Butterflies of a certain color: Vote in our latest palette-limited fabric design contest

JUL 7, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

Butterfly collage2
Summer-palette-2Our contest this week is for butterfly-themed fabrics, but not just any old butterflies. The designers were required to use a restricted palette of colors to create their designs. The result is a set of just over 200 designs that together would make a truly amazing quilt. You can vote for as many as you like, so have fun!


The participants this week are:

  1. Papillons bleus by mariao 
  2. "and Butter -flys Are Free to Fly" Fly Away….. by outsideartist 
  3. 3 butterflies and a an apple by bora 
  4. 5879236486_56b0031160_b-1 by bbmarie 
  5. 6cButterflyNFlowers by ghennah 
  6. A Butterfly Filled Summer Garden! – © PinkSodaPop 4ComputerHeaven.com by pinksodapop 
  7. A Cloud of Butterflies by m-bellishment 
  8. A Colorful Collection by jordan_elise 
  9. A Flutter of Butterflies by owlandchickadee 
  10. AMagicButterflyWhiteDaisy-ch by grannynan

  • Anatomy of a Garden in Color – © Lucinda Wei by simboko 
  • And then…I saw her. by david_hearn 
  • Apiculate Butterflies by annalisa222 
  • © 2011 Butterflums 02 by glimmericks 
  • barcodebutterflies_edited-1 by frances"fancy_felter" 
  • Beauty Flies by lowa84 
  • Blissful Butterflies by createdgift 
  • Block Print Lace Butterflies by kdl 
  • Blue Butterflies by gracedesign 
  • Blue Butterflies & Flowers Virtual Batik by mina 
  • blue butterflies in tiger lilies by uzumakijo 
  • Bold Butterflies by strive 
  • boldbutterfly by mejo 
  • bountiful butterflies by bubbledog 
  • Bright Butterflies (please zoom in) by mikka 
  • Bubble Butterflies by havemorecake 
  • butter by pg23 
  • Butterflies by jennartdesigns 
  • Butterflies by alli's_studio 
  • butterflies by coralyn 
  • Butterflies by borianakostova 
  • butterflies by nandyc 
  • Butterflies by joonmoon 
  • Butterflies by mandakay 
  • Butterflies by rosapomposa 
  • butterflies by sewingstars 
  • butterflies by noelle_fontaine 
  • butterflies by pennycandy 
  • butterflies by karenmayo 
  • Butterflies & Moths by vdyej 
  • Butterflies (small) by verycherry 
  • Butterflies and Cherry Blosoms Pattern by diane555 
  • Butterflies and Flowers by siya 
  • Butterflies and flowers by shala 
  • Butterflies and Monsters (zoom for best view) by pond_ripple 
  • butterflies are free! by sherryann 
  • Butterflies by Henny by hennymoeller 
  • Butterflies Fresh Modern Stripe by joybucket 
  • Butterflies Garden by feng 
  • Butterflies in green by ambtho 
  • Butterflies in Orange by countrygarden 
  • Butterflies love pink! by newmom 
  • Butterflies Love Wild Daisies by inscribed_here 
  • Butterflies Together by nezumiworld 
  • Butterflies within Butterflies by sev 
  • butterflies_-_stripes_copy by d'lee-d'laa 
  • butterflies_fruit by renule 
  • Butterflies_in_the_sky by art_is_hard 
  • Butterflies_LimitedPalette_Contest by corinnevail 
  • Butterfly by jadegordon 
  • butterfly by sladeschool 
  • butterfly by tex-arts 
  • butterfly by uni 
  • butterfly by divawitch 
  • butterfly by stella12 
  • butterfly accumulation by babysisterrae 
  • Butterfly Babies by bobbyvonsandwichface 
  • Butterfly Batik by westofthemoon 
  • Butterfly Blueprint by creative8888 
  • Butterfly Damask by myzoetrope 
  • Butterfly Damask – Limited Palette Colors by pattysloniger 
  • Butterfly Dance by acbeilke 
  • butterfly dance by rockpaperfabric_design 
  • Butterfly Double Helix by ceanirminger 
  • Butterfly Florals and Stripes by simplysweet 
  • Butterfly Flutter by lydia_meiying 
  • Butterfly Flutterby by ourdailythread 
  • Butterfly Forest (please zoom for detail) by scrummy 
  • Butterfly found on a Hippie's Levi's by eclectic_house 
  • Butterfly Garden by kezia 
  • Butterfly garden by cjldesigns 
  • Butterfly Garden by marlene_pixley 
  • Butterfly Garden by stephanie_ellis 
  • Butterfly Girl by mag-o 
  • Butterfly Jam by jazilla 
  • Butterfly Kaleidoscope by ninjaauntsdesigns 
  • Butterfly Lace Lilac by lesser_george 
  • butterfly limited colors by wren_leyland 
  • Butterfly Loop De Loop- ZOOM PLEASE 🙂 by gsonge 
  • butterfly lovers above lake on sunny day by ann-dee 
  • Butterfly Ornamental by andibird 
  • Butterfly Paisley by lenjohnson 
  • butterfly paisley by kec19 
  • butterfly showers by cricketswool 
  • Butterfly Storm Quilt by Rhonda W. © 1994-2008-2011 by rhondadesigns 
  • Butterfly Stripes by eerie_doll 
  • Butterfly Vortex by wandering_philosopher 
