Roller Derby Fabrics Elbow One Another For Prize: Vote for your favorites!

JUL 21, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

Roller-derby collage2
Bruises? Blood-stained clothing? Aching muscles? No, we’re not talking about quilting, but another sport of champions: roller derby. This week’s designers in one fell swoop managed to create the world’s largest collection of roller derby fabrics. And they are fabulous. Go vote. Now.

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The skaters are:

  1. ‘Spank Alley’ Babes by scrummy 
  2.  A Bout Time: Derby Toile! by sammyk 
  3.  © 2011 Rollerderby by glimmericks 
  4.  Beetle Roller Derby by corinnevail 
  5.  Beware__Roller_Bunnies_! by adranre 
  6.  Bold Eyeshadows by ravenous 
  7.  BORN 2 SK8 by gsonge 
  8.  bubble gum roller derby by bubbledog 
  9.  CRASH! BOOM! BÄNG! Derby Time Again! by annosch 
  10.  crazy_roller by maribel 
  11.  DANGER DAMASK in PRISSY PINK by stagemother 
  12.  derby by adrianne_adelle 
  13.  derby decals by aperiodic 
  14.  Derby Girl on Fire by ninjaauntsdesigns 
  15.  Derby Girlies by cynthiafrenette 
  16.  derby girls by theboerwar 
  17.  Derby Girls Rock by cjldesigns 
  18.  Derby Legs Black the Killer Beesocks! by beesocks 
  19.  Derby Starz Blue on Blue by mokacrafts 
  20.  Derby Strategy by ginapina 
  21.  derby-ed-ch by lkglioness 
  22.  derbyfabric by craftinomicon 
  23.  derbygirls by joilakes 
  24.  Do You Speak Roller Derby? by owlandchickadee 
  25.  Floored (in the roller derby) by irrimiri 
  26.  Hedgehog Roller Derby by yespleasestudio 
  27.  Hurt in a Skirt by jennartdesigns 
  28.  I Hit Girls For Fun by apagog 
  29.  Jamming by terridee 
  30.  Lead Jammer Check by patsy_clothesline 
  31.  Let’s get ready to rumble by virginiao*aka*vo 
  32.  Little Roller Girls by jpdesigns 
  33.  Lucky Red by lothar 
  34.  Old School Roller by stephanie_ellis 
  35.  Origami Roller Derby by madeofpaperandthings_etsy_com 
  36.  Our Lady of the Holy Rollers by thirdhalfstudios 
  37.  pink roller derby by yonyon 
  38.  Pink! by jillian_morris 
  39.  Pivot and Jammer Roller Derby-ed by carmen_attcha 
  40.  Ready to Roll! by createdgift 
  41.  Ready_to_Roll2 by dogdaze_ 
  42.  Retro Rollerderby Yellow by flinchumfabriccreations 
  43.  rioller_derby-ed-ed by mailyn 
  44.  Rockn’ Roller Gurlz by married_with_chickens 
  45.  rollar_derby_ by nickinic99 
  46.  Roller Derby by leighr 
  47.  Roller Derby by pennycandy 
  48.  Roller Derby by katieschrader 
  49.  Roller Derby Chick by xenira 
  50.  roller derby fabric 9 year old bailey by baileyboo 
  51.  Roller Derby Girls by racheljones 
  52.  roller derby hardcore fun by jenr8 
  53.  Roller Derby Jammer Blue and Black by akwdesigns 
  54.  Roller Derby Mashup by verity_brown 
  55.  roller derby paper doll chain by babysisterrae 
  56.  Roller Derby Parade by sherryann 
  57.  Roller Derby Pivot & Jam by jazilla 
  58.  Roller Derby Princess by minniemeatdaydreamstudio 
  59.  roller derby skates by raasma 
  60.  Roller Derby SPLAT! by robinrice 
  61.  Roller Derby! by my_zoetrope 
  62.  Roller Girls Rock! by sev 
  63.  roller in pink!! by ambtho 
  64.  roller skate by melissamelissa 
  65.  roller-ed by ambid1124 
  66.  roller-skates by sef 
  67.  RollerDerby by eerie_doll 
  68.  rollerderby by katrinaj 
  69.  RollerDerby by danielapuliti 
  70.  RollerDerbyFinal by walkathon 
  71.  rollerderbytextile by enidk 
  72.  RollerDerbyYo by *erinred* 
  73.  roller_20derby by j_whitham_illustrations 
  74.  Roller_Derby by seattlerain 
  75.  Roller_Derby_Canvas by jdiva 
  76.  roller_Derby_spoonflower by worldwidedeb 
  77.  Roller_explosions by coralyn 
  78.  Rooler-Derby by artistandrea 
  79.  Roulez_Roller by cassiopee 
  80.  Scan by grossmutti 
  81.  Shut up and skate! by kea_ 
  82.  Skates by chovy 
  83.  Skates on Fire by kiwiandsteve 
  84.  Skating within the lines by tracydw70 
  85.  The Robo Derby by ceanirminger 
  86.  the undead roller derby girls by annaboo 
  87.  Tiger Toes and Laundry Terrors by spellstone 
  88.  tumipop-ed by hélenapiaggio 
  89.  Vintage flying roller derby skates by fantazya 
  90.  vintage roller derby by cleverviolet 
  91.  Wheels…. circling on white by rabble

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