Shark fabrics attack! [Try not to splash while voting.]

AUG 5, 2011 updated May 30, 2016
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What, you may ask, is the ideal use for shark fabric? Perhaps as a laminated fabric overlay for a surfboard? Boxer shorts? Power tie? If you figure it out and make something, by all means please post a photo of the project in the Spoonflower Flickr group. But before you get to that point, you'll have to swim with the shark fabrics and do some voting. While you're voting, try not to splash too much.

 * Vote For Shark Fabrics * 

  1. Field Guide to Sharks by glimmericks 
  2. Kawai sharks in pink waves (exercise in style) by mariao 
  3. Peril at Poker Point ( viewing issue, click to see true image) by ceanirminger 
  4. A Real Nail Biter by sammyk 
  5. A Shark Needs a Bicycle by tazmeraz 
  6. A Sharky You Can LOVE! – © PinkSodaPop by pinksodapop 
  7. against_the_stream-ch by wednesday'sgirl 
  8. Aloha! Shark by brandymiller 
  9. Along came a Shark! by jmckinniss 
  10. Aquarium Sharks though the Window by nezumiworld 
  11. Attack of the 80s Sharks by acbeilke 

  • Attack! by thesummercountry 
  • A_Shiver_Of_Sharks by walkathon 
  • baby-sharkies-square by adrianne_adelle 
  • Batik Shark Panel by cjldesigns 
  • Bitey Mouth by kahoxworth 
  • Card Shark by sherryann 
  • Card Sharks by robyriker 
  • Chubby Shark (cut & sew) by leighr 
  • Close Encounters of the Shark Kind by sassyone 
  • Cool Sharks by cynwilkinson 
  • Cut Paper Sharks by gsonge 
  • damask haifische by signora_aurora 
  • Deep Sea Beauty Contest by kayajoy 
  • Dogfish sharks in shallow water – zoom for full pattern & self-border effect by mina 
  • Don't Panic by owlandchickadee 
  • fabric_design_sharks by tewalt 
  • Finflower by kdl 
  • Fish Are Friends, Not Food by jpdesigns 
  • Fresh summer sharks by fantazya 
  • Hammerhead by xanabeth 
  • Hammerhead by craftinomicon 
  • hangingwiththesharks-1 by scifiwritir 
  • Happy Sharks by jenimp 
  • Happy Sharks by createdgift 
  • Happy Sharks! by whitneyotic 
  • Hello Sharks by amywtsn 
  • Here Fishy Fishy! by robinrice 
  • Hidden Depths by candyjoyce 
  • Houndstooth Shark by artistandrea 
  • i heart shark by mufninc 
  • I saw sharks by grahek 
  • In the Weeds by joonmoon 
  • Inuit Inspired Shark by ninjaauntsdesigns 
  • Jewels_of_the_Sea by mag-o 
  • Killer Goldfish by pininkie 
  • layer of shark fins by raasma 
  • Look Out Little Fish by elsp 
  • Lost at Sea by 57worlds 
  • Love at First Bite by dearnicole 
  • Mac the Shark by dreamskyart 
  • Marine life — blue by keskha 
  • Mosaic Sharks by chris_jorge 
  • MUNCH by stagemother 
  • my illustrated guide to sharks by bubbledog 
  • ocean_jenimals by rosesegrest 
  • Om Nom Nom by ravenous 
  • ooops…burp! by amel24 
  • paper shark by yonyon 
  • Paper sharks by sev 
  • rainbow shark attack! by ~mm~ 
  • roundabout_shark by leolietje 
  • Row, Row, Row Your Boat Gently Down The…SHARK ATTACK! by ttoz 
  • Scary_waters_small by adranre 
  • sea by tgsn 
  • Seaside shark play by gvide 
  • Serene by monda 
  • Shark by jadegordon 
  • Shark by danielapuliti 
  • Shark & Seek by modgeek 
  • Shark Attack! by kezia 
  • Shark Attack, S by animotaxis 
  • Shark Bite No? by salzanos 
  • shark crosss stitch by babysisterrae 
  • Shark Crowd by angelgreen 
  • shark dance in diamond formation (medium) by sef 
  • Shark Deco Circles by andibird 
