Fabric Of the Week winner inspired by Oscar Wilde poem

APR 28, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

Congratulations to first-time Fabric Of the Week winner Kezia, the Manchester, UK designer who won the most votes in our contest to design a fabric inspired by a specific poem. Her lovely "In the Forest Blue" fabric arose from an Oscar Wilde poem:

In the Forest by Oscar Wilde

Out of the mid-wood's twilight
Into the meadow's dawn,
Ivory limbed and brown-eyed,
Flashes my Faun!

He skips through the copses singing,
And his shadow dances along,
And I know not which I should follow,
Shadow or song!

O Hunter, snare me his shadow!
O Nightingale, catch me his strain!
Else moonstruck with music and madness
I track him in vain!

Whether you prefer fawns or fauns, this fabric design is beautiful. Well done, Kezia! 

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The final results:

1. 635 votes for In the Forest Blue by kezia
2. 585 votes for 'In Flanders Fields' – John McCrae by sammyk
3. 523 votes for Floating Across the Tops of Cities by leighr
4. 474 votes for Ode To The Sea by noaleco
5. 456 votes for The Hidden Paw (based on T.S. Eliot's "Macavity, the Mystery Cat") by ceanirminger
6. 442 votes for Enter This Deserted House by cynthiafrenette
7. 439 votes for nevermore by kec19
8. 423 votes for my country by rabble
9. 408 votes for Quoth The Raven by poetryqn
10. 376 votes for LoveBirds (small) by corinnevail

11. 372 votes for Le Printemps By Théophile Gautier (translated: Springtime) by bzbdesigner
12. 366 votes for BIG & LITTLE by stagemother
13. 356 votes for the crocodile by endemic
14. 326 votes for The Rooks by theboerwar
15. 323 votes for GADZOOKS…. (Television by Roald Dahl) by scrummy
16. 288 votes for Arise – (Please zoom for detail) by jmckinniss
17. 285 votes for "If they give you lined paper, write the other way." by mayabella
18. 279 votes for Owl Forest Cream from the Owl Luhv Collection by jpdesigns
19. 268 votes for Twinkle Twinkle Little Space Monster by jenniferfranklin
20. 243 votes for Cute and Colorful Monsters by ankepanke
21. 241 votes for Hope is the Thing with Feathers by jennartdesigns
22. 241 votes for Rainbow Bridge – author unknown by vo
23. 239 votes for Blackbird by kdl
24. 235 votes for they_dined_on_mince_and_slices_of_quince by cinqchats
25. 233 votes for Refrigerator of the Romantics by jenimp
26. 228 votes for Howl – Allen Ginsburg by thirdhalfstudios
27. 221 votes for Where Does the Sidewalk End For You? by flinchumcreations
28. 217 votes for peppers dragonflies by mariao
29. 205 votes for So Many Kinds of Yes by oranshpeel
30. 202 votes for Girl with a Curl Nursery Rhyme by veronicadye
31. 201 votes for Nevermore by nomenclature
32. 199 votes for Mary and the Canary – white by majo_bv
33. 194 votes for Eletelephony by fattcheese
34. 190 votes for De leeuw is los! (The lion is loose!) by irrimiri
35. 173 votes for Apple_Blossoms by beebumble
36. 172 votes for playground by katarina
37. 169 votes for Winkin Blinkin and Nod by beettlebuggies
38. 163 votes for roses_are_red_pink by cjldesigns
39. 161 votes for i carry your heart by e.e. cummings by summerfeathers
40. 156 votes for POP_FLOWER_POETRY_01 by deeniespoonflower
41. 154 votes for inky pinky ponky [potato] by aperiodic
42. 152 votes for Why Marriage by Haining Poem2011 by nikky
43. 152 votes for Before Tea – A. A. Milne – Click to see details by joybucket
44. 146 votes for Poem "La Tour Eiffel" by Maurice Carème by sheisinsf
45. 142 votes for Kalevala by merttu
46. 133 votes for "Bear in There" poem by Shel Silverstein by yellowkitty
47. 128 votes for A Heaven in a Wild Flower by rhondadesigns
48. 126 votes for a poem as lovely as a tree by tairyland
49. 118 votes for I carry by rustypolo
50. 117 votes for Cardinal in Tree by jmariewlkr
51. 115 votes for HOMAGE TO SINGER by alx
52. 112 votes for excuse my wandering by circlesandsticks
53. 112 votes for if by regina81
54. 109 votes for paper doll by justcilla
55. 107 votes for spring_sampler by countrygarden
56. 106 votes for The Example; William H. Davies by mitzimakes
57. 102 votes for gothic poetry by raasma
58. 101 votes for Comfort in The Giving Tree by tracydmc70
59. 97 votes for The Fragrant Tree by pond_ripple
60. 97 votes for Night Magic by spicetree
61. 82 votes for Tree of Life by vicxpix
62. 82 votes for Yellow Flapper by annalisa222
63. 81 votes for Sugarplum fairies / poetry by paragon_studios_one
64. 80 votes for "Paris; this April Sunset" – Border Print by peacoquette
65. 79 votes for The Red Sun by emidiaz
66. 73 votes for Creation: Inspired by Maya Angelou's "In and Out of Time" by natbrynkids
67. 73 votes for an Owl with seven candies by shiny
68. 70 votes for inspired by Poem: caterpillar – by Christina Rossetti by jlwhithamillustrations
69. 69 votes for ART_WORK_FROM_POEM_BY_TS_ELIOT-ed-ed by mailyn
70. 68 votes for Crimson Bloom by cricketswool
71. 67 votes for drinking from my saucer by babysisterrae
72. 65 votes for COPYRIGHT 2011 The Poet by glimmericks
73. 65 votes for Roses Are Red… by robyriker
74. 64 votes for Fire and Ice. by nclames
75. 60 votes for I carry your heart with me by alaina_marianne
76. 59 votes for sunflower sailboat by luluhoo
77. 58 votes for "Falling into the Flower" (poet: Donna Spector) by robinrice
78. 55 votes for The Invisible Train by sef
79. 54 votes for Anne_Phillips_tileable_poem by celestemoon
80. 54 votes for Asi es cada mirada tuya ilumina mi vida by rupydetequila
81. 53 votes for The Little Boy and the Old Man by fabgirl42
82. 52 votes for Prima Ballerina by tarheelhandsome
83. 47 votes for Haiga_sampler_fabric by gingezel
84. 46 votes for A Fine Day by mel_p
85. 46 votes for Ducks by mangomail
86. 43 votes for Mr Moon In My Yard by blythe
87. 43 votes for Solitary Ways by retagene
88. 41 votes for Print 4 Stars by glendat
89. 40 votes for Corgi Fantasy by rusticcorgi
90. 38 votes for Trees are the Kindest Thing I know by salzanos
91. 36 votes for Rod McKuen- In Someone's Shadow- May 17 by don't_quilt_your_day_job
92. 33 votes for What the bee is to the floweret by whetstc
93. 26 votes for APoetsLoveLetterToWords by grannynan
94. 25 votes for Broken Wings and Dreams by kkitwana
95. 24 votes for Far and Weee squares by kaerushisho
96. 23 votes for Poetry – Psalm 1 by home_designs
97. 23 votes for rainydayfabric by baby_cakes
98. 20 votes for Reflections of "Lighght" by sherryann
99. 19 votes for Yes No Maybe by westofthemoon
100. 14 votes for Ask Me by kiwiandsteve
101. 7 votes for us_mexico_border by massi

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