By the fabric’s red glare… Vote for your favorite fireworks fabrics!

JUN 30, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

Firework collage 500
Here in the U.S. we're getting ready to celebrate Independence Day, so this week's batch of contest fabrics is all about fireworks… let's just call them pyrotextiles. Sadly, it's probably too late at this point to put in an order for a 4th of July tablecloth. But it's not too late to vote for your favorites!

Have a lovely holiday. We'll have some exciting news to share next week, so please be sure to check our blog next Thursday!


The full list of this week's participants is:

  1. 3 starbursts (R6XV1 c10x5o3 KX3) by sef
  2. 3-2-1_Celebration_time! by adranre 
  3. 4th_of_july by greenjs 
  4. 4_year_old_fireworks-ed by kidsandme 
  5. 879 by glitterbiz99 
  6. A Firework by annalisa222 
  7. accident_with_a_rainbow-ed by savvie07 
  8. aglow 2 by gonerustic 
  9. American bird. by panova 
  10. American fireworks by barakatblessings 

  • American Fireworks, please zoom by shni_shna_shnu 
  • At the shore, we celebrate! by virginiao*aka*vo 
  • avas0 by chefatthebay 
  • A_Day_of_Doodles by lovesredvelvetcake 
  • A_floral_fire by tex-arts 
  • ©2011 Nature's Fireworks by glimmericks 
  • Baby you're a firework! – © PinkSodaPop by pinksodapop 
  • beach blanket view by caresa 
  • Bella and Bandit Watch Fireworks by robinrice 
  • bigbangfireworks by chewytulip 
  • Black & Color Fireworks by pond_ripple 
  • Black French Poodle Pink Eiffel tower by greerdesign 
  • Blazing Sun by animotaxis 
  • boom bang-a-bang! by monda 
  • Bottle rockets red glare by edsel2084 
  • Carnival Print by jag0812 
  • Cartoon Firercracker by isabellegenest 
  • Catherine Wheels by freakgeekunique 
  • Celebrate by farrellart 
  • Celebrate Red, White and Blue by countrygarden 
  • Chevron Fireworks by jaydesign 
  • Chrysanthemum Fireworks by lothar 
  • circle_of_many_colors_sm by jan_&_lucielu_ 
  • color explosion by michlae 
  • Crackling Sky by virginieozanon 
  • desert_fireworks3 by topfrog56 
  • DesignrocketSpace by kathreenricketson 
  • Dog_Parade by bzbdesigner 
  • doo_doodle_dee by deborama 
  • Douger Fireworks Girl? Leads the WAY by outsideartist 
  • Dragon_Fireworks by eclectic_house 
  • Explode XXL by feramicidesigns 
  • fabric_design2-ch by mommyglamour 
  • family,fireworks,fun by mejo 
  • feu_d_artifice by paky 
  • Fibonnaci Fireworks by candyjoyce 
  • Finalé! New Year's Eve Fireworks, 2007 by su_g 
  • Fire Dragon by jmckinniss 
  • fire work in space by raasma 
  • Firecracker, Firecracker, Boom, Boom, Boom by ourdailythread 
  • Fireflies Soiree by la_paloma 
  • Firestar by spellstone 
  • firework by allgeek 
  • firework cathrine wheel !! by ambtho 
  • Firework Delight by creativebrenda 
  • Firework memories and summer days by tracydw70 
  • Firework Show by audzipan 
  • firework-ed-ed-ch by freddieps 
  • fireworks by writefullysew 
  • fireworks by myzoetrope 
  • Fireworks by leighr 
  • fireworks by ann-dee 
  • fireworks by bilanogueira 
  • fireworks by redpumpkinstudio 
  • fireworks by lkglioness 
  • fireworks by kiwiandsteve 
  • fireworks by sewbiznes 
  • fireworks by dolphinandcondor 
  • Fireworks by trace 
  • FireWorks by loolu 
  • fireworks by jennifer_gavosto 
  • Fireworks by ghennah 
  • Fireworks by joonmoon 
  • fireworks by jnifr 
  • fireworks by bere_re 
  • Fireworks (please zoom in) ^^ by irrimiri 
  • fireworks and fireflies by fabgirl42 
  • Fireworks and Percussion © 2011 Gingezel Inc. by gingezel 
  • Fireworks and Sparklers by ninjaauntsdesigns 
  • Fireworks at Dusk by theboerwar 
  • Fireworks At The Booth by mag-o 
  • Fireworks Chevrons by westofthemoon 
  • Fireworks Flower by rosapomposa 
  • fireworks for clouds by babysisterrae 
  • Fireworks homage to sputnik by woo 
  • Fireworks Inspired Sketching by tb0969 
  • Fireworks July by jenimp 
  • fireworks light by melissamelissa 
