Rain, rain, vote away… Vote for your favorite rain fabrics

APR 7, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

Rain collage-2 In keeping with the spirit of April — at least here in North Carolina — we've got a veritable deluge of rain fabrics for you to admire in the contest this week: 362 of them, to be precise.

Vote for as many as you like, or take umbrage if you prefer. There are a whole bunch of these fabrics that I think are amazing.

 – Vote For Rain Fabrics

The participating designs & designers (all of them) appear below:

  1. 1 happy earthworm by zombie_stitch
  2. 305_water_serpent_dreamingCC by weerongabartoo
  3. 55150030-ed-ed-ed by josephinefletcher
  4. 70's Rain by rachel_alice
  5. A 28 Marzo 2011 – Sweet icecream tears of joy by rupydetequila
  6. A day in the rain by etrain
  7. A happy rainy day! by bora
  8. a rainy country day by fabgirl42
  9. a rainy day by skb
  10. A Visual Guide to Rain (Please zoom) by victorialasher
  11. A World of Rain Fish by quiltsmith
  12. acid rain by aperiodic
  13. After the sun comes rain, After the rain comes sun again by purplegoat
  14. Aisforaeroplane by missjessm
  15. Alana_Paris by lanaparis
  16. an April shower makes me smile by shiny
  17. Angry / Happy Rain by jannasalakdesigns
  18. april first rain jackets by piecelove
  19. April March by jillian_morris
  20. April Rain Showers by poetryqn
  21. April shower by martinaness
  22. April Shower by hitz
  23. April Shower May Flowers by simplysweet
  24. April Showers by mytinystar
  25. April Showers by ibcfan
  26. April Showers by melissamelissa
  27. April Showers by crowlands
  28. April Showers Bring May Flowers… by asilo
  29. AprilFlowers by Ellarbee
  30. aprilshowersbringmayflowers by harry
  31. AprilShowersMayFlowers by saralou
  32. april_fool by bird_is_the_word
  33. april_showers by katarina
  34. april_showers by christiem
  35. april_showers_bring_may_flowersA by designcrafty
  36. Autumn Showers by bee&lotus
  37. A_Rainy_Day by illustrative_images
  38. Baby_Weather_Fabric_Book by karenmayo
  39. beautiful_drops_swatchgreener by nativebee
  40. bebe by sherri@sdg
  41. binkiebo_Raindrops2 by kristinschneider
  42. birdsandrain by pinomino
  43. Blueberry_Brolly_Big_Drops by stacysix
  44. Boxed_Rain by home_designs
  45. Breezy Brollies by kezia
  46. Britannia Rain by jag0812
  47. bugs_and__bubbles001sm by jwd
  48. Bunny Boy's Rainy Day by feathered_nest_studio
  49. c'est la viv_rain by cestlaviv
  50. candy rain by kri8f

