Who knew fishing fabrics could be so fabulous? Unlikely sport honored by textile designers

JUN 2, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

Fishing collage
The idea of inviting the Spoonflower design community to have a go at designing fabrics around the sport of fishing struck us as quirky fun when we came up with it as a topic a few weeks ago, but the results are actually astonishing. There are a whole school of lovely fabrics among the 204 entries in this week's contest, even if I'm not entirely sure what they'll be used to make. [Sleeping bag liners, maybe? Boxers?] This turned out to be a terrific contest, so be sure to cast a line, er… vote!


The participants this week are:

  1. I'm a Woman,and I Hunt Fish….."FISHING can BE Pretty" by outsideartist 
  2. streamers collection by mariao 
  3. "A la pêche" by nadja_petremand 
  4. A Fish in the Pink by pond_ripple 
  5. A Fish Worth of Fish by jmariewlkr 
  6. A Fishy Fish by ninjaauntsdesigns 
  7. A Fishy Situation by robynkufaas 
  8. Against the Flow by twobloom 
  9. ahti by ruusulampi 
  10. Allureing by ourdailythread 

  • anchors-1-ed by courtlyons 
  • Angel_Fish by atrainnyc 
  • Antique Fishing Lures by creative8888 
  • ©2011 Ladies Fishing by glimmericks 
  • Bait and Switch by sammyk 
  • Bait Box by rabble 
  • BBFD by antoniamanda 
  • Bears love fish! by bora 
  • blue-green fishing hooks by echoes_of_chaos 
  • Boats by creativebrenda 
  • Boats & Pelicans by raul 
  • Bob the Gnome by jaja 
  • boys_dream_of_fishing by camillacarraher 
  • Bubble Fish by dianaelaine 
  • Bubbles in aquamarine by delsie 
  • Calmaria by eppiepeppercorn 
  • car(p) in aqua by ndesigns 
  • cat fishing by rosapomposa 
  • Catch me if you can by betje 
  • Catch me if you can! by createdgift 
  • catch of the day by fabgirl42 
  • Catch_me_if_you_can by adranre 
  • Catfish in the Stream by ravenous 
  • Caught Up! by tidagi55 
  • ChrisDickason_SeaShanties by chrisdicko 
  • Crab fishing by tinet 
  • Dance of the Fishing Flies by lothar 
  • deep_sea_fish_my_marilyn_sturner_2011_april_25 by mailyn 
  • DSC00293 Clear Clean Waters for Our Planet by josephinefletcher 
  • DSCN6437-ed by frau-h 
  • dum fisk by scrummy 
  • Fabric Fish by rupydetequila 
  • Fiesta Fish by katenelligan 
  • Fischmuster by grafinchen 
  • Fish by jesstyrrell 
  • Fish by alaina_marianne 
  • fish by yonyon 
  • Fish in the sky by melisza 
  • Fish Pond Friends by kim_buchheit 
  • Fish view of fishing by eyecontact 
  • Fish Wish by complexity 
  • Fish Without a Bicycle by sarahwalden~peacoquettedesigns 
  • fish-fabric-fat-quarter-all-flat by erinys 
  • Fisherman by tricia_lowenfield 
  • fisherman in early morning by hildebrandt 
  • fisher_mandala_2 by naturesface 
  • Fishie2 by cricketswool 
  • FISHIES by deeniespoonflower 
  • fishies-ch by erica_hoag 
  • Fishie_Coral by lulabelle 
  • fishin by paragon_studios_one 
  • fishing by livie 
  • Fishing by front_porch_studio_nantucket 
  • Fishing by kimsa 
  • fishing by spharris 
  • fishing by tex-arts 
  • Fishing by phatsheepfabrics 
  • Fishing Big Fishes by plastessina 
  • Fishing Boat by tarmo 
  • FISHING BUG by turquoisecro 
  • Fishing Chaos by newmom 
  • Fishing Family by Tanna 
  • Fishing for the Fifties by willowsharp 
  • Fishing for Your Love – Poem in description by flinchumcreations 
  • fishing hook by raasma 
  • Fishing in the Fishy School – Bubbles by mona_lulakiti 
  • fishing is golden by annaboo 
  • Fishing Lures & Bait by jaydesign 
  • Fishing Net by kdl 
  • Fishing Place settings by kaerushisho 
  • Fishing Trip by jadegordon 
  • Fishing with dad by 7monsters_t_inc 
  • fishing with worms by babysisterrae 
  • Fishing-gold_fish-01 by denisedian 
  • FishingENGRAVEd-Blue by j9400 
  • FishingFloralFish by coveredbydesign 
  • Fishing_Boys by sunny_marquez 
  • Fishing_Camouflage by mag-o 
  • fishing_fabric by rward 
  • Fishing_Lure_Pattern by smalltalk 
  • FISHING_mundoimaginario by mundo_imaginario 
  • fishing_scarf by ann-dee 
  • fishy by kwootten2 
  • Fishy Bubbles by lkglioness 
  • fish_dance by sinelinea 