  • Fireworks Series I – 04Bl – Red and White Fireworks on Blue-Violet by creative8888 
  • Fireworks with sound FX by cjldesigns 
  • Fireworks1 by positivenegative 
  • fireworks1 by mrshervi 
  • Fireworks2 by corinnevail 
  • FireworksPlumePoseys5-2 by grannynan 
  • fireworks_1_-_blue by collager 
  • fireworks_and_stars_mod by yespleasestudio 
  • fireworks_bak-ed by lula_belle 
  • fireworks_blue by ravynka 
  • fireworks_flowers by giorgiog 
  • fireworks_in_nature3 by lauramitchell 
  • fireworks_oh my! by rockpaperfabric_design 
  • fireworks_pattern by borianakostova 
  • fireworks_yellow_pink_background by coni1952 
  • fireworks___by_marilyn-ed by mailyn 
  • firework_blue by marimia 
  • firework_pattern by miss_abigail 
  • fire_cracker_for_fabric by paula_suman 
  • Fish of July WaterWorks! by beesocks 
  • Fourth of July Star Blast by katsanders 
  • fractal by xkateburnsx 
  • free spirits by france_lee 
  • Green Sparklers by medúzy 
  • Happy 4th! by catru 
  • Happy4th by chovy 
  • Heaven's Fire by Rhonda W.© 2011 by rhondadesigns 
  • Hey look, fireworks-ed by coralyn 
  • hot sky by melissamarie 
  • Independence Day by loveolamb 
  • Independence Day by rosiebrown 
  • Independence Day fireworks by graphicdoodles 
  • Into the Sky by lowa84 
  • Jackson Pollock's 4th of July by rayne 
  • July 1st and July 4th by uptown_girl 
  • Kaboom Over Powderhorn Park by susan_swedien 
  • LET FREEDOM RING by jerseygirlme 
  • Light Up the Skies! by inscribed_here 
  • Lights in the sky – Works of fire by bobbifox 
  • lilypop by ldunne 
  • Little Fireworks by melisza 
  • Little_Wizard_blue by evamarion 
  • Love Is In The Air by ravenous 
  • marsha_fabric_design by cozybarn 
  • Messy Lights – Fireworks Contest Design by jpdesigns 
  • Miss_Liberty_in_the_Stars by dm_art_ 
  • Mon Feu d'artifice by cassiopee 
  • MPSC_201106241322441 by donedeal 
  • my fireworks by kindisvar 
  • NB-firework_hibiscus_ by nickinic99 
  • orchids by themothworks 
  • parisian sky by paperstories 
  • Patriotic Firework Bears by flinchumcreations 
  • patternfeb2011-02-02-01 by dennisthebadger 
  • Picture_10 by kimpossible 
  • pinkbursts by moharris 
  • Pop Fireworks by stephanie_ellis 
  • pretty sparkles by j_whitham_illustrations 
  • Pyrotechnic Party Favors by sammyk 
  • Pyrotechnics by shirayukin 
  • Quilted 4th by millster 
  • Rainbow Fireworks by fattcheese 
  • Red, white, blue and Dottie too! by missyq 
  • red_white_and_blue by common_thread_designs 
  • Retro Candy Fireworks by annadriel 
  • retro fireworks by cherthebear 
  • retro packaged fireworks by scrummy 
  • RetroFireworks1 by walkathon 
  • Ridgewood-Fireworks1 by dragonfire1804 
  • rockets by juliettie 
  • rockets and fireworks by kaito_kun92 
  • Rockets in my Pockets by rhysotronic 
  • rockets, and pinwheels, and stars…oh my! by minniemeatdaydreamstudio 
  • Salt Puff Fireworks by helenklebesadel 
  • Scattered Fireworks by falcon11 
  • Serenata a la Luna by dna2011 
  • Shopping for fireworks by lauradejong 
  • Skyburst by kdl 
  • Space Alphabet Fireworks scatter print by jennartdesigns 
  • Sparkle! by not-enough-time 
  • Sparkler Boy by meredithjean 
  • sparkly sparklers by amel24 
  • Spiroworks by pennycandy 
  • StarLight_StarBright by art_is_hard 
  • Starworks by pinkmonkey16 
  • Summer Fireworks (please zoom in) by havemorecake 
  • Summer Fireworks Border by whatsit 
  • Take my breath away! by createdgift 
  • Twinkles by beebumble 
  • valencia by evita 
  • Veggie Fireworks by greenmyeyes 
  • vegies_fireworks by yonyon 
  • VINTAGE FIREWORK PACKAGES-ch by fabricfarmer 
  • vintage fireworks by val_rousseau 
  • Vintage Fireworks by rabble 
  • Vintage_Fireworks by kateg 
  • Watermelon Fireworks Show by mayabella 
  • Yankee Doodle Doodle by susaninparis 
  • Zig-zagging Cheater Quilt by haleystudio 
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