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MAY 12, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

Ice-cream collage2
We've got another big bunch of entries for the ice-cream-themed contest this week (although not as large as last week's, fortunately), but time-pressed voters should take heart: we're working on a system that will narrow down the entries ahead of time to a more manageable scale. The new system will rely on volunteer contest moderators who are willing to take a few minutes each Wednesday to help us weed out some of the designs before the community-wide voting starts on Thursday. If you are a big fan of our contests and think you might be willing to put in some time as a moderator, sign up to find out more using the form on this page

This week's fabric design contest has around 200 entries, but I know you won't mind because the subject is so very sweet. 


The participating designs and designers this week are:

  1. Ice cream feelings ("clic" for clear view and collection) by mariao 
  2. 5cents by chovy 
  3. 70's Drama by organicgirl323 
  4. A 7 February 2011 – Icecream cone Yummy Fabric Sweet in a girl's room by rupydetequila 
  5. A Cherry on Top by pond_ripple 
  6. All Scream For Ice-cream by j_whitham_illustrations 
  7. © 2011 Bring on that bowl with cherries by glimmericks 
  8. Bernadette Eating Ice Cream by robbrez 
  9. Candy Dipped cones by tracydmc70 
  10. casquinhas by mariseixas 

  • CASTLE CONES in "SPUMONI" by stagemother 
  • Cherry Lovebird Soft Serve Stripes by boris_thumbkin 
  • Chibi Ice Cream Cones by kiwicuties 
  • choc tops by gbert 
  • Choco & Vanilla by katiavial 
  • Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry Cone Flower Garden by kdl 
  • Chocolate_and_Vanillia by marlasnyder 
  • Color Drip by tweedletwill 
  • cones by fmt1 
  • Cones by mag-o 
  • Coney Island by sherryann 
  • Crêmes Glacées by virginieozanon 
  • CREAM-CYCLE! by gsonge 
  • deliciosos by MG by mg 
  • Fancy Ice Cream Carts by ahmarie 
  • fancy sherbert by christiem 
  • Floortje by floortje_tekent 
  • flower_icecream_jojoebi_designs_2011 by jojoebi_designs 
  • freezy_fifties_fun by cjldesigns 
  • fuzzy gelati by wilgean 
  • g3390 by aen 
  • Gelato Carts by nicole_tamarin 
  • Glaces (zoom to see details) by made_in_shina 
  • Glaces en folie by kobaitchi 
  • glaces_4_parfums by paky 
  • Gnomes Diggin' Ice Cream by cynthiafrenette 
  • Happy Cones by inktreepress 
  • happy ice pops by bubbledog 
  • Have an ice cream! by rosapomposa 
  • Hey! – What?! – I love summer! – Hot Pink by pinksodapop 
  • Honeysuckle Ice Cream by jenniferfranklin 
  • I Love Ice Cream! by gracedesign 
  • i scream by annaboo 
  • I scream by tairyland 
  • I Scream! by grass-schultz 
  • I Scream, You Scream…ICE CREAM! by yellowkitty 
  • I Scream-ed by ndesigns 
  • Ice Cream by geraldine_adams 
  • Ice Cream by leighr 
  • ice cream by cavamos 
  • Ice cream by anneawong 
  • ice cream by katarina 
  • Ice Cream by catru 
  • Ice cream 🙂 by bora 
  • Ice Cream After Toddler by jennartdesigns 
  • Ice cream and cakes by fairyfountain 
  • Ice Cream Beaded Stripe by kiwiandsteve 
  • Ice Cream Bears by marcelinesmith 
  • Ice Cream Bundle by robynkufaas 
  • Ice Cream Carnival by majo_bv 
  • Ice Cream Cones by poetryqn 
  • ice cream cones by cherthebear 
  • Ice Cream Cones Make me Happy! by salzanos 
  • Ice Cream Crime Scene by sammyk 
  • Ice Cream Cuties by andibird 
  • Ice Cream Dots by linensandpurple 
  • Ice Cream Dream by jenimp 
  • Ice Cream Dream by mckeearts 
  • ice cream dreams by babysisterrae 
  • ice cream extravaganza by kec19 
  • Ice Cream Floats by sbraz 
  • ice cream forever by jenr8 
  • Ice Cream Friends by:www.noellenikas.com by noelle*nikas 
  • Ice cream kids! by irrimiri 
  • ice cream oops! by fabricfarmer 
  • ice cream paraphernalia by kayajoy 
  • ice cream party by mcgee_jeanne 
  • Ice Cream Party Theme by flinchumcreations 
  • Ice Cream Retro by newmom 
  • ice cream social by kri8f 
  • Ice Cream Special by beckyswope 
  • Ice Cream Stripe by modgeek 
  • Ice Cream Swirls by goweargirl 
  • Ice Cream Truck by verycherry 
  • ice cream truck by creativebrenda 
  • ice cream vendor by aditi 
  • Ice Ice, Baby by carrie-anne's_designs 
