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FEB 3, 2011 updated Apr 26, 2021


Frederick Chipkin, author of a useful how-to book called Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design, sent us a copy of his book to give away. We'll hold a drawing tomorrow (Friday) afternoon around 5pm EST to win the book.


Mr. Chipkin, who also offers classes in textile design, also gave us permission to post an excerpt from the book:


Creating a square repeat by using the Define Pattern function

Before you do the exercises in this chapter double check your preferences by going to Edit→ Preferences→ General and then make sure that Interpolation is set to Nearest Neighbor (preserve hard edges). Also check that anti-alias is not checked on any of the selection tools such as the Magic Wand tool or the Rectangular Marquee Tool. It's important to keep an eye on these settings so that your image doesn't blur when it is in RGB color mode.

This first repeat is used mainly for placing small uncomplicated designs into a square repeat. To start with, open up the design DOTS SIMPLE REPEAT from the REPEATS folder on the enclosed CD.

1.            Choose the Rectangular Marquee tool from the toolbox. 

2.            Locate a dot in your design that you want to repeat. 

3.            Draw square box around it using the Marquee tool.


4.            Click on Edit then drag down to Define pattern.

5.            A dialog box will pop up. 

6.            Type in a name for your pattern and click OK.

7.            Deselect the Marquee by clicking on Select then dragging down to Deselect.

8.            Click on Edit then drag down to Fill. 

9.            The Fill dialog box will pop up.

10.            Change the word that is next to the word Use to the word Pattern.

11.            Change the Custom pattern (by clicking on the arrow next to it) to the pattern, which you have just defined. 

12.            Click OK. Your image window should now be filled with that pattern. 


Save this pattern with a different name than the original. If the pattern doesn’t look right click on Edit and drag down to Undo Fill, and then try these steps again.

Creating a square repeat by using the Offset Filter

Creating a repeat using the Offset filter is the most versatile and commonly used method for creating a repeat in PhotoShop. It requires a lot of juggling between color modes, however once you get the hang of it, it’s rather quite easy.

To make things a little easier, in the following exercise you're going to be working with a design that has already been color reduced for you.

1.            Start out by opening the design ROSE PRINT SQUARE REPEAT from the REPEATS folder on enclosed CD.

2.            Change the color mode to RGB (Image→ Mode→ RGB Color).

3.            Go to Filter→ Other→ Offset.

4.            The Offset dialog box will pop up. Make sure that the Wrap around function has been selected and the Preview box is checked.

See the book for the rest of this technique.


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