Crayon Cloth Napkin Design Contest: Vote for your favorites!

JUN 9, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

Napkin collage2
We asked designers this week to use wax crayons and a scanner to create centered patterns that can be printed and hemmed to make cloth napkins. You'll see that the sizing in these entries is a bit all over the place, but we decided not to exclude any because they weren't exactly 18-inch squares. We did, however, pull out designs that were not set up to be intact napkin patterns that could be cut & sewn individually. There were some terrific crayon-drawn fabric designs that we removed because they were set up to repeat and thus did not quite fit the guideline for creating a napkin pattern. Nevertheless, our contest this week includes some designs that would not only be great as napkin sets, but might work even better for accent pillow covers. This is a fun contest and also serves as a great way to try  your hand at designing fabric for the first time.

Vote For Your Favorite Crayon Napkin Patterns

The participants this week are:

  1. "Only the Best for You" Custom Napkins – Crayon Drawn by flinchumcreations 
  2. 10 Minutes with a Blue Crayon by twobloom 
  3. 18" botanical napkin by endemic 
  4. 18" cloth napkin pattern by rupydetequila 
  5. 18" Napkin by pond_ripple 
  6. 18Napkin_TurkishTeapot by corinnevail 
  7. a Tree for all Seasons by rabble 
  8. Abstract Swirlique napkin by edsel2084 
  9. Ace_Napkin by divawitch 
  10. All the colors in the box by haleystudio 

  • Ants' Picnic by theboerwar 
  • apple of my eye by fabgirl42 
  • Appletree_Balloon by annemiek 
  • Aqua floral napkin by mandollyn 
  • Baby Tiger Wants Your Food – Napkin by lulakiti 
  • BigBangGardenNapkin_one_inch_hem_allowance_ by mag-o 
  • birdfish by vina 
  • blanket by studiojelien 
  • Block Party in Crayon by julieantinucci 
  • Blue Crab with Rope Border Sand and Shells Crayon 18" Napkin by creative8888 
  • Blue Willow Inspired Napkin by aa 
  • Circles in a Square Napkin by pennycandy 
  • Clean Me! by coloroncloth 
  • crayon by j_whitham_illustrations 
  • Crayon Birds by annadriel 
  • crayon circles napkin by yema 
  • Crayon Cupcakes & Circlets! by pinksodapop 
  • Crayon Garden by beebumble 
  • Crayon Girl by sunflower1974 
  • crayon kokeshi doll napkin by scrummy 
  • Crayon Leaf Rubbings by delsie 
  • Crayon Patio Napkin by home_designs 
  • Crayon Pebble Collage by cvale 
  • Crayon-lace by adranre 
  • CrayonNapkin by pinklilyfarm 
  • Crayon_drawing_18in_Napkin by yes,_please__studio 
  • crayon_mandala by oranshpeel 
  • crayon_napkin-ed by ann-dee 
  • crayon_napkin_2 by serah 
  • Crazy Feet Napkin by kayajoy 
  • cubic bloom by aperiodic 
  • Cupcake_Love by tracibixby 
  • dandynapkin by caresa 
  • dinnerware by meagandsegal 
  • Doodling in colors napkin/pillow kit by majo_bv 
  • Dragon by jadegordon 
  • Dragonflies on parade by minniemeatdaydreamstudio 
  • everywhere silverware by annosch 
  • Fantastical Floral Serviette by sammyk 
  • Fat Buns Delft Napkin by kdl 
  • FestiveCrayonNapkin by dianne_annelli 
  • flowers_expressed by marygrace 
  • garden cat by alison-berry 
  • Garden Flowers by creativebrenda 
  • garden_party by cricketswool 
  • goldfish_napkin2 by eclectic_house 
  • HankyPankyCrayonColorContest2 by grannynan 
  • Happy Forest by babybubbleco 
  • Having the Birds For Tea 18" napkin by cynthiafrenette 
  • IMG_38494 by aprilaza 
  • Jubilant – crayon napkin by andibird 
  • Lady Bird Crayon by zoebrench 
  • LilahsClothNapkin by ghennah 
  • Loaves and Fishes, Manna and Quail by wendymaroon 
  • may chicken by mimi&me 
  • May Flowers by annalisa222 
  • Meko by monasita 
  • melted floral bliss ~ I by 4myhoneypie 
  • Melted_Crayon_Cut_Paper_Wings by digitalginger 
  • mmmCorn_cayon by outsideartist 
  • My daughter with Balloons by salzanos 
  • Napkin by loveolamb 
  • napkin by courtlyons 
  • napkin -ed by raasma 
  • Napkin for a Knight who eats the essentials by su_g 
  • Napkin_Paisley_1 by dzynchik 
  • Not Your Grandma's Last Supper Napkin by anotherbanana 
  • Ovals on Plaid Napkin by seamingly_simple 
  • Paloma's garden by paloma_le_sage_fabrics 
  • peacock pair crayon napkin by cjldesigns 
  • Peony Love by joybucket 
  • Picnic at the Park by dna2011 
  • POM_napkin-ed by lula_belle 
  • Pumpkin Patch by countrygarden 
  • Rainbow Doodles Napkin (FQ) by jenimp 
  • Red Pods Crayon Napkin by gsonge 
  • red-white and blue by thatswho 
  • Reflected suns by borianakostova 
  • Rooster, Hens and Chicks by horizontalstudio 
  • Seasons Napkin/ Pillow set (see yard for full collection) by ceanirminger 
  • spoonflowerbird-ed-ed-ed by lvhlee 
  • spot of tea by babysisterrae 
  • Spring floral napkin/pillow kit by virginiao*aka*vo 
  • Spring Napkin by liz_debellis 
  • Squares in Square by westofthemoon 
  • Summer Picnic by shoebox 
  • summer vines by koni 
  • Sun flowers napkin: 18 inches, done in crayons by victorialasher 
  • Sunflower_Napkin_flat by gem_graphics 
  • Sweet Peas by lothar 
  • The Lovely Fox by taraput 
  • The Rainbow Heart by agb 
  • The Vineyard by createdgift 
  • Top-6-ed-ed by sherrygoshon 
  • Tree of life design in napkin in crayons by tracydmc70 
  • Two hundred and sixteen crayons by candyjoyce 
  • Utensil Animal Napkin by 7 year old by eislinn 
  • veggie napkin by kec19 
  • Wild Clover by lauradejong
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