Project Selvage Semi-Finalists: Vote for the designers who will go on to the top ten!

MAR 31, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

The winner of the Project Selvage competition will go on to realize the dream of becoming a professional fabric designer whose work can be found in shops all over the world. From 968 entries, the Project Selvage judges have narrowed down the field to 75 semi-finalists. The rest is up to you.

Vote for designs you'd like to see on fabric to be used in projects for baby boys. Next week we'll take the top ten designers and ask them each to design an entire collection.

Vote In the Semi-Final Round of Project Selvage

Thanks to ALL of the designers who submitted work for this contest! The fabrics that made the semi-final round are:

  1. A bright world by mandyh
  2. A Few Of My Favorite Things by karaforristall
  3. Animal_Balloon_Trip by tamilevin
  4. Baby Seas by cynthiafrenette
  5. babyboy by kiosk
  6. BabyBoy_ACaldwell2 by alaina
  7. Baby_Boy_Boat by rubysky
  8. baby_in_the_sky by jakima
  9. Removed
  10. BestFriends by ingaf
  11. Birdies Secret Garden by melisza
  12. Boys Go Round by cil
  13. Brevan and the Flying V by ceanirminger
  14. busy town by luciesummers
  15. Circus fun for little one! by bora
  16. Color Block Tot by hypernoodle
  17. country_gathering by christiem
  18. Cowboy Baby by acbeilke
  19. CW_BabyAnimals by creativitybycrystal
  20. Dinosaur Friends by beth_sobel
  21. Dragon Boy by zesti
  22. Drifting Off ~ by 4myhoneypie
  23. farm_print_blue by juditgueth
  24. flippers and kippers by monda
  25. forest folk by kayajoy
  26. FoxForest by sharbear123
  27. FOX_TAILS_for_project_selvage by petunias
  28. Good_Night by antoniamanda
  29. highinthesky by mrshervi
  30. Hooray_it_s_summer by chulabird
  31. If By Ocean – Beach Block by ttoz
  32. Jack Tower by spellstone
  33. JBrownell_Infant_Boy_Submit by hellochloe
  34. Kaeden's print by emrick123
  35. KD_Tracy_safari2 by tracyam1
  36. larala_design by larala
  37. Lil' Boy by twobloom
  38. Lil' Circus Train by satippetts
  39. Little Boy Monsters by purplegoat
  40. Little Boys by bzbdesigner
  41. Little Bugaboo by heatherdutton
  42. Little Gentlemen by rottendoxie
  43. Monster Babies by jordan_elise
  44. Monsters On the Loose – Boy by jesseesuem
  45. mufninc_nauticalbabyboy_01-01 by mufninc
  46. My toys come alive… by newmom
  47. Ocean_Rain_Cool_Tones_12x12 by islandjive
  48. oh_boy by hferreira
  49. on the go by fabgirl42
  50. On The Move by meredithok
  51. origami_boats by therubyredrocket
  52. owls by msapulina
  53. Owls Blue by aimeemarie
  54. Pirate Pete in deep red by malien00
  55. Planes by lisa_ws
  56. R02.02a by pure_digs
  57. Safari Bubbles by jillian_morris
  58. Sea of Stars by nicole_tamarin
  59. Sea_Creatures_01-ed-ed-ed-ed by alissecatherine
  60. Sky Dragons by marlene_pixley
  61. Snips n Snails – Green by inktreepress
  62. Surf_Boy by outofthebox
  63. sweet baby boy by katarina
  64. sweet doodles by liz-adams
  65. sweet_jungle by teamkitten
  66. Take a ride! (Contest Version) by hamburgerliebe
  67. the future ahead: rockets and stars. by babysisterrae
  68. The Quick Brown Fox by gwen&ink
  69. theamazinganimals by elenarial
  70. Treehouses_33x25 by lisapoblenz
  71. Under the Big Top by cottageindustrialist
  72. Up by selands1
  73. Up & Away by estumbo
  74. Whooo Baby! by smallsomething
  75. Windy Day by pattysloniger

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  • I love these contests, because they are filled with overwhelmed stay-at-home moms who try to get a sense of self fulfillment and identity outside of parenthood with which I fully relate to. and like myself, i know these women get only the nights and/or wee hours in the morning to work and the whole entire process means something to them. there is an immense satisfaction of seeing something come from an idea to a sketch to a perfect repeating tile. please allow these contests to remain fair by supporting all the hardworking artists who keep pushing the line of ingenuity and creativity whilst still working within the restrictions 🙂

  • I agree with Victoria’s sentiments and am extremely disappointed that Spoonflower and Michael Miller did not do a much more thorough job of weeding out submissions that did not meet the requirements. There are the cast majority of entrants who did follow all the rules and have penalized by not being given the opportunity that they spent hours, days and weeks preparing for.

  • I wish Spoonflower would remove the 3 designs That don’t repeat, one of which is “Centered”. It was clearly stated that designs must repeat. There is no way to make it up to the 3 designers who lost out to the 3 that should have been removed before the semifinalists were even selected; but they could at least remove them now.

  • wow. that was undoubtedly the most difficult voting process that i’ve ever had to do for a spoonflower contest. WAY TO GO on those entries… can’t wait to see who wins!