One-Yard Skirt Patterns: Vote for your favorite in our latest contest!

JUL 14, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

1-yard-skirt collage
Every now and then we throw out a contest theme that requires some serious skills. This week’s version required designers to put together a cut & sew pattern for a skirt that could fit onto a single yard of fabric. But no fewer 60 designers rose to the challenge. You can vote for all the patterns you’d like to imagine making, whether or not you’re ready to break out the needle and thread.


The participants this week are:

  1. Ready to sew peacock skirt by mariao 
  2. (Please Zoom) Geese in Rain Boots Skirt by pond_ripple 
  3. A Lil Girls Skirt by createdgift 
  4. Ahoy Skirt child size 4-7 by designcamp 
  5. but I want to be a flower! by sef 
  6. CANDY HEART Easy Sew Skirt (2-3 years) and 18″ Dolly Tunic Dress by scrummy 
  7. Charity_Skirt by jdiva 
  8. circle_skirt2011 by nikky 
  9. Coral Humming Bird Skirt Pattern w/ Instructions by flinchumcreations 
  10. Dance All Day- skirt pattern by katrinazerilli 

  11. DesertBorderSkirt by patters 
  12. DIY New Romantic Skirt- adult size 0 to 16 by theposhvagabond 
  13. Dolltastic 1 yard skirt pattern by zoebrench 
  14. easy_70s_flower-_power_skirt_J by findevogel 
  15. evelyns summer skirt by fabgirl42 
  16. Eye Spy Skirt by beckarahn 
  17. Feather_Flare_skirt by sappy_lady 
  18. Fish in a Bowl by carlar 
  19. Flamingo Garden Skirt by joybucket 
  20. Flora Illuminated in 1 Yard Skirt Pattern – © Lucinda Wei by simboko 
  21. Floral blues voile border print skirt by bargello_stripes 
  22. Flouncy Flirty Flowers by jmckinniss 
  23. Flower pocket puffball skirt pattern by celebrindal 
  24. Flower skirt (dandelion) with a box pleat in the front by verycherry 
  25. Garden Path Two-tiered Skirt Kit | Youth by katieschrader 
  26. Gulls Skirt by woo 
  27. It All Revolves Around Me by kahoxworth 
  28. Let It Be Skirt by robyriker 
  29. Little_Girl_Twirly_Skirt by seattlerain 
  30. Mesa_Verde_One-Yard_Skirt by verity_brown 
  31. Monks among the Sunflowers by trelilli 
  32. Multi-sized Candy Skirt by modgeek 
  33. My apple tree ‘folding’ skirt by bora 
  34. pencil skirt by annaboo 
  35. Rainbow Hibiscus – Girls One Yard Skirt Pattern by shannonmac 
  36. Rainbow Twirl Skirt by sammyk 
  37. Reversible Spider Skirt Cut and Sew Pattern by verdigrisdye 
  38. Robot Twirly Skirt (with plushie & mini bag) by jennartdesigns 
  39. Ruffled Feather Skirt by juliettie 
  40. Secret_Garden_girls_skirt by peppermintpatty 
  41. Simple Folk Skirt – S size (for fabrics 54” width and more) by ravynka 
  42. Skirt_forgetmenot by glimmericks 
  43. skirt_pattern_1_yard_copy by catrionat 
  44. Stained Glass Pencil Skirt by thesummercountry 
  45. Striped pencil skirt in one yard by su_g 
  46. Summer Roses Skirt Pattern by mag-o 
  47. Summer Skirt by Chameleonfire by chameleonfire 
  48. Super Easy Girl’s Trumpet Skirt – Quilting weight only. Watermelon Pink by anntuck 
  49. Swan Skirt by melisza 
  50. Swim Fishy Swim (Skirt, Fishbowl Bag, Headband and more) by sew-me-a-garden 
  51. Swirly Girls Twirly Flutterby Skirt Kit by kdl 
  52. The Gathering.. (Women’s Skirt Pattern) by rhysotronic 
  53. The Happy Gnome Toddler Skirt by mayabella 
  54. To the High Seas, Girls! by kayajoy 
  55. Unicorn One Yard Skirt Panel by wendyg 
  57. Useful Measurements Dress and Skirt (All Sizes Directions) by primenumbergirl 
  58. Village by the Stream by theboerwar 
  59. wild horses reversible skirt pattern by babysisterrae 
  60. Ruffle Skirt – 3T to 5T by loveolamb 

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