  • Ice Octo Cream by wiji 
  • ice, ice baby! by monda 
  • ice-cream flavours 2700 by sef 
  • Ice-cream sunshine by la_paloma 
  • Ice-Cream-Cones-ed by lendywpendleton 
  • icecream by la_nonna_aida 
  • IceCream by kimsa 
  • icecream by glendat 
  • icecream by thislittlepiggy 
  • icecream by spharris 
  • icecream blue dot by bellamarie 
  • Icecream Shop Sign (please zoom) by curlysquilts 
  • Icecream Tower by yvonne_herbst 
  • IceCreamCarnival by tallulahdahling 
  • icecreamdots_yum by rockpaperfabric_design 
  • icecreamfabric by brittanynoelle 
  • IceCreamFlowers by laurenredig 
  • IceCreamStainOnFauxDenium by grannynan 
  • Icecream_checkers_board_2 by cassiebooth 
  • ice_cream by rward 
  • ice_cream by smalltalk 
  • ice_cream by karenmayo 
  • Ice_Cream by hlacerte 
  • ice_cream by frances_hollidayalford 
  • ice_creams by lfntextiles 
  • ice_cream_1 by curvygirl91 
  • ice_cream_bunting by jumping_monkeys 
  • ice_cream_cones__by_marilyn_nepp_sturner__dec_3_2919—____ by mailyn 
  • ice_cream_fabric by countrygarden 
  • ice_cream_friends by rhymeswithfun 
  • ice_cream_shop by stephanie_ellis 
  • Ice_Cream_Shop by pinkmonkey16 
  • Ice_Cream_Sunday by edsel2084 
  • ice_van_pistachio by peppermintpatty 
  • Iloveicecream by teet 
  • In the Good Ole Summertime by kaerushisho 
  • i_scream by katrinalee 
  • Jamoca Almond Fudge Ice Cream Celebration by jmariewlkr 
  • Kawaii Ice Cream Friends by petitspixels 
  • Kawaii Kups and Kones by theboerwar 
  • Lick-a-licious Ice Cream by spicetree 
  • Melting Paddlepops by purplegoat 
  • Mint Chocolate Chip by acbeilke 
  • Mmm That's Good by kkitwana 
  • Mr. Ice Cream Man! by debbies 
  • My Girl Ice Cream by whetstc 
  • My_Favorites by beebumble 
  • Neapolitan by bzbdesigner 
  • Neapolitan 5 by chris 
  • Neapolitan Dreams by mooncookiegallery 
  • Neapolitan Sisters by smilerecipe 
  • Neopolitan by westofthemoon 
  • Neopolitan Bonaparte by joybucket 
  • Neopolitan Cones by marleyungaro 
  • neopolitin_4x_transparent_copy3-ch by icebath 
  • OdeToNeopolitan by patters 
  • party! by vo 
  • Penguins love ice creams. by melisza 
  • Pink Ice Cream Splash by jpdesigns 
  • Piperofsummer by ifeltcreative 
  • poodle_sweets by cinqchats 
  • popsicles by karynservin 
  • Pretty please with cherry on top? by rusticcorgi 
  • Push Up Ice Cream by the_lovely 
  • Rainbow Cone by jaydesign 
  • rainbowsherbet by designcamp 
  • Roller Diner by eppiepeppercorn 
  • Scoops and Sprinkles by medúzy 
  • scream for ice cream by amel24 
  • Snacks by jadegordon 
  • STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM by societydeb 
  • Sugar Galore by shirayukin 
  • SUGAR_SPICE by deeniespoonflower 
  • Summer Day Surprise by lothar 
  • Summer Sorbet by cilla 
  • Summer…is ice cream in the sunshine by divawitch 
  • summercones by koffeycakes 
  • Summer_special-01 by tex-arts 
  • sundae bonnet stripe by scrummy 
  • Sweet Ice Cream Cones by robyriker 
  • Sweet Icecream by simplysweet 
  • Sweet Life – black by hamburgerliebe 
  • Sweet Pattern Ice Cream Cones by purplesprinkles 
  • Sweet Tooth by aydeeyai 
  • Sweet Treats by charmingheart 
  • sweet-cream-harliquin by solemnraven 
  • SweetStuff by positivenegative 
  • The classic ice cream fabric by koala_prints 
  • The IceCream Ball ! by createdgift 
  • The Usual Suspects by goldsmobile 
  • tons of tubs by aperiodic 
  • Triple Scoop by julieantinucci 
  • Triple Scoop by cateanevski 
  • Truck O' Ice Cream by annalisa222 
  • Tutti_Fruitti_Stripes_with_Cherries by minniemeatdaydreamstudio 
  • Untitled by mzza 
  • vanilla by raasma 
  • Vanilla Bean by forest&sea 
  • Vanilla Ripple by not-enough-time 
  • Various Ice Cream (Blue) by snowsparklegems 
  • Waffle Cone Woods by jillian_morris 
  • We all scream for ice cream! by itybitybags 
  • WeAllScreamForIceCream by flock 
  • Westie with Ice Cream by altrincham 
  • what_s_your_flavor by bumble_bee 
  • yeti_ice_cream by spacepafpaf 
  • yummicute by sarafornell 
  • Yummy by jun 
  • yummy chocolate by french_design_by_caro 
  • Yummy Ice Cream Cone Sundaes 1st Birthday party by rosannahope 
  • Yummy monkey by paragon_studios_one 
  • yummy pink ice by mandyh
  • Ice Cream Sundae by woo 

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