  • Celtic Rain (see yard 4 full view) by ingrid_the_crafty
  • Champagne Rain by l_o_c_
  • chats_et_chiens by cinqchats
  • Cherenkov rain 900 by sef
  • Cherry Blossom Rain by glimmericks
  • Chinese Grandmas in the rain by karenharveycox
  • clear to cloudy by annosch
  • Cloud bullies by itybitybags
  • Cloud swirl by joybea
  • Clouds and rain. by panova
  • Clouds and rainbow rain by mimi_oshi
  • Cloudy Day by flowerpress
  • Cobwebs in the rain by edsel2084
  • Coeur_Magenta-ch-ch-ch-ch by creations_bme
  • Color rain by cveta
  • colored_drops by t_t_
  • come_rain_or_come_shine_ by alx
  • Crystal Water by sibirin
  • Daisy Rain by kdl
  • dance_de_la_pluie by nadja_petremand
  • debrahgoble's letterquilt by debrahgoble
  • Dewy day by bstorandt
  • diputacio by awindfallway
  • Dogs with Umbrellas by kiwiandsteve
  • Douce pluie by katiavial
  • drip_drop by snork
  • drizzle-Shannon by shannon_marie
  • droplets by luciesummers
  • Droplets On My Window (zoom for detail) by tamarack
  • Drops by chovy
  • drops upon drops by katrinazerilli
  • DSC_0146 by sunbellsmith
  • Duckie_Day_copy-ed by regalneedle
  • Ducky & Monkey / rain by paragon_studios_one
  • Elephant Spray by oliveleaf
  • Everybody's Friend by tallulahdahling
  • fabric_2_copy by kate's_frocks
  • fish pond in rain by thatswho
  • flower drops by frumafar
  • flowergrid by janelle_piotrowski
  • Flying in the Rain by gracedesign
  • Free Rain by tracydmc70
  • Friendship by joybucket
  • froggy_final-ed by ndesigns
  • Frogs under the rain by made_in_shina
  • funbrellas by marley ungaro by marleyungaro
  • Galoshes Galore by amy_pie
  • Garden Rain by twobloom
  • Gardening by catru
  • GEMS FOR RAINDROPS by pippi-moo
  • gnomey_rain by thechronicseamstress
  • Happy Rain by jazzypatterns
  • Happy rain by aldara
  • happy weather by berrysprite
  • HeimatKinder Girl and Boy in Rain by heimatkinder
  • Here Comes the Rain by leighr
  • I love a rainy day! by cynthiafrenette
  • I'm Melting by kalika_kay
  • Icy Droplets in Ohio by robinrice
  • Impresionist_rain by MG by mg
  • It Rains in the City by pond_ripple
  • It's a Froggie Day by ttoz
  • It's raining cats and dogs by magneetje
  • it's Raining Cats and Dogs by irrimiri
  • It's raining, whoepie! by verycherry
  • it_s_raining umbrellas by mimi&me
  • Kawaii Rainy Day by fancycloth
  • krople by ravynka
  • La pluie by speers
  • LaraGeorgine_Rain by larageorgine
  • LayeredRain by tanyamauler
  • Lemon Drops and Gumdrops by mayabella
  • Lightning by sydneyg
  • Lightning Strikes on Chesnut Lane by melodycharlotte
  • light_rain by rabble
  • Lime and Black Rain by ankepanke
  • lime umbrellas by dsavage
  • Little_Buggies_Want_to_Play by nicole_tamarin
  • London Rain by annagalvin
  • Love Cloud by cateanevski
  • Love the Rain by claudiaowen
  • Lucid_puddles_ms_Ellise by ms_ellise_
  • Maggies Spring Rain by petrune
  • Magnetism__Blue Violet by patsijean
  • Make it Rain! by don't_quilt_your_day_job
  • Marcellus_Shale by mandakay
  • Milly Mouse in the Rain by bzbdesigner
  • Modern Drizzle by chris_jorge
  • Multi-Color_Rain by moodymayi
  • multi-drops by wpgsonya
  • My Brain is My Heart's Umbrella by sparegus
  • NightFlowerCushionFabric by cbraunc
  • nina_s_last_rain by burchnin
  • ogd_fabric_rain by outletgd
  • Oh No Rain! by checkerboardskirt
  • On a Cloudy Day by KiWiCuties
  • on the bright side by 4myhoneypie
  • parisrainyday-ed by bussybuffu
  • Pattern_Quilt by daisyqueen_
  • pépin by corentine
