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MAR 3, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

Paisley fabrics
First of all, an apology. I sent out our weekly email this morning with the wrong subject line — a dupe from last week's email. This is a bummer, as it means the email is less likely to be opened and thus the community is less likely to know about our oliver + s book giveaway (see below), Nadja's breakfast win (also below), and our terrific paisley contest. Those of you who read the blog don't have to worry about this, of course, but still, I feel bad that I messed it up.

You paisley contest participants really outdid yourselves!


The participating designers this week are:

  1. 'Nawlins Paisley by jennartdesigns
  2. 3D Paisley by missjessm
  3. A 1 Febrero – Paisley by Rupydetequila by rupydetequila
  4. A Gentlemen's Death by palmooriginals
  5. a paisley field by shiny
  6. A paisley point of view of Her life by catru
  7. A Partridge in a Paisley by robyriker
  8. A Pastel Paisley by sunflower1974
  9. Adora Paisley by heatherdutton
  10. Agrata: Paisley ©2010 by Jane Walker by artbyjanewalker
  11. Amber_paisley_pattern by lesleysutton
  12. Amoebas Paisley by alisongrenier
  13. Animal Sounds Paisley – Gray by sparegus
  14. Animorphic Paisley by melodycharlotte
  15. AQUARIUM in "AZURE & FUCHSIA" by stagemother
  16. At a Snails Pace Paisley by asilo
  17. Beige paisley by mirjana
  18. birdie paisley by circlesandsticks
  19. birds in paisley by endemic
  20. Black Swan In Paisley by bellenoel
  21. Blooming Paisleys in White by simboko
  22. Butterfly Paisley by twobloom
  23. buttonpaisleylight by ladybugjen
  24. catch me if you dare – a maritime paisley by annosch
  25. cestlaviv_green eyed lady by cestlaviv
  26. Chicken Paisley by thirdhalfstudios
  27. citrus paisley by mariao
  28. Cloudy_with_a_Chance_of_Paisley_mobile by feathered_nest_studio
  29. Coco rose by paragon_studios_one
  30. Colorful Paisley by angelaanderson
  31. Cozy Paisley by jhitzig
  32. Crazy Paizley by treasunique
  33. crazy snail paisley by ndesigns
  34. Cupcake paisley by the-cupcake-club
  35. Dewdrop Damsels by jillian_morris
  36. Doodles in Paisley by ag_designs
  37. Dreaming of Scotland_border_white cloud by bee&lotus
  38. Electric Paisley Garden by ms_sad
  39. Floral2 by yotuelle
  40. folky paisley by monda
  41. For the Birds: A Paisley Party by sammyk
  42. Fun bathtime for little Elley by bora
  43. gnomes450navy by sef
  44. Green Paisley Garden by angiejohnson
  45. Groovy Paisley by pininkie
  46. groovy peace flower by cheyanne
  47. Halloween Paisley by 13blackcatsdesigns
  48. Happy Baby Paisley by dentednj
  49. He loves me, He loves me not by ktcarey
  50. Hot Summer Paisley_fabric by chulabird
  51. icecream_party_paisley_1 by victorialasher
  52. Ikat Paisley – blue and green by katrinazerilli
  53. img017 by cinnamonstreet
  54. In the Paisley Garden by jmckinniss
  55. India Ink Paisley by leighr
  56. insect paisley by kec19
  57. JustPaisley2 by amarina
  58. Kiddins Paisley Cheater Quilt by kiddins
  59. Koi Paisley by jaydesign
  60. koi_fish_paisley by cinqchats
  61. Mermaid_Paisley large by ekh98
  62. Michigan_Paisley by weaver_phoenyx_aka_birdy
  63. Modern Paisley by coloroncloth
  64. My Little Paisley Peacock by kdl
  65. NMIDBW by heatherdawn
  66. Observe by majo_bv
  67. OctoPaisley-DeepLights-Sea by natashad
  68. Opulent 1 by jadegordon
  69. Paisley by alaina_marianne
  70. paisley by chelmers
  71. Paisley by parklanegirl
  72. paisley by missbeeks
  73. Paisley by mandakay
  74. paisley by renule
  75. Paisley by tumbleweed_&_poppleswamp
  76. paisley by indesign
