Oh, what’s the pointillism? Vote for your favorite pointillist fabrics!

FEB 17, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

Picnik collage2 This week's theme of fabric designs based on pointillism provoked a lot of entries that we ended up removing. Though we strive not to be too technical in our interpretation of the Fabric Of the Week themes (to the frustration of the more rule-minded among you, I know), we do want to stress in this case that pointillism is not simply the use of dots to create images. As a style it might be better described as the use of dots (or small strokes) of solid colors placed close together in order to create the impression — because of the blending that happens when the images are viewed at a distance — of even more colors.

It is with apologies to many of the folks who worked hard on their contest entries only to have us remove them from the voting that we've made some attempt to remove fabrics that we felt strayed too far from the idea of pointillism. We still left quite a few entries in, so you'll have no shortage of choices when you're voting.

Vote For Your Favorite Pointillism Fabrics 

The entrants this week are:

  1. 007b1bliq1pointill by hildebrandt
  2. 1967 Fashion Illustration by karenharveycox
  3. 336_Apanie_Wommee_V-ch-ch-ch by weerongabartoo
  4. an elephant parade by shiny
  5. Apple Cottage by rachel_s
  6. aqua flora by fabgirl42
  7. Atoms_at_Eve by farrellart
  8. balloons by magneetje
  9. Beach Dream 2 by poetryqn
  10. Blue Eyed Susan. by frances_hollidayalford
  11. Bring the Spring by sammyk
  12. budah by mayja
  13. buddhasmall by corinnevail
  14. butterfly dancers – pointillism by annosch
  15. Butterfly Social by jannasalakdesigns
  16. Candy Dots by melisza
  17. Cloudy by majo_bv
  18. Coneflowers by coloroncloth
  19. Crocus by theboerwar
  20. Daisy by denisedian
  21. Dalmatians by pininkie
  22. dot dot flowers by ali_c
  23. Dot Your 'Eyes' – Spring Vine (see flickr link for detail) by ttoz
  24. dots a go go by suziegirl
  25. Dotty Dahlias-pointillism style__G3G by khowardquilts
  26. dotty donut by jaja
  27. Dotty Skull by jnifr
  28. Dotty_Dots_2 by rabble
  29. dot_cube_stretch by lovepoppet
  30. Fire Walk with Me by lali's_little_world
  31. fish dot com by scrummy
  32. flaming by p_kok
  33. Floral Lattice – Summer by rhondadesigns
  34. floral_dot by amel24
  35. Flowering Bush by lulakiti
  36. Flowers by chickie
  37. Flowers, Hearts and Dots by mademoiselle_mermaid
  38. Gears of the Mind by ojamiya
  39. Get to the point! by bee&lotus
  40. goingdotty by glimmericks
  41. Guitars by mandakay
  42. Happy Pointillist Lobster by kasei_lee
  43. hearts_and_spirals-ed by karenchard
  44. Hippy Love / pointillism by paragon_studios_one
  45. hungarianflowers by miiwii
  46. hydrangea by lfntextiles
  47. I can't wait for spring by vo
  48. ice-cream by oohoo
  49. IMG_0781 by o2knit
  50. Into the Deep by creedancelovesyou
  51. It_s_a_Plane by patsijean
  52. ivy_with_bird by kimkim
  53. JamJax GOP by jamjax
  54. Jet Over City (See Details!!!) by pond_ripple
  55. luminoso_2 by mg
  56. Mosaic of Blue Orchid by sew_delightful
  57. Nasturtiums by kdl
  58. oiseau_point3 by elfyne
  59. Papillons by snowflower
  60. ParisCityscapePointillismKristieHubler by fabricatedframes
  61. passiflora by ravynka
  62. peacock en pointe by sarahwalden
  63. Picotage vines by jenthompson
  64. pixelated_houndstooth_mustard by missmudkip
  65. Playful_Pointillism by charldia
  66. point by missbeeks
  67. point flower by avelis
  68. Point it out by nikky
  69. pointelheart_pattern by marygrace
  70. pointilist_skull by missjessm
  71. pointilizedrainbow by serenity_ii
  72. Pointilli Lace by amarina
  73. Pointillism by sarah_chid
  74. pointillism by kec19
  75. Pointillism Blooms by leighr
  76. Pointillism Garden by dawnams
  77. Pointillism Girl by sunflower1974
  78. Pointillism in Flight by robinrice
  79. Pointillism Splatter by saraink
  80. PointillismContest_LovePrint by rora1313
  81. pointillismelephant by teet
  82. pointillism_flowers by snork
  83. Pointillist Hibiscus by simpleflynn
  84. Pointy daisies by catru
  85. point_gradred by rockpaperfabric_design
  86. pretty parasols in pointillism by kri_inglese
  87. Putting a point on it – Turquoise and Lime by thirdhalfstudios
  88. Rainy days & dots border print by modgeek
  89. rosanne's shape glyph-ed-ch by rosanne
  90. rosebuttons pink – click test swatch to see buttons by studiojelien
  91. Russian Nesting Doll by kiddins
  92. Sawhet Owl Pointillism 2 by ravenwoodstudiodesigns
  93. sea sky by mariao
  94. Space Noise by asilo
  95. Spot and Dot Print by katehasteddesigns
  96. Spotty Weather by beingreen
  97. Spring Song by gracedesign
  98. stamped_fruit_2 by eppiepeppercorn
  99. Sunflowers by jennartdesigns
  100. The Garden Window Quick Quilt Kit by palmooriginals
  101. The point of Pointillism: a study in Spoonflower inks by victorialasher
  102. Tree by koalalady
  104. Weeding_the_marigolds by kaeledra
  105. When_you_Squint by tracydmc70

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