Imaginary Animalia: Vote for your favorite fanciful fabrics!

MAY 26, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

Animalia collage
What did we mean when we asked you to submit fabrics using imaginary animals? Hmmm. Well, the idea was to elicit visions of creatures that exist only in the imagination of the designer, but we ended up keeping all the unicorns and dragons and mermaids that showed up. We did make some attempt to remove cats, dogs, chickens and sock monkeys, but accepted oddly shaped birds and, in one case, a blue butterfly whose designer asserted that it was the product of an imaginary blue caterpillar. In the end, as regular readers know, we put together our themes with an eye more toward fun than rules. As you vote in this week's contest, I know you'll bring your own notions of imaginary animals to the table. There are close to two hundred entries, so enjoy voting!

Vote For Imaginary Animal Fabrics

The participants this week are:

  1. © 2011 The Elusive Hairpin Tern by glimmericks 
  2. Scuba Diva Hilda in her JellyFish Garden by jellybeanquilter 
  3. 2 Dragons-BlytheAyne by blythe 
  4. 3 Heads are Better than 1 by kiwiandsteve 
  5. A 2 February 2011 – Carrousel secret music bird box by rupydetequila 
  6. A Bevy of Flighty Gazers by virginiao*aka*vo 
  7. A mini catelope and a snurtle-mouse-imaginary animals and friends by ann-dee 
  8. ah yeti yeti hoo! by paragon_studios_one 
  9. ALIEN_INSECTS by deeniespoonflower 
  10. Ancient Oak Leaf Dragon by woo 

