_MARINE-BLUE_AQUA_CREAM by mina
100. Peacocks in love – Hawaiin quilt by miss_blümchen
101. Pineapple Paradise by robyriker
102. Plumeria (with quilt label and selvage.) by rabble
103. pohutukawa by robocass
104. quilt_hawaien_NEPHILIM by nephilim
105. Red flowers of Hawaii by haleystudio
106. Reflective Beauty by grannynan
107. Retro Hawaiian Cheater Quilt by cynthiafrenette
108. Royal Hawaiian by melissamelissa
109. Seasons Hawaiian Cheater Quilt by katiebw
110. Shhh don't wake the baby! by meredithjean
111. Stained-Glass-Butterflies_36x36TRedCenter by scissorhandscps
112. Sunset Flowers by millifleur
113. SweetPotatoHawaiianQuilt by m-bellishment
114. Synchronized Orchid Hawaiian Quilt by babysisterrae
115. This_is_Gonna_Take_a_Lot_of_Stitching by jdiva
116. Tree Hawaiian Cheat Quilt by prettyroses
117. Tropical Crafters' Delight by sammyk
118. twist_leaf_four by wednesday'sgirl
119. Ulana – Hawaiian Quilt (Cheater) by giddystuff
120. Umi Numbers Hawaiian Quilt in ula ula and 'oma'oma'o by pennycandy
121. `Apapanes and `Ōhi'a Lehua Blossoms. by forest&sea

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