  • Peacocks dancing in the monsoon rain by veezdreemz
  • Peek A Boo Rainforest by jenniferfranklin
  • persimmon_raindrops by leahshaeleen
  • pink raindrop by arteija
  • pink umbrellas by binkysquinky
  • Pitter Patter by jenh
  • Pitter Pattern by pininkie
  • Playin' in the Rain by cathyheckstudio
  • PlayingInTheRain by mrshervi
  • Ploc_Plic_Ploc by kobaitchi
  • Portland: Double Border by nightgarden
  • pretty_rainy by marygrace
  • Princess Silhouette in Rain by snowsparklegems
  • Puddle Ducks by shadowfell
  • Puddle Jumpers by farmhousegirl
  • Puddles by flufflepot
  • puddles by antoniamanda
  • puddles & rain by emeyemoh
  • Puddlescape by ormolu
  • Rain by alaina_marianne
  • Rain by brandymiller
  • RAIN by xxxjenxxx
  • Rain by whetstc
  • Rain by lehua
  • rain by mamo
  • Rain by tracibixby
  • rain by suzanne_
  • rain by melk
  • rain by wubba_zang
  • rain by vinson
  • Rain by loolu
  • rain by espadrille
  • Rain & Fish by the_lovely
  • Rain Blossoms by lana_kole
  • Rain Clouds ( zoom please) by newmom
  • rain dance by chelmers
  • rain dance by sarah_joseph
  • Rain Dance Flower by doodletrain
  • Rain Dancing by woo
  • Rain Dots by tarheelhandsome
  • Rain Down by project_design
  • rain drops by itagstudios
  • rain drops by nadjagirod
  • rain drops on spiders webs by becca_lou
  • rain elephants by letterkdesigns
  • rain fabric – contest entry by parksidepalace
  • Rain falls by mrsjellyfish
  • rain falls by tairyland
  • Rain Flower by rosapomposa
  • Rain Flowers by merttu
  • Rain Gear by julie_old_crow
  • Rain Gear Rhythm by ceanirminger
  • Rain Girl by heidikenney
  • Rain in a Can! by chickie
  • Rain March by beettlebuggies
  • rain on the patel by raasma
  • rain or shine by endemic
  • Rain Rain by create_shades
  • rain seed by karokarolinko
  • RAIN SMILE by glendat
  • rain tree by uzumakijo
  • RAIN, RAIN GO AWAY – papercut by stagemother
  • Rain, rain go away! by leslipepper
  • Rain, Rain, DON'T Go Away – gray by yellowkitty
  • rain-01 by poachiche
  • Rain-1 by griggs313
  • rain-ed by mobelladesigns
  • rain-final1 by huneebee1976
  • Rain-Rainbow by bavv
  • rain-umbrella by denisedian
  • rain1 by ulrikaln
  • rain4 by fabricia_pitschi
  • Rainboots in NYC by deesignor
  • Rainbow Rain by andybauer
  • Rainbow Rain by vo
  • Rainbow Tears by spicetree
  • rainbow_raindrops by cherii
  • rainclouds by babysisterrae
  • Raindrop Doodle-Zag by siya
  • Raindrop Emotion by fattcheese
  • Raindrop-01 by janehooy
  • Raindrop2 by grannynan
  • raindrops by summerr
  • raindrops by isabear_designs
  • raindrops by ravyn42
  • raindrops by kreativeomgivelser
  • Raindrops and doodles by gsonge
  • raindrops and yellow boots by melisse
  • Raindrops on Roses by kristopherk
  • rainfabric by craftinomicon
  • Rainfall by jazilla
  • Rainflower Rhapsody in Blue by moonflowergarden
  • Rainforest by justmakeitshort
  • RainFour2011 by nikky
  • Raining Cats & Dogs by susanm45
  • Raining Cats and Dogs by mckeearts
  • Raining Coffee, Cats, and Dogs by kaerushisho
  • Raining Corgi's by rusticcorgi
  • Raining hearts by rockin'_juke
  • raining_cats_and_dogs_copy by megansly
  • raining_day by teet
  • Raining_Hearts by tuesdaydesigns
  • RainNavy by kimsa
  • RainRain by ailen
  • rainshower by loveolamb
  • rainstorm_on_a_blue_day by kelceyloomer
  • rainy by kec19
  • rainy by scrummy
  • Rainy by jadegordon
  • Rainy by beanthecat
  • rainy by faery83
  • Rainy Blues by charldia
  • Rainy Blues by sappy_lady
