Project Selvage Finalist Profile: Kelly Grooters

APR 21, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

Petunias- Kelly Grooters FOX_TAILS by Petunias, Kelly Grooters

Hi, I’m Kelly.  I have my own little studio in our home in Hudsonville, Michigan.  I have four kids: Simon (five) with a big heart, Sierra (four) a slightly dramatic princess, Alison (almost two) an accident waiting to happen and Alexander (five months) is always smiling.  I also have a wonderful, handsome husband of six and a half years, James.

After my first son was born I became a stay at home mom.  I was inspired to create unique handmade items for him.  PETUNIAS grew from there.  I now have a SLIGHT addiction to fabric.   A year and a half ago, my sister introduced me to Photoshop and I immediately wanted to make my own fabrics to work with.  I love being able to come up with a new fabric that will work just perfectly for the project I have in mind.  Now I am continually trying to learn more about the Adobe Creative Suite to make my designs the best they can possibly be.

I love to follow along with the Spoonflower contests and see what everyone contributes.  I was very excited when Project Selvage was announced and was encouraged by several people to enter.  This was a perfect time for me to join in the fun.

I run an Etsy shop ( when I’m not chasing after my kids, so I’m lucky enough to get to create new things every day.  You can see all of my latest projects in my Etsy shop, but my favorite items to make right now are my custom fabric baby quilts.  I get excited every time I pull a completed quilt out of the dryer.  Each one quickly becomes my new favorite.  We use several around my house and I imagine that each one I sell also goes off to a loving little girl or guy.

I’ve always admired Amy Butler. Each fabric she creates is amazingly beautiful.

These little foxes have been lurking about in my brain for a long time. I finally got IMG_8582 them down a few weeks ago and they seemed a perfect fit for the Project Selvage Contest!  I am hoping the baby boys out there find them delightfully entertaining. And the color palette is meant to please the modern mama. I would love to do my little boys’ room in the fabrics as soon as I can squeeze in the time.  Right now I am having fun imagining duvet covers, pillow cases, quilts, curtains and artwork on the wall.

Thank you so much SPOONFLOWER for giving all of us the chance to be fabric designers, it is so much fun!

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  • So excited for you… your design is super cute! I’m from W.Mich, too (Cascade)… you should totally bring some of your designs & fabrics to the Fulton Artisans Market this summer!

  • Yay! I am so excited for you making it as a finalist… your design is great! Good luck to you! (PS, I’m from Cascade here in Michigan, too! You should bring your designs to the Fulton Artisans Market! 🙂

  • Hey Kelly,
    That’s a terrific fabric design. I love it! Your name sounded really familiar to me. I’m from Wyoming MI, so I’m sure I’ve seen some stuff about you locally. 😀 Way to go on the fabric and keep it up. I hope to see your designs as big as Amy Butler some day. 😀