Begorra, it’s a contest for leprechaun fabrics! Vote for your favorites

MAR 10, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

Leprechaun collage2
With St. Patrick's Day a week away, it's high time we had more than green beer and Lucky Charms as specialty products to help mark the holiday. Now's your chance to plan a leprechaun table cloth on which to serve your green beer and Lucky Charms. We've got an assortment of 70 leprechaun fabrics to vote on this week (although some designers apparently felt no need to include actual leprechauns), so have fun voting!


Participants this week are:

  1. "a moi la fortune" by nadja_petremand
  2. 'boy boy' leprechaun by scrummy
  3. 1 Lucky Guy by tracydmc70
  4. AHunt4Leprechauns7X21 by grannynan
  5. Bob the Cobbler by rayne
  6. celtic600leprechauncross by sef
  7. Cheeky Leprechauns by zoel
  8. coins in clover by loveolamb
  9. Cupboard of a Leprechaun by theboerwar
  10. Dancing Leprechauns by pikoti
  11. Dancing Leprechauns by jannasalakdesigns
  12. ENCHANTED FOXGLOVES (border print) by stagemother
  13. Field_of_Leprechauns by illustrative_images
  14. Green Leaves by rke
  15. Green with Luck by sparegus
  16. haha no green! by jaja
  17. Leapin' Leprechauns by beingreen
  18. Lepre-Con 2011 by whatsit
  19. LepreCanCan by jillian_morris
  20. Leprechan Gold by kaerushisho
  21. leprechaun by aninkling
  22. Leprechaun by nezumiworld
  23. Leprechaun Cats by jumping_monkeys
  24. Leprechaun dreaming by beamuddy
  25. Leprechaun Dreaming by red_paeony
  26. Leprechaun fun! by bora
  27. Leprechaun Green Tartan by fattcheese
  28. Leprechaun Hoopers by jenimp
  29. leprechaun party dress fabric by verycherry
  30. Leprechaun pinstripe by crowlands
  31. Leprechauns by pixo
  32. Leprechauns fix shoes! by irrimiri
  33. Leprechauns Get Bored Too by greencouchstudio
  34. leprechauns_hat by raasma
  35. LeprechaunToss by cathyheckstudio
  36. Leprechaun_Shoes_Purple by nicole_tamarin
  37. Leprechaun_Spoonflower by regalneedle
  38. LEPRECORNS! Believe it. by sammyk
  39. lepri by jnifr
  40. leprochans___st_patricks_time___by_marilyn_nepp_sturner_2011 by mailyn
  41. Little Home by pond_ripple
  42. little_leprechauns by cjldesigns
  43. LookingForLeprechauns by patters
  44. Luck of the Irish by satippetts
  45. Lucky Forest! by thirdhalfstudios
  46. Lucky Leprechauns by cynthiafrenette
  47. Lucky Leprechauns by mandakay
  48. lucky me by paragon_studios_one
  49. lucky shamrock by christiem
  50. OverTheRainbow by marygrace
  51. payaso by MG by mg
  52. pot_of_gold by mollymoo
  53. Rainbows____Pots_o_Gold by weaver_phoenyx_aka_birdy
  54. Realignment by lowa84
  55. Robots,Ninjas,Leprechauns by boris_thumbkin
  56. Shamrock Stars by ceanirminger
  57. shamrock_engineering by glimmericks
  58. St by grafinchen
  59. St Patricks Hideaway by edsel2084
  60. St. Patrick's Hide and Seek by leighr
  61. stpat by photogrl001
  62. st_pats_fabric_submit by galyangirls
  63. Sure and Begorrah, it's leprechaun laundry day by vo
  64. Tangled Leprechaun Hats & Clovers by rachel_alice
  65. the leprechaun rockettes by fabgirl42
  66. The Lucky Hedgehog by rileyconstruction
  67. The Shamrock and the Leprechaun by woo
  68. Troll Tree Trollers by jamjax
  69. Where the Leprechauns Roam by jennartdesigns
  70. Where's Patty? by simpleflynn

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