  • Rainy Day by eerie_doll
  • Rainy day by lukaluka
  • Rainy Day by walnuts_n'_kimchee
  • Rainy Day by bettyzone
  • Rainy Day (blue background) by aunt_raine
  • Rainy Day Clouds by pocketcarnival
  • rainy day doodles by liz-adams
  • Rainy Day Mod by ninjacrepes
  • Rainy Day Play by artzy
  • rainy days by uni
  • Rainy Days by iota1617
  • Rainy Days in Gumdrop Land by bindy
  • Rainy Dayze by debhrabik
  • Rainy play day by mustardpots&butterscotch
  • Rainyclouds by loki_and_lamb
  • rainydayrepeat_yellow by kpmdoodles
  • Rainy_Days_are_Fun_ by beebumble
  • rainy_london by amel24
  • Rain_Birds by kantakaa
  • Rain_cat___dogs by gem_graphics
  • rain_copy1 by graydensmama
  • Rain_Day(please zoom) by ekh98
  • rain_drops by lula_belle
  • Rain_drops_are_falling by cjldesigns
  • rain_duck by lovecats-design
  • Rain_Fabric_Final by kalinadesigns
  • rain_final_pattern-1 by studio9:05
  • rain_gear by nomenclature
  • rain_girls_new_colors_tilev2-01 by cht222
  • Rain_Holly by holly_sue
  • rain_love-_love_rain by camillacarraher
  • Rain_pattern2 by pattersk
  • Rain_Rain-ed by designer57
  • rain_stripe by michellecavigliano
  • rain__by_marilyn_n_sturner_march_2011 by mailyn
  • rapporgotitass by vireta
  • rect5630_3 by shannonkornis
  • redwellies1 by rustypolo
  • Resonating Rain by treasunique
  • Retro blue umbrellas on pink by lullalady
  • Rubber Boots by bsrochon
  • Rubber_Duckie_in_the_Rain by jen-etic
  • Sad Little Rain Cloud by robyriker
  • SARAH_rainclouds by sarahdreaming
  • Saved by the Sun by stickelberry
  • seagulls by starbirdink
  • seattleRain by fabricfarmer
  • Showers & Flowers by springwaterdesigns
  • Singin' in the Rain by aa
  • skrainbow-bright by shala
  • Slumber Showers by thumbkin
  • somebunny_s_umbrella by rubychilde
  • splash by sherwooddesign
  • Splish-Splash (please zoom for detail) by jmckinniss
  • splishsplash2 by kimsiebold
  • Spring Rain by melisza
  • Spring rain by syko
  • Spring Rain – Daffodils by ccreechstudio
  • Spring Rain Buddies! by jmariewlkr
  • Standing Water (blue colorway) by jennartdesigns
  • stormy clouds by thymbre
  • Stormy Weather by kaijusmall
  • stylin_in_the_rain by our_miss_brooks
  • Summer Rain by positivenegative
  • Summer_Rain by royalrhubarb
  • Sunny Day Rain by pattysloniger
  • SwirliusClowds by gg33
  • swirls-of-rain by myfavoritebug
  • Tea Time in the Spring Time by simboko
  • tear drops by susanousiainen
  • The love rain by aureliapaoli
  • Thirst Quenchers by sammyk
  • tile by duchess
  • Tiny Droplets by eythink
  • Trying to make a rainy day by tripledot
  • umbrella by sodi-podi_
  • Umbrellas by pennycandy
  • umbrellas by lighthearts
  • Umbrellas Large by chippanfire
  • Umbrellas! by smitchell
  • UmbrellasInTheRain by thali
  • umbrella_toss_rainFAT by diane_marie
  • Under My Umbrella by meg56003
  • Vine_Glow-ed by artquills
  • Walking in the rain by savime
  • Watchfull ,during the storm by jellybeanquilter
  • Water Cycle Starry by shirayukin
  • Watercolor by ateliergigi
  • watercolor drops by domesticate
  • WatermelonSeedz1 by andrealivingston-shuman
  • wave dots-ed by jmr
  • Welcome Spring! – Border (zoom in to see the whole design and details) by majo_bv
  • Wet Crabapples by haleystudio
  • whatever_the_weather by kayajoy
  • When the rain gods cry by zesti
  • whirls_and_swirls by cricketswool
  • You May Rain On Our Parade! by supercoop
  • Zoetrope Droplets by theboerwar
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