  • butterfly-ed-ed-ch-ch by thanksgiving_dinner 
  • butterfly-limited_colors-01 by midhun 
  • butterfly3 by jnifr 
  • ButterflyDasyBorder by thornbirds 
  • ButterflyGrid.C by kimnb 
  • ButterflyPattern by danielapuliti 
  • butterflyTwo2011 by nikky 
  • butterfly_blue by jsmurray 
  • Butterfly_blue by adranre 
  • butterfly_contest_ab by trelilli 
  • Butterfly_daze by hgf71 
  • butterfly_flowers by maribel 
  • Butterfly_Fun by writefullysew 
  • Butterfly_pattern by worldwidedeb 
  • butterfly_rainbow_greens by wendyg 
  • butterfly_shapes by serah 
  • butterfly_upload_big by ingolina 
  • Butterleaf Tree by spellstone 
  • C'EST LA VIV™ Butterfly Park by c'est_la_viv 
  • Chaos & Butterflies by leighr 
  • Cocoon by theboerwar 
  • Crazy butterfly (& moth?) puzzle by irrimiri 
  • Damask_butterflies by shirlene 
  • Deconstructed Butterflies by susaninparis 
  • Dotterflies by sew-me-a-garden 
  • dotty butterfly by lfntextiles 
  • double-stacked butterflies by aperiodic 
  • dusty butterfly by aprilaza 
  • everything but the butterfly* by sef 
  • Eyelet Butterflylets by sammyk 
  • Fantasy orange_and_blue_butterflies (please view as swatch or zoom)_18 by khowardquilts 
  • farfisaXXXX by ksoul 
  • final5 by andyjmiller 
  • five colour butterflies by raasma 
  • Floral butterfly print by jasmo 
  • Flower and butterflies by celebrindal 
  • Flowerlanding by alfabesi 
  • Flutter Fun by minniemeatdaydreamstudio 
  • Flutter Ribbons by jillian_morris 
  • Flutter-by Eyes by whatsit 
  • Flutterbies On Blue by bargello_stripes 
  • flutterby by country_chic' 
  • flutterby by fabgirl42 
  • Flutterby Butterflies by yellowkitty 
  • flutterby butterfly by senihomes 
  • flutterby butterfly by monda 
  • flutterbys by maria_b 
  • FlutterofButterflies by walkathon 
  • fluttery butterflies 2 by caresa 
  • Flying High by bgart 
  • From caterpillar to butterfly by lieve 
  • Garden Party by greenmyeyes 
  • Glasswings on Green by medúzy 
  • Glowflies by tracydw70 
  • Green Butterfly Strips by robyriker 
  • GreenMeadow3 by lothar 
  • Groovy Nouveau Butterflies by carollynnborstdesigns 
  • heaven_butterfly_comp by claireturner 
  • herzfalter by punze 
  • Hidden Butterflies by melisza 
  • Hidden Cocoon by ravenous 
  • historia de la mariposa by mama-arte-eco 
  • I heart butterflies by alaina_marianne 
  • In the garden by valentinaramos 
  • June_s_Butterflies by jdiva 
  • Karner Blue Butterfly Garden by fussypants 
  • Lacey Butterflies by mayabella 
  • Large Butterfly Geometric by pantsmonkey 
  • Lepidoptera by jenimp 
  • Lepidoptera by shirayukin 
  • Livvieland Flutter Byes by zoebrench 
  • Luci_Mistratov_spoonflower2_butterfly_blue_var8 by luciamist 
  • Luna in Pink by robinrice 
  • Madame Butterfly by malien00 
  • mama_jax's letterquilt by mama_jax 
  • Margarinefly by edsel2084 
  • Mariposas by dna2011 
  • Mariposas – limited colour palette by catru 
  • Modern Butterfly Garden by cynthiafrenette 
  • Monarchs by theposhvagabond 
  • multi_butterfly_pattern by verity_brown 
  • nature-urban-landscape-lrg by kinetik_soul_textiles 
  • Paisley Butterflies by shannonmac 
  • PAPILLON in BLUE by stagemother 
  • Papillonade ! by demigoutte 
  • Papillons_de_printemps by cassiopee 
  • Patterned Papillons by kayajoy 
  • Patternflies by inktreepress 
  • Peace, Love and Understanding by virginiao*aka*vo 
  • Princess Butterfly by meredithjean 
  • Psychedelic Butterflies by kaito_kun92 
  • Retro Butterflies : Orange by modgeek 
  • Retro butterflies in halftone pattern by ravynka 
  • Retro Butterfly – Swallowtail by quiltsmith 
  • Rockabilly Butterfly Girls by sunflower1974 
  • Silk Cocoons – blue by majo_bv 
  • Small butterfly Tree by catrionat 
  • spoonflowerButterfliesOrange by marlabs 
  • StripedButter-01 by loki_and_lamb 
  • stripes_butterflies by yonyon 
  • Summer Butterflies by ted_and_rose 
  • SummerWings by patters 
  • Summer_Butterflies by patternedpeacock 
  • Sweet Summer Flutter by flinchumcreations 
  • Tangled Butterflies by noaleco 
  • The Butterfly Bush by kiwiandsteve 
  • The Flutter Cycle by borealchick 
  • thewhitebutterfly by mccarma3 
  • Tiki Time B-Fly by heatherdutton 
  • Tree-hugger's Lawn by forest&sea 
  • Vines and Butterflies by redpumpkinstudio 
  • Vintage Butterflies by rayne 
  • White Butterfly Dance by jennetheridge 
  • Winged creature, I will call you . . . Butterfly. by seamingly_simple 
  • You are the one. by dimples_monkey 
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