  77. paisley by madeleine_marx
  78. Paisley #1 by sarahewatson
  79. Paisley 2600 by theboerwar
  80. Paisley Ahoy Koi, Oh boy by vo
  81. Paisley Blocks by kaerushisho
  82. Paisley by night by teken-ing
  83. paisley carnavalesque by faratiana
  84. Paisley dog by sodi-podi_
  85. Paisley Fish by oddlyolive
  86. Paisley Fruit Salad by cynthiafrenette
  87. paisley germs by babysisterrae
  88. Paisley Mae by gabzi
  89. paisley mosaic fleur (please zoom for detail and repeat) by scrummy
  90. paisley peacock by greenmyeyes
  91. Paisley Peacock Vintage Dark by kezia
  92. Paisley pen by sketchtex
  93. Paisley Polka by saraink
  94. Paisley Pomposa by rosapomposa
  95. paisley punctuation by aperiodic
  96. paisley sage, rosemary and thyme by chezmargot
  97. Paisley Sea by whatsit
  98. Paisley Sweeties by irrimiri
  99. Paisley Swirl by fattcheese
  100. paisley-ed by artbug64
  101. paisley-plaid by sherryann
  102. paisley-repeat by kellyjean
  103. paisley8_x8_swatch by dancinginthepark
  104. PaisleyBird by blue_thimble
  105. paisleyd by jnifr
  106. paisleydrop by az
  107. paisleypatchwork by bouclésf
  108. paisleyPurpleA by edsel2084
  109. paisleysean3B by glimmericks
  110. PaisleyTwo2011 by nikky
  111. Paisley_Aqua_Test by dixie_girl
  112. paisley_bright by rabble
  113. Paisley_by_kdbrady by kdbrady
  114. paisley_color_pattern_brown-gray_with_a_touch_of_pink by lilichi
  115. paisley_copy by marygrace
  116. Paisley_dété by missvautour_
  117. paisley_dreams by reblake
  118. paisley_pattern_red_green by cveta
  119. Pallavi_Paisley by nicole_tamarin
  120. Paramecium-paisley by mina
  121. Pass-the-time Paisley by purplesprinkles
  122. Passionate about Paisley by pdplumamy
  123. Pasture_Paisley by illustrative_images
  124. paysleydauphina1-ed by dauphina
  125. peaceful paisley by fabgirl42
  126. peacock paisley by melissamelissa
  127. Peacock paisley by marica_zottino
  128. Pearly Paisley by gracedesign
  129. Pen_s_Paisley by pendraia
  130. Pick a Pickled Paisley Skirt by tracydmc70
  131. Pigeon-Paisley by verycherry
  132. pisces paisley by uzumakijo
  133. Pixelated Paisley by tinornament
  134. PolkaPaisleys by patters
  135. Pretty in Pink Paisley by pattysloniger
  136. Pretty Paisley by misstiina
  137. Pretty Prancing Paisley by aelizme
  138. Punctuation Paisley by kellicrockett
  139. Purple Paisley Patch by jolijou
  140. Purple People Eater Paisley by jannasalakdesigns
  141. quirky_paisley by evita
  142. Ragamala Paisley by melisza
  143. Rain(bow)drops keep falling on my head Paisley by happysewlucky
  144. Rainbow and Checkerboard Paisley by siya
  145. Rainbow Paisley by rachel_alice
  146. Repeat Paisley by hanredden
  147. retro-burst by ambette
  148. retro_paisley by snork
  149. Saville Row by cottageindustrialist
  150. sea paisley by sofs
  151. Security Paisley by dna2011
  152. Shanghai Skyline by chris
  153. Sharp Paisley by dolphinandcondor
  154. simplistic paisley and stripes by annadorothy
  155. Smallpox Paisley by corvus
  156. Spring Paisley by natitys
  157. Spring Time Paisley by acbeilke
  158. spring_paisley by valentinaramos
  159. Starry Starry Night Paisley by pixeldust
  160. stitched_paisley_garden by cjldesigns
  161. Study in Paisley by cricketnoel
  162. Summer Fantasy Design by Cindy Wilson by cindywilsonart
  163. Surrender Love by lisabarbero
  164. sweet_paisley by teet
  165. Teal by chovy
  166. The Strings of My Heart by nalo_hopkinson
  167. Tweet_Paisley by antoniamanda
  168. Vintage Paisley by suzanne_
  169. Whalesley by mrshervi
  170. whaley_paisley by amel24
  171. Wild Wild Paisley by brekas

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