  • fish_fabric by adrianne_adelle 
  • fish_fabric by countrygarden 
  • Fish_Fun by teen_y_a_hulk 
  • flndrssf by jevaart 
  • Floral ver. 1 by optikmass 
  • Fly Fishing by lauradejong 
  • Fly Fishing by divawitch 
  • fly_grid by anne-m-bray 
  • Fresh Water Fishing by bobbin4apples 
  • FRESHWATER (zoom for detail) by stagemother 
  • fresh_catch_with_flags by yes,_please__studio 
  • Funky Fishies by jpdesigns 
  • Gnomy fishing by catru 
  • Go'n Crab Fishin' by ttoz 
  • goldfish by vina 
  • Goldfish Bowl by lydia_meiying 
  • Gone fishing by zoebrench 
  • Gone Fishing by designedbyginalouise 
  • Gone Fishing by call_me_chartreuse 
  • GoneFishy3JPG by grannynan 
  • Gossamer Gills by laurarae 
  • HalibutFishingAlaska by corinnevail 
  • Hiding_from_the_fishermen by niceandfancy 
  • hook 'em by kateg 
  • hook line and sinker by -suz- 
  • Hook, Line and Sinker by jmckinniss 
  • Hungry-Fish by scoutmom131 
  • I Had It First!!!! by beebumble 
  • I'm hungry… – Let's fish! (please zoom in ^ ^) by majo_bv 
  • Ice_Fishing_ by grandma_julie 
  • Il est bon mon poisson ! by cassiopee 
  • In the koi pond by edsel2084 
  • Into_the_light-02 by lee_kerr 
  • Jeweled Fish by robinrice 
  • KAMIKOI by kipuruki 
  • kattyailiesei's shape glyph by kattyailiesei 
  • Keep Fishing by leighr 
  • koi-pond-fabric by kiwicuties 
  • Koi_Wish by sewingakeene 
  • Late Night Snack by jannasalakdesigns 
  • Lazy_Day_Pond by small_pie 
  • Let's Go Fishing! by studiohdesigns 
  • Line_Tangle by potoch 
  • little fish blu by claudiavv 
  • littlefish2-ch by caresa 
  • Look ma! No hands! by virginiao*aka*vo 
  • Lunchtime at the Lazy Bird Colony by kayajoy 
  • Lure ya to the fishing hole by tracydmc70 
  • Lures by theboerwar 
  • Magnetic fishing by cjldesigns 
  • mahi_mahi_in_photoshop by barrybeaux 
  • manyfrillyfishcoloronwhite by joonmoon 
  • Maryland Blue Crabs White by gladigin@gmail_com 
  • Michigan cottage lake fish by slkanitz 
  • Mouse sets sail by itybitybags 
  • My first fish by su_g 
  • My Kind of Fishing by purplegoat 
  • nauticalshark by relanab 
  • netting, by jellybeanquilter 
  • Night For Fishing and Flights by gumball_grenade 
  • NorthernFishOnBlue by dianne_annelli 
  • on the hook by stephanie_ellis 
  • On_the_way_to_Pebble_Pond by coralyn 
  • optical fishing by studiojelien 
  • Or Would You Rather Be A Fish? by sherryann 
  • Papioplay_8x8 by gyotakumaui 
  • Party Placoderm by lulubrooks06 
  • pêche_miraculeuse by paky 
  • Petits Bouchons by virginieozanon 
  • PiscesZodiac by morellco 
  • Plenty of Fish in the Sea by polanafowdrey 
  • pond by ambtho 
  • Purple Fish by cherthebear 
  • Rainbow Jellyfish by glendat 
  • Retro Fishin' by cynthiafrenette 
  • river bottom by doodleandhoob 
  • Royal stamp fishing by sophieclark 
  • Sailboats – In The Land of Boys by aimeemarie 
  • Salmon Fishing by haleystudio 
  • Salt Water Dorado by annalisa222 
  • Scatter! by forest&sea 
  • School_of_Lures by jdiva 
  • sea fishing by kaito_kun92 
  • Sea Fishing by woo 
  • Sea Stars and Urchins by deb*g 
  • Snack Time Cat Fishing by mayabella 
  • Something Fishy by westofthemoon 
  • Something fishy by shirayukin 
  • Something's Fishy by amystein 
  • Something_fishy by girl_from_the_garden_city 
  • spoonflower-segelboote-ch by gabriolisa 
  • spoonflower_entry by bridgesdesigns 
  • stateandmaine by designcamp 
  • Stylizedfish2 by griggs313 
  • Tackle Box by jennartdesigns 
  • The Fish by kiwiandsteve 
  • The Fishermans Feast (edging) by leeleeandthebee 
  • They Are In There Somewhere… by mina 
  • the_dance_of_the_jellyfishmaterial_copy by belindachamberlain 
  • Think of the worms! by sef 
  • traffic in the oceans by mimi&me 
  • Trout Stream by deerose 
  • Underwater by kathleenkaller 
  • Vintage Small Mouth Bass by pojeda 
  • Wached on the beach by chris_aart 
  • Watercolor Fishies by marleyungaro 
  • we don't want to be turned into fish fingers! by amel24 
  • Whale by sewbettie 
  • Where's-My-Fishing-Hat- by writefullysew 
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