  • anibels – rebellious mess by annosch 
  • Animal Party by ruusulampi 
  • Animal-Machine Hybrid Circles by boris_thumbkin 
  • Animals Imagining They Are Imaginary Animals by flinchumcreations 
  • animals-ch by marjolein 
  • animal_bouche by paky 
  • animal_wood by jonthedon 
  • AUnicornandHisLady_DesignMagi_ImaginaryAnimals by designmagi 
  • Bamboo_Patch_Large by outofthebox 
  • Best of Friends by bobbin4apples 
  • Big Pink Bird Gets The Worm by fayebeasintx 
  • bigfoot by beary_organics 
  • Birds on Branches by Josi by josephinefletcher 
  • Blue Buffalo's and Fairy Corgi's! by salzanos 
  • Blue flower by sduhau 
  • Boston Angels by missyq 
  • BUMBLE_BEE1 by lillytaylordesign 
  • Butterfish by rabble 
  • Butterfly cat by vinkeli 
  • cat by sandyloves 
  • Catbird_Seated by jdiva 
  • cavebug-ed by miss_tamara 
  • Champloo Seasars found love. by rodyparker 
  • Chupacabra by ninjaauntsdesigns 
  • Coral SeaHorse by beesocks 
  • cosmic_chamelion by naturesface 
  • Courageous Camsters by tracydmc70 
  • Crazy Bugs by virginieozanon 
  • Crazy Critters by lauradejong 
  • Creature with the Red Lips by rubyrice 
  • Creature_Combos by carollynnborstdesigns 
  • cupcakicorn stuffed creature by liz-adams 
  • CURIOUS CIRCUS by stagemother 
  • Daily routine and a bit more by catru 
  • deer by heavenstobetsy 
  • deer1 by iviyavelow 
  • Deer_Doe_Daisy by vocalimagery 
  • dragon by yonyon 
  • Dragon Dance by westofthemoon 
  • Dragon Soup by jannasalakdesigns 
  • DragonPurple by scoutmom131 
  • Dragons by laurarae 
  • dream by tex-arts 
  • Elephant Air Show by jmckinniss 
  • Enchanted Forest Dragon by celestegs 
  • endless enchanting outcomes by larabee 
  • ExtraTerrestrial Flight by mag-o 
  • Fantanimals by melisza 
  • Fantasy friends (Please zoom in ^^) by irrimiri 
  • FinalLizard by loolu 
  • Fine Feathered Friends by kayajoy 
  • Fishy_felines by cjldesigns 
  • Fluttering Flouncing Blue Butterflies by kjames 
  • FON_blue_unicorn_unit by shirleyumustbkidding 
  • FOO! by ceanirminger 
  • Forest of Fantasy by coralyn 
  • Friendly Monsters by JPDesigns by jpdesigns 
  • Frog_Pattern by sunny_marquez 
  • Fun_Mites_1 by animotaxis 
  • Furry little monsters by hannafate 
  • girafficus floribus by amel24 
  • Green Monsters by evaneckard 
  • Gryphons Like To Gambol by wendymaroon 
  • hamster butterflies or hamflies by babysisterrae 
  • HAPPY GECKOS by gsthomsen 
  • Horned animal by lothar 
  • hypnobeasties by scrummy 
  • I is for Inkanyamba by tamarack 
  • idunno by mel_p 
  • imaginary animals by franisia 
  • Imaginary animals by verycherry 
  • Imaginary Creatures Collection: Tossed Creatures On an Orange Background – 11" x 9" repeat, 300 dpi by creative8888 
  • Imaginary Dodge-Ball by my 8yr old by joybucket 
  • Imaginary friends for imaginary animal contest by 7monsters_t_inc 
  • Imaginary Friends To Tea by kelsie_nicole 
  • imaginary-animals by geraldine_adams 
  • ImaginaryAnimals by ghennah 
  • imaginarycreatures by rockpaperfabric_design 
  • imaginary_animals by mailyn 
  • IMAGINATION_ON_BOARD by zulqarnain 
  • Imagine by createdgift 
  • Imagine That by spicetree 
  • Jackalope by natbrynkids 
  • Jewel Duck by france_lee 
  • Julia's Butterfly by kimmiles 
  • just_playing by claudiavv 
  • Kaiju! on black by thirdhalfstudios 
  • KaleidoCarousel150CK by whatsit 
  • Lapin_1er_essaie by clarec36 
  • leviathan (please zoom for details) by curlysquilts 
  • lil_munsters by adrianne_adelle 
  • lionoldfash by spharris 
  • Little Monsters by lulakiti 
  • Mac's Guys on charcoal by weavingmajor 
  • macro-animals2 by vina 
  • Magical Garden by myartself 
  • mags by tairyland 
  • Mango Zebras by jadegordon 
  • March of the Monsters by leighr 
  • meowl by surlybirdstudio 
  • mermaid by enguita 
  • Misty Unicorn by glendat 
  • Mix n' Match by sammyk 
  • Mixed Animals by plastessina 
  • Monster Love by doodletrain 
  • monster mash by monda 
  • Monster Slumber Party by natashad 
  • Monsters by sewbettie 
  • more_imaginary_creatures by faery83 
  • Mr. Cateapillar by gurumania 
  • Musemonsters by betje 
  • My Imaginary Pets by fattcheese 
  • Mystic Turtles by oswelldesigns 
  • Mythical beast sideshow by theboerwar 
  • Nessie by creativebrenda 
  • Nymphs: Auburn and Blond Hair by pond_ripple 
  • Odd Tie by retagene 
  • Oola in the forest of dreams by tallulah11 
  • Open Up by call_me_chartreuse 
  • Owly Cats by kdl 
  • Painted Pony by deb*g 
  • Party Meebs! by ahmarie 
  • Pegasus by corinnevail 
  • Phoenix by kaito_kun92 
  • Phoenix by lee_kerr 
  • Pipi and the Flower by the_lovely 
  • Plushies by kimsa 
  • polyhedral monsters by sef 
  • Pterippus by flora9954 
  • Purple Unicorn (Small) by jenniferfranklin 
  • Quetzalcoatl by julia_canright 
  • quirky_earmoulds by anais_eco 
  • rabbits by lisa_ryder 
  • Rainbow Birds by by noelle*nikas 
  • rare species – gray by endemic 
  • Red Anemone by trace 
  • repper_pattern by egongiero 
  • Robotoanimals on the tree. by panova 
  • Rugged Piggy by doodle_do_arts 
  • Sabrina_s_Imaginary_Animal Friends by beebumble 
  • SEA MONKEY by fabricfarmer 
  • Senior Taco Takosan by kiwicuties 
  • shadowyeti by designcamp 
  • small_phoenix_scattered_repeat_turquoise (Please view in swatch for details) by victorialasher 
  • Snail Dragon by annalisa222 
  • Sphinx in Pink Pajamas by sherryann 
  • Spin a Yarn – Cameo by herodyssey 
  • Stick Horse Girl-ed by tricia_lowenfield 
  • Strange Menagerie Exhibition by lali's_little_world 
  • Sundeerlings by adranre 
  • teal-lattice-jackalope by trollop 
  • textile-square by eyecontact 
  • The Alphabuds by ravenous 
  • The Corangle Family by siya 
  • The Phoenix and the Woodland Folk by dreamartiste 
  • The River Dragon by draigathar 
  • The Wamzilaki by edsel2084 
  • the_wakko_animals by raebekah 
  • Tiny_Dragons_at_Night by medúzy 
  • tortoise_shells by cinqchats 
  • Totem by robinrice 
  • treemonkey by sewbiznes 
  • Trippy Trolls! by kristi_oh 
  • Trouble Maker by andibird 
  • UMBELAS FRACS by umbelas 
  • underwater by iiris 
  • Uni-Chicka-Pecker by pattysloniger 
  • Unicorn by hlacerte 
  • Unicorn Calligram by blue_jacaranda 
  • unicorn damask in coral by juliannlaw 
  • Unicorn fabric LG Pattern by itybitybags 
  • Unicorn Horn by robynkufaas 
  • unicorn ribbon 1 blue by ingrid_the_crafty 
  • Unicorns in sakuraland by hakuai 
  • Unidentified Animals by jordan_elise 
  • vintage ephemera zoo by ravynka 
  • Wacky zoo by carmenland 
  • weary_foxbear by sazm 
  • What a quite animal by MG by mg 
  • What the HECK is it Animals by aunt_lucy 
  • WhereSnifflesDwell by grannynan 
  • winged_lion by royalforest 
  • WINGWACKEY by turquoisecro 
  • ZooBugs by dianaelaine 
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