  • Shark Fins by katsanders 
  • Shark Frenzy by lauredesigns 
  • Shark Frenzy – 02 – Gray Sharks on Blue . . . Shark Week by creative8888 
  • Shark in the Water by annalisa222 
  • Shark Infested Sea by edsel2084 
  • Shark infested waters… by minniemeatdaydreamstudio 
  • Shark moments by catru 
  • shark of a different color by fabgirl42 
  • Shark School by audzipan 
  • Shark smile ^ ^ by majo_bv 
  • Shark Surfing Border Print (Please Zoom for Full Effect) by pond_ripple 
  • Shark Swirl 2 by kwootten2 
  • Shark Tank by kra 
  • Shark Teeth Fossils by ccreechstudio 
  • Shark Teeth, The Ocean's So Bright You Gotta Wear Shades! by laurijon 
  • Shark Tessellation by sethness 
  • Shark Time by katieschrader 
  • Shark Trellis by lulabelle 
  • shark's friends by uni 
  • Shark's teeth by victorialasher 
  • shark1 by mayabella 
  • shark1200 by wren_leyland 
  • Sharkfun by wemel 
  • SharkInfestedWater2 by grannynan 
  • sharkpack by lkglioness 
  • sharkprintblue by mejo 
  • sharkrepeat2150 by emi-chan 
  • Sharks by fromgabriela 
  • sharks by shiny 
  • sharks by graphiccookie 
  • Sharks by lauradejong 
  • sharks by beebumble 
  • Sharks by loki_and_lamb 
  • sharks by lenjohnson 
  • Sharks by fattcheese 
  • sharks by lorem_ipsum 
  • sharks by topfrog56 
  • sharks and bubbles by stephanie_ellis 
  • Sharks and Octopus at night by sary 
  • Sharks at Pyjama Party by demigoutte 
  • Sharks Circling in blue by cleverviolet 
  • Sharks Galore by meredithjean 
  • sharks in the water by annaboo 
  • Sharks love fish by chameleonfire 
  • sharks Meeting by jabiroo 
  • Sharks on a school trip (please zoom in for detail ^^ ) by irrimiri 
  • Sharks on the Beach by eclectic_house 
  • Sharks Rock! by lusyspoon 
  • Sharks to the Left, Sharks to the Right by studio13eleven 
  • SHARKS! by jazilla 
  • SHARKS-blue by garwooddesigns 
  • Sharks4Girls by annadriel 
  • sharksfabricwaves by serenity_ii 
  • Sharks_and_Triangles by kimnb 
  • sharks_in_love by cassiopee 
  • sharks_in_the_sea by claudiavv 
  • sharks_tooth_blue by rabble 
  • sharks__by_marilyn_nepp_sturner___sharks by mailyn 
  • sharktrial by joshua_disciple@gmail_com 
  • sharky by ambtho 
  • sharky by jefflint2002 
  • sharky by echoboxx 
  • Sharky Waters by circlealine 
  • sharky3-ch by hiti_design 
  • shark_attack by momshoo 
  • Shark_by_Johan_6yrs by viljatwins 
  • shark_duo by rockpaperfabric_design 
  • Shark_Fabric_Contest3 by erin_kaiser 
  • shark_graffiti2 by gr8chefmb 
  • shark_mermaid_bubbles_spoonflower by worldwidedeb 
  • shark_pattern by smalltalk 
  • Sky Sharks by thirdhalfstudios 
  • Sky Sharks by fentonslee 
  • Smile and show your grin by tracydw70 
  • snack_attack-01-01 by meems 
  • Spinning Circle Sharks by flinchumfabriccreations 
  • Take Care! Dolphins Never Swim Alone… by annosch 
  • TEETH Beneath the Reef by mytinystar 
  • The Shark Approaches the Cage by boris_thumbkin 
  • There once was a shark that swallowed a cephalopod by theboerwar 
  • TigerSharkGathering by seattlerain 
  • Toothsome! by virginiao*aka*vo 
  • Tribal_Shark_Festival by jdiva 
  • We are not going to eat you! by coralyn 
  • West Side Story by verity_brown 
  • Whale Shark: As Big as a School Bus – © Lucinda Wei by simboko 
  • whale sharks by margarite 
  • who's afraid? by tante_lein 
  • woo woo sharkies by scrummy 
  • Word